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Top 100 Poems About: MURDER

In this page, poems on / about “murder” are listed.
  • 1.

    Yielding clod lulls iron off to sleep
    bloods clot the patches where they oozed
    rusts crumble
    fleshes slime read more »

    August Stramm
  • 2.

    Murder has worn a bangle
    Murder has worn a brace
    Murder has worn a collar and tie
    And a smile upon its face read more »

    John Garth Raubenheimer
  • 3.
    Murder Me

    Murder me
    Murder with your love
    Murder me with you lies
    You commit murder when I look in your eyes read more »

    Tajeeanah Ross
  • 4.

    I think of murder
    And I think,
    Am I above it or just far away?
    Is it beneath me or just not in me? read more »

    Kay Vitter
  • 5.
    The Last War

    I came to join a 'Peace Force,
    To stop fighting, murder, war.
    But now the war has started,
    The 'Peace Force' is no more. read more »

    Christine Andrews
  • 6.
    I Did It

    Me I did it
    But it wasn't on purpose
    It was an accident
    I call it self-defense read more »

    Alexis Brown
  • 7.
    She Killed Him

    From a distanced, i hear her voice
    I dont want to take a chance
    im going to listing to her
    She is laying on the grond crying read more »

    Josh Woods
  • 8.
    A Murder In The Clouds

    I had been wondering off
    In this dream by which I was bound
    Until I was awoken
    By some horrific sound read more »

    Matt Burgett
  • 9.
    Murder Kills

    You murdered the perfect family
    You don't know why
    Law enforcement is after you
    You don't know what to do read more »

    Erin Massiello
  • 10.
    Murder Or Be Murdered

    Don't be a murder like me
    For you shall see
    That you will pay a fee
    Not a fee of money read more »

    Lauren Kerr
  • 11.
    Do You Feel Guilty?

    For murdering a persons life,
    Verbally Torturing them to Death,
    Making them Feel 1 Inch Big,
    Do you feel Guilty? read more »

    Ryan Johnson
  • 12.
    Lonely Funeral

    An unforgiving memory conspicuously brought back to existence
    The beginning of the end has only begun
    You can douse the corpse in cough syrup, but your timing’s a little off
    You seem to have murdered your own heart read more »

    Manny Negron
  • 13.
    Semantics Of Animal Objectification

    to bag: verb for to kill a deer or other animal
    to harvest: verb for to kill an elk or other animal
    cull: a 3rd verb for murdering animals
    thin the herd: phrase for murdering animals read more »

    Anna Hridaya
  • 14.

    Murder courses through my vains
    You put me through so much pain

    And know i want you dead read more »

    Ashley Young
  • 15.
    I am a murderer.

    Shadow of Death, lurks on my way.
    I can hear him snickering.
    Coming up for me, because
    I am a murderer. read more »

    Sakkthi Subramaniyam
  • 16.
    A Man/The Man

    A man is not born till he dies
    the 'a man' once lived and loved
    hugged and was hanged
    one time, two times and many… read more »

    Anuraag Sharma
  • 17.
    The Eyes of Swayambhu

    Beloved poet 'Icchuk'!
    On one of those days that have become history
    a few days before you were killed
    we are together - you and I read more »

    Matrika Pokharel
  • 18.
    i am sarah

    read more »

    henry delk
  • 19.
    My Prison of Visions

    Another bomb explodes, bodies far and wide;
    The concussion spreads, resembling a tide.

    These terrorist, murderers they are, soldiers not; read more »

    Joe Moore
  • 20.

    Circling like black crows
    On languid farmland thermals
    Murder of deadlines read more »

    Pontus Olin
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