Top 100 Poems About: NATURE

In this page, poems on / about “nature” are listed.
  • 1.
    Angel of Death

    In darkness of the night
    I spied him in a tree
    Sat I froze by the sight
    He was looking at me read more »

    Udiah (witness to Yah)
  • 2.

    Nature is mighty
    Nature is strong
    Nature is usually always right
    Nature is rarely ever wrong read more »

    Michael Carlson
  • 3.

    human nature, mother nature,
    enough of your torture.
    safely nature, easy nature,
    play your game, read more »

    celine charcoal
  • 4.
    Beauty and the Beast

    Nature is beautiful, quiet, and serene,
    nature is the forest, with its many shades of green.
    Nature is the birds, welcoming in the dawn,
    nature is a calf, struggling to its feet as soon as it is born. read more »

    Tango Tango
  • 5.

    Nature is mighty
    Nature is strong
    Nature is usually always right
    Nature is rarely ever wrong read more »

    anees akbar
  • 6.

    nature is full of colors
    with beautiful scented flowers
    if your'e in a forest or a park
    its nice even in the dark read more »

    Rishi Menon
  • 7.
    Help Me

    Nature, nature
    I'm so grateful
    For the trees
    And it's leaves read more »

    James Williams
  • 8.
    Nature is Beautiful

    Beautiful is a flower
    Beautiful is a leaf
    Beautiful is a tree
    Beautiful is a fruit. read more »

    Tirupathi Chandrupatla
  • 9.
    In thy nature

    In thy nature is beauty
    in thy nature is earth
    in thy nature i find my worth read more »

  • 10.
    Nature Baby

    Nature Baby as free as a bird
    Nature Baby not speaking a word
    Nature Baby living day by day
    Nature Baby always floating away. Feeling the soil around my feet read more »

    Jaye (Julianna) Low
  • 11.

    Nature is type of beauty where everything is found,
    we the people are just a part of nature.
    plants, animals birds are derived,
    they are sent by god of universe. read more »

    Desiraju Surya Narayana
  • 12.
    The Butterfly

    Erratic dancer on the wind, aloft
    On chance-flapped wings;
    Pause now-and-then to sup from nectared cup, read more »

    Terry Dawson
  • 13.

    NATURE read more »

    vibhor kumar
  • 14.

    While walking along the road side
    I may wonder why are, besides
    Looking up for the beauty of the nature
    Heading towards, destroying the nature. read more »

    Akash Ratheesh Babu
  • 15.

    I always thought,
    What is there in the nature?
    Why everyone wants to be in the nature’s lap? read more »

    Eva Chopra
  • 16.

    Nature is needed
    Nobody understands nature
    No one knows why people are distroying it read more »

    natalie dejesus
  • 17.
    Nature's Winter Garden

    All alone in an enchanted land
    Where before me grandly stands
    Crystal walls and glistening strands
    In Nature's winter garden. read more »

    D. S. Jones
  • 18.

    Nature is beautiful
    Nature is enticing
    Nature is fun and exciting read more »

    Srinidhi Lakhanigam
  • 19.

    Nature is mighty
    Nature is strong
    Nature is usually never wrong read more »

    Denio F.S
  • 20.


    Aakaash. .v.kurup
  • 21.
    The Beauties Of Nature

    nature is a thing to be thought
    care for it yes we ought
    nature is full of beauties
    and to it we must pay some duties read more »

    swasti jain
  • 22.
    Mother Nature

    Nature is mighty

    Nature is strong

    Nature is usually always right

    Nature is hardly ever wrong
 read more »

    gabriel iglesias
  • 23.

    You don't see the pain,
    But then again you was never looking,
    Letting me drown,
    Yet you say I'm to blame. read more »

    Casandra Vice
  • 24.
    LIFE IS?

    Life is full of winners and losers
    Winners succeed, Losers Perish not spiritual
    It is said it's either you Adapt or Perish
    Life is full of believers and unbelievers read more »

    Khanya Mgwebi
  • 25.
    Tortured Nature

    Nature must be love
    It is made by god above
    Nature is in place
    Nature is always with grace read more »

    Ronald Jay Fiesta
  • 26.

    nature's touch
    that touches our heart so much.
    with the colours of vibgyor
    which makes the world seem yours read more »

    rakshit rajender
  • 27.

    Man thought he was civilizing,
    When he was getting away from nature,
    But nature has its way to remind,
    How it can affect our future. read more »

    payal mathur
  • 28.

    Nature, the wonderful nature,
    God created many things in nature.
    He made the clouds,
    On a rainy day they all cry loud. read more »

    Mridula Gupta
  • 29.
    Care For Nature

    we have to care for nature
    nature is everything read more »

    Bianka Blue
  • 30.
    The Perfume of Flowers

    The fields are filled,
    With the perfume of flowers,
    Poppies grow and sunflowers thrive,
    While dandelions and daisies, read more »

    Paula Glynn
  • 31.
    Nature & Its Beauty

    beauty is nature in all it's glory,
    preaching us a lot of story.

    fall, winter, summer & spring,
    the site of the nature is a beautiful thing. read more »

    Rajat chandra
  • 32.
    The Gifts of Life and Pollution

    Nature's gifts are sunny beaches,
    Nature's gifts are rocky mountains,
    Nature's gifts are vast oceans,
    Nature's gifts are the tranquil colors in the rainbow, read more »

    Melanie Jackson
  • 33.
    Nature Calls


    Nature calls like a lost lover
    Nature calls like a loving mother read more »

    vickie gregory
  • 34.
    A Prayer To Mother Nature.

    A Prayer To Mother Nature.

    Beloved mother nature full of purity, read more »

    Marcondes Pereira
  • 35.

    nature is the natural beauty of nature
    the shiny faith of nature.
    it is the miracle of nature
    that it can't be disfeacinate. read more »

    piyush raj
  • 36.
    Nature and Us

    read more »

    John Eziekel Cagape
  • 37.
    Nature Will Reclaim

    Silent rain gently falls
    Just as the moonlight quietly calls
    Calls to the withering nature around
    Concrete replaces soft tender ground read more »

    trina johnson
  • 38.
    No One

    I feel darkness
    All around me
    The Earth and its starkness
    Consume me read more »

    Ariadne Lenaly
  • 39.
    Nature Rejoice

    Nature rejoice,
    for spring is here
    Flowers burst into bloom
    everywhere read more »

    Ellie Mabin
  • 40.
    The Nature's Return...! !

    The gust of dust
    The filthy smoke
    The wound of woods
    In nature's food...! read more »

  • 41.

    The smell of the flowers
    As we walk along the shores of the river
    As you linger by my side
    Walking slowly as we watch the water flow read more »

    David Kiriga
  • 42.


    I came
    To see read more »

    John Stone
  • 43.

    As red as a leaf in the Autumn breeze,
    or as green as the merky waters in a swamp.
    Nature has no limit in color. read more »

    Nyles Peele
  • 44.
    A Conversation Between Nature And I

    I: Good day Nature!
    Nature: Good day Michael!
    I: Do you know i am d luckiest of all creations?
    Nature: No, you're not. read more »

    Bakare Oluwagbenga Michael
  • 45.
    The Nature 2

    The nature's face
    Is the humans grace

    The nature's hand read more »

    Shaheer Ahmed
  • 46.

    Nature maintains its Balance
    Nobody can have Excess

    Nature is Witness
    To all your badness read more »

  • 47.
    I am Nature

    I am nature
    Like no other
    I am nature
    They call me 'Mother' read more »

    Tiger Lover
  • 48.

    Nature is beauty
    Nature is strong
    Nature is beaming
    Nature is dreaming read more »

    Hassan Raza
  • 49.

    Nature is Great
    Nature is Bread
    Natur is Threat
    still, I think it's Great read more »

    sanjib dahal
  • 50.
    amazing grace of nature

    The amazing grace of nature
    Look at the nature of life
    And its amazing grace
    The birds are chirping read more »

    thanishq kokare
  • 51.

    Nature, oh how I adore you
    Giving me such unconditional love
    Always accepting
    Always giving me inspiration read more »

    James Darwin Smith II
  • 52.

    nature is light, it's always right.
    nature is colourfull, it's usually beatuifull.
    nature is insect, it increasing like sensex.
    nature is fountain, it coming from mountain. read more »

    vishwa vish
  • 53.

    Beauty is not at your face.
    Beauty is at nature.
    Beauty is not at your home.
    Beauty is at nature. read more »

    skywin shajilal
  • 54.

    wealthy nature,
    is an unbearable torture,
    so please get out of my way,
    and be far away. read more »

    nooyi ...
  • 55.
    there are wonders

    there are wonders
    the moving sun
    the changing sky
    the charming nature read more »

    johnson antony
  • 56.
    Long Time Awake

    The mountains scratch the sky
    Birds of prey shield the sun from unprotected eyes
    Nature is secure
    Nature is the ruler. read more »

    Vincent Topp
  • 57.
    Your Day

    read more »

    Chris Ajiduah
  • 58.
    Beautiful nature in the forest

    Our beatiful nature
    as it is full of leisure
    it keeps us suuplied with food
    and gives us too shelter which is good read more »

    Tanaka Chirombo
  • 59.
    Paper Birds

    Can you feel it?
    The overwhelming power of the wind,
    the strength of the rivers,
    The force of the storms read more »

    Fletcher Wright
  • 60.
    KYRIELLE: Beachside lute

    If tides ebb and flow adrift shores
    Dancing to solemn natures lures
    What shall betide sands with no might?
    Natures plight or a course aright? read more »

    nnawuihe wisdom chisom
  • 61.
    Nature's Beauty and Bounty

    Nature, Nature, Nature
    The utmost of god's creature,
    Always giving us pleasure,
    To rejuvenate and making us happier. read more »

    dikshant bhandari
  • 62.
    Nature's love

    When water flows, when wind blows, when it snows
    gives us the message that nature loves us.
    When sun shines....
    so divine read more »

    prerna sharma
  • 63.

    comprendre, apprécier et étudier,
    la nature en est une,
    une réalité véridique des mots inexpliqués,
    une composition des phrases analysées, read more »

    kafun lady
  • 64.

    read more »

    kyunghwoan min
  • 65.

    read more »

    Eve Orr
  • 66.
    Disembarkment From The Nature

    Love for the nature is always
    there in my heart
    I am as sensitive as
    the nature read more »

    Varun Madhu
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