Top 100 Poems About: MUSIC

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  • 1.

    Music is what makes you move
    Music is what makes you groove
    Music can be good or bad depending on how its used
    Music can make you choose different clothes to wear read more »

    jackrabbit krjs
  • 2.
    The Music

    I hear the music
    The music is playing
    The music is soft
    The music is now fading read more »

    Kathryn Thompson
  • 3.


    Music is what makes you move
    Music is what makes you groove read more »

    yascel rodriguez
  • 4.
    Music can tell a story

    I hear the music
    Music is love
    Music is life
    Music can tell a story read more »

    Maria Luisa Taylor
  • 5.

    Music is my life
    Music is my laughter that makes me cry
    Music is the thing that changed my life
    Music is my happiness I always feel in side read more »

    Alexis Rolon
  • 6.

    to my ears is like pillows cases on pillows

    MuSiC read more »

    Miranda Brewer
  • 7.

    Music is life
    Music is colorful
    Music is passion
    Music is soothing. read more »

    Sreekala Sukumaran
  • 8.
    Music alone shall live

    Music is my friend
    when I am lonely
    music is the one and only
    thing that never ends read more »

    U. ashley ogonor
  • 9.
    Dance to the Music

    Dance to the music
    under the stars at night.
    Dance to the music
    of all time lullabies. read more »

    Chris Cariad
  • 10.

    Music makes me cry
    Music makes me laugh
    Music makes me smile
    Music makes me tingly read more »

    Naani Aslam
  • 11.

    What is music and why is it here?

    Music is made for the ear. read more »

    Tiffany Burton
  • 12.
    ♫ ♫ MuSiC ♫ ♫

    Music makes me happy
    when I'm sad..
    Music makes me laugh
    when I'm alone.. read more »

    hannah baquiran
  • 13.
    Music Is Life

    Music is life
    Music is love
    Music is joyful
    Music is peaceful read more »

    Person You Don't Know
  • 14.
    Life's Music

    Play life's music sweetly, play life's music low
    As demons once awaken come, in fast and low
    Play life's music gently, let sleeping dragons lie
    Play life's music slowly, be gentle on yourself read more »

    Margaret Roe
  • 15.
    Dance with me

    Dance with me
    Take my hand pull me close
    caress my body with your
    warm embrace read more »

    Jackie Kirby
  • 16.

    Music is a door,
    An escape to a different world.
    A world you make and controll in your mind.
    Music is a hero, read more »

    Cecilia Perner
  • 17.

    I can feel the music, it reaches out to me,
    freeing itself from measured lines;
    sometimes it vibrates in -depth chords,
    with a mysterious pulse of its time. read more »

    Nora Loch
  • 18.
    Music To Me

    Music to me can be loud
    like thunder in my head
    music to me can be soft
    that draws me to my bed read more »

    Aleigh Miller
  • 19.
    Come Listen To The Music

    I hear the music of the heavenly angels
    Coming softly through the blue sky from above
    Blending with the music from on the mountain tops
    Bringing to all earth's people messages of love. read more »

    Alice Lorraine Hill
  • 20.

    It is music, that makes me dance
    It is music, that wakes me up
    It is music, brush my hair
    It is music, makes me smile read more »

    tayyeba mustafa
  • 21.
    Music isn't just music

    Music isn't just music, it's a way of life.
    Music is more than life.
    It's a work of art.
    Music is like a cumulous cloud on a stormy day. It brings joy to the people who love it. read more »

    Samanda Sweet
  • 22.
    I Dance..Without Music

    Life is a dance which leads each one of us to the ultimate truth-Death. Here I am traveling towards my coffin, not walking but dancing. Without music, without obliged to any defined rhythm, I am inching towards it, towards my coffin. Throughout my dancing once again I am watching everything...

    I am dancing without music
    Dancing without definite steps read more »

    Raj Thampi
  • 23.

    Music is mine
    Music is yours
    Music is round
    Music is square read more »

    Shabz Aftermath
  • 24.
    Its The Music

    Do you hear it
    Its the pounding of your heart
    The thump of your foot hitting the pavement
    Its the rythym read more »

    Alex Ryan
  • 25.
    What is music?

    What is music?
    Music is the rhythm of the soul
    Every beat, every tone, every melody
    Is in sync with the natural vibe of your body read more »

    Jessica Cole
  • 26.
    The Music

    The Music is an outlet
    The music is a living thing
    The Music is everything
    The music is heart and soul read more »

    Aaron Burr
  • 27.

    Music is what makes you move
    Music is what makes you groove
    Music can be good or bad depending on how its used
    Music can make you choose different clothes towear read more »

    sai srujana
  • 28.
    Land of Music

    I come from a land of music
    the drums of Africa beat in my ears
    the chorus of Europe ringing in the air
    the decibels are everlasting read more »

    Jessi Fujisaki
  • 29.
    Listen To Music

    Listen to music
    To change your mood
    A fast beat
    May make you shrewd read more »

    abinaya saravanan
  • 30.
    Music is

    Music is round
    Music is square
    Music is blue
    Music is green read more »

    Lesley Bass
  • 31.
    Life is Music

    A world without music would not be a happy world,
    just thinking about it makes me want to hurled.
    Music keeps the insane people sane,
    easier to wash away the pain with the rain. read more »

    Maverick Jones
  • 32.

    Music by hand or music by heart
    Music by hand and music by heart
    Create, birth, conceive, creativity innate
    Pushing, pulling, moving, lifting, down read more »

    Andreana Lim
  • 33.

    Music saves souls
    It's brings people together
    Not apart
    Music saves people. read more »

    Tracy Granucci
  • 34.
    without music

    all day all night music is in my head
    life without music is like bees without honey
    life would be dead without music
    i love music for more than just its tune read more »

    jessica coker
  • 35.
    Music is my life.

    Music souths my soul. Music takes me away.
    It zones me out to another place.
    It takes me to another world, far from reality.
    It takes me far away from where i need to be. read more »

    Ashley Silvestre
  • 36.
    Music Haiku


    Music is in me
    Music is my escape read more »

    Ashley Avila
  • 37.
    Music in My Mind

    Music that is my mind is beautiful
    Only I can hear it in my mind
    But when I listen to music it takes me to another place
    A place where nobody can see me. read more »

    Raymond Clayton
  • 38.
    music love

    read more »

    inno goosen
  • 39.
    Music Is What Music Is

    music made me
    molded me to who i am
    music modifies the way i think
    its what i do its what i feel read more »

    fank yeats
  • 40.
    Music Man

    Music man oh music man

    I hear you, a sweet harmonious sound.
    A sonata, a magnum opus of exquisite mysteries read more »

    Denise Veras
  • 41.
    What Music Means To Me

    Ive Read Poems On Music Here There And Everywhere
    All Of Them Make Me Stop To Stare
    Non Of Them Explain How Much Music Means To Me
    Why Is It So Hard For Everyone To See? read more »

    Amy Hill
  • 42.
    Where's the Music?

    Can you hear the music's roar?
    Can you feel the music's beat?
    Can you read any ole musical score?
    Can you clap your hands and stomp your feet? read more »

    Alex M.ller
  • 43.
    Ode To Music

    Whether you're happy or sad,
    Bored or excited,
    Music will be there,
    To comfort you, read more »

    Daegan Buckner
  • 44.

    Music is the energy within me
    Music makes me stronger
    Music makes me think
    Music makes me emotional read more »

    Kyle Froehlich.
  • 45.
    My music

    My music
    My music can take away the pain
    My music can livin up a party
    My music can sometimes even bring tears read more »

    Jamyia Herman
  • 46.

    Music can express the deepest feelings
    Music can invoke the greatest energies
    Music can touch every cell of your body read more »

    Vanashree Mashelkar
  • 47.
    The Symphony Of Music

    music has away of projecting
    your every-emotion that you
    have to give, the art of music
    lives inside every-one that wants read more »

    erie diane
  • 48.
    Ode To Music

    Music is what keeps my soul alive
    Music holds my hand through everyday life
    A chance to be part of something amazing
    It gives us something to believe in read more »

    Michelle Marshall
  • 49.
    The Beauty Of Music

    The beauty of Music.
    Music is a short story.
    When you drown out to music it's like you never have to worry.
    Music will always be there for you. read more »

    randi ross
  • 50.
    lost in the music

    the music you write
    makes my mind soar
    the music you write
    makes me want to dance read more »

    brittney crozier
  • 51.
    I Want The Music In Your Soul

    The beautiful beat of a drum and bass
    Matches your soul
    I want the music in your soul
    I desire it read more »

    Bryanna Knight
  • 52.

    Oh Music, you I love, you I truly love
    The pureness of your sweet touch, the way you move souls
    Oh Music, you who makes me humble, you who makes me cry of happiness
    The overwhelming feeling of perfection that catches my ears, read more »

    Fie KroC
  • 53.

    Music, Music, Music.
    Jazz music
    Rap music
    crazy, funky, Junky music. read more »

    Justine Welcome
  • 54.

    Music is what you have
    Music is what you like
    With out it we wouldn't have rhythm read more »

    brianne prestly
  • 55.

    read more »

    Lexi zamora
  • 56.
    Music sings

    Music sings
    The songs of a thousand – words –
    Cannot express the feelings of the universe –
    Yet – Music – can read more »

    Melissa Northrup
  • 57.
    music is just me

    music is in my heart cant evan stop
    music is in my sole the u cant touch that
    music is just meh cause i play it sing it and dance it every damn day
    so nobody can stop the music in here read more »

    wessam ahmad
  • 58.
    Music is Laughter

    Music is laughter as a sounding of the wind,
    It always wants to make one sing, sing, sing.
    Oh what beauty is the total heartful rapture
    That creates a new melodious rhythm to capture. read more »

    Gladys I. Swanson
  • 59.

    A wing flutters and my heart is light
    Come the music, sensual, pure delight
    The evening warms with magnolia sweet
    Your arms open wide, my body to greet read more »

    maria guzvic
  • 60.
    Emo Punk Rock Music

    When I hear the music,
    My day will be complete,
    I really don’t know what’s no the music,
    That gives me life, read more »

    ayla lopez
  • 61.
    Music #1

    Rock n rock, it’s never dull,
    Indie dreams, inside your skull.
    Jazz all dreary, sleepy mire,
    Music, it will never tire. read more »

    Curly Putz
  • 62.

    I sit in my room, dismal, alone
    When out of the darkness, a bright light shone,
    The sound was beautiful, the lyrics were real,
    The music, my music, was all I could feel. read more »

    Lillianne Rosewood
  • 63.
    Turn Down That Drunken Music

    Turn down
    That drunken music

    She yells From somewhere Within earshot read more »

    gordon nosworthy
  • 64.
    and this shall be for music

    read more »

    Angelica Ibsen
  • 65.
    music is what i live 4

    read more »

    tiki boo
  • 66.
    The Movement

    The Movement

    by Brian Skynet read more »

    Brian Skynet
  • 67.

    Music create for love,
    Music is all i have,
    please listen for a while
    i will tell you why... read more »

    harmonic08 antonio
  • 68.

    Music is all i need.
    Music is all i breath....
    Jazz, pop, rock & more,
    Music is never a bore..... read more »

    Ninja Guppie
  • 69.


    It's there for me from the start
    It's there for me until the end read more »

    Shari'a Belarmino
  • 70.

    Have you ever stopped and thanked
    the world for Music.
    Where words fall Music speaks,
    Music is What feelings sound like. read more »

    Taylor Hacker
  • 71.
    Music Is Just Like Me

    Music makes me groove,
    Music makes me think,
    Music is my soul and life,
    Music helps me sleep. read more »

    Bryan Maro
  • 72.
    My Perspective Of music In My Life<3

    </>I love music its my life
    If I was a dude I'd make it my wife
    I study music like its a test
    Music to me is not a guest read more »

    princess artis
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