Top 100 Poems About: NARRATIVE

In this page, poems on / about “narrative” are listed.
  • 1.
    The Embrace

    You weren't well or really ill yet either;
    just a little tired, your handsomeness
    tinged by grief or anticipation, which brought
    to your face a thoughtful, deepening grace. read more »

    Mark Doty
  • 2.
    inside gertrude stein

    Right now as I am talking to you and as you are being talked
    to, without letup, it is becoming clear that gertrude stein has
    hijacked me and that this feeling that you are having now as
    you read this, that this is what it feels like to be inside read more »

    Lynn Emanuel
  • 3.
    Who Am I?

    “Who am I, you ask? ”

    I am a narrative in the making,
    A happy ending not yet told; read more »

    Vaughn Wood
  • 4.
    11. Coffee & Dolls

    It was a storefront for a small-time numbers runner,
    pretending to be some sort of grocery. Coffeemakers
    and Bustello cans populated the shelves, sparsely.
    Who was fooled. The boxes bleached in the sun, read more »

    April Bernard
  • 5.
    Dance of Life

    It began with a dance
    Unbounded in freedom
    Far away from self immersion
    With elements of mystery read more »

    Nirmal Kumar Mishra
  • 6.

    spectacle was fleeting,
    moments shadowed our narrative, read more »

    Ilham Ahmed
  • 7.
    Kinda Blue

    for Ben Schonzeit, painter

    You offer me slices of your days
    in gaunt calligraphy, black and red, read more »

    Becky Dennison Sakellariou
  • 8.

    The sparrows are out tonight
    In the expanse of the sky
    Dashing in different motions
    Like flames in several portions read more »

    Chester Maynes
  • 9.
    The Secret

    Metaphysical hyperstrings
    two abstract layers of embodiment
    in a substantial partnership read more »

    Marshall Gass
  • 10.
    Burning Words

    Every moment
    the world wants something new.
    Novel evenings
    And novel dawns, read more »

    Faeza gilani
  • 11.
    A Unicorn From The World Next-door

    In the house of death the old ones chant
    strange couplets & mysterious narratives-
    that like the tumble-weeds wisp through the picket fence....
    & flows, sweeping down the dark byways & pathways..... read more »

    Andrew Rymill
  • 12.
    Hymn of the Bonekeeper(minor)

    *The following is taken as an excerpt from existent narrative of which I myself have written. It is a minor hymn of the character Krevik and thus is not present in its entirety as he would have it spoken.

    Rend the flesh and carve the bone
    Flay the living upon bloodied stone read more »

    Joshua Lee
  • 13.
    I once knew a girl

    And her book of poems lulled her to sleep.
    The whining, whimpering narratives of nature
    and love.
    That is not life, she knew, and you do too - read more »

    bill nye the science guy
  • 14.
    Book of Life

    Book of Life

    The book published when the costs were low
    A child born of a happy wedding. read more »

  • 15.

    I wait for you in the morning sun
    the morning sun.
    Here in the morning sun,
    its light burning, burning read more »

    Oliver Roberts
  • 16.
    To think of God

    We have seen the potter’s tale hidden
    in the ashes of dying stars,
    dreamed of snow and sky
    and a land where the great scale pan read more »

    Leo Briones
  • 17.
    A Woman's Power

    read more »

    Tony Cucuzella
  • 18.
    Ballad of The Dreamweaver

    Salutations to you my friend;
    I’ll ensure this night will never end.
    Sleep beneath the sheet, inside your bed
    and lye down still, while I reside in your head. read more »

    Jake Walker
  • 19.
    Literature Cosmology

    Literature is mother, motherly approach.
    When mother born she does join in rearing crystal job that is wholesome for her child. read more »

    Emranor Reja
  • 20.
    The Marriage Voyage of Juan Ramón Jiménez 1916

    He doesn't know whether to trust sound or vision;
    reaching for Zenobia across the Atlantic, whether to lend
    credence to the sea's bellyaching or the shadow riven
    from the down-slope of a wave. Something distends read more »

    Sara Sams
  • 21.
    élan vital

    Who am I?
    A breath, an essence, a story
    Many narratives
    words that inadequately read more »

    Tori Pleasent
  • 22.
    Portrait, of i

    Scars, dead tissue reminders
    of past misadventure,
    some hidden – to visit
    when I’m alone read more »

    Owen Bittner
  • 23.
    A story should include

    (English lesson plan for new Americans)

    - Characters. For instance: migratory birds whose calligraphy may be magnetic but may just as easily come from outer space. read more »

    Robert McKay
  • 24.

    Small provincial town
    in 'my' fathers' land
    at creation's edge -
    border post deserted, read more »

    Nathaniel Tarn
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