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Top 100 Poems About: NIGHT

In this page, poems on / about “night” are listed.
  • 1.
    Night after night

    Night after night I look at the sky
    And ask why you are not here.
    Night after night I listen to the
    Overwhelming sound of my heart read more »

    Gabby Becerra
  • 2.
    A Night Forever! !

    Last night she walked into my world,
    her touch so soft, so sure,
    last night she reached across the mile,
    and whispered such sweet a word, read more »

    Geoff Warden
  • 3.

    Night-night moon
    Night-night stars
    Night-night noisy
    Trucks and cars. read more »

    Chirag Kapoor.
  • 4.

    last night was darkness fun
    last night of not caring
    last night of standing out
    last night of to cry read more »

    nicole tates
  • 5.
    Lonely Night

    My heart is running dry
    There's not a shoulder to cry
    Everyone's a stranger tonight
    It's such a lonely night read more »

    sydney carter
  • 6.
    The Raven

    Every night a raven visits me
    its feathers dark as its future
    every night a raven visits me
    its eyes full of dreams read more »

    muniro ali
  • 7.
    Is Night gentle?

    Night closes doors forever
    Night cures my soul as a medicine
    In Night should’nt be doubted ever
    Night sense increases to everything read more »

    Markelov Vladimir
  • 8.
    3 nights of hell

    As I do this candle spell

    Bring thine enemy 3 nights of hell read more »

    Courtney Phillips
  • 9.
    night and day

    night and day day and night
    i scream for the pain
    i scream for love
    night and day day and night read more »

    heart broken
  • 10.
    in one night

    In one night, my fantasy dream come true.
    Between me and you.

    In one night, you gave me romance. read more »

    lovely raymond
  • 11.
    What Do You Do With Your 'Day And Night'?

    I live the day to dream the night
    As I dream the night to live the day
    I work the day to rest the night
    As I rest the night to work the day read more »

    Joshua Akinwande
  • 12.
    A night to remember

    a night to remember
    like a prayer that has no answer
    a night so romantic
    a night that makes me sick read more »

    Vanessa Cabrera
  • 13.
    When Night Comes

    When the night comes
    the shadows call your name
    When the night comes
    Nothing will be the same read more »

    Kolt Kudray
  • 14.
    That Night

    That night, dem dudes didn’t give a care,
    Pissy drunk and pissed off, lighters ina the air blunts and beer.
    That night dem dudes was messed up,
    That night dem dudes wanted to shack up. read more »

    Hakeem Rahim
  • 15.
    The hill

    There is a hill
    I journey to every night
    To sit and stare
    And watch the fading light read more »

    Paul Larmour
  • 16.
    The night

    The night is bright,
    the night is full of music,
    the night brings light,
    the night heals the sick, read more »

    Eduardo Jacobo Miranda Garcia
  • 17.
    The Morning After Poem

    I Woke up in bed, with pain in my head
    All from the night before
    I came flooding back, with my pride still in tact
    Things from the night before read more »

    John Fell
  • 18.
    When The Night Comes

    When the night comes
    The shadows call your name
    When the night comes
    Nothing will be the same read more »

    Raven Nevermore
  • 19.
    Another Lonely Night

    Another lonely night where I watch t.v alone
    To have all these channels but nobody to share them with
    To hold a laugh with on the funny movies
    Not even somebody there to listen to the ESPN man talk read more »

    Ardimus Caldwell
  • 20.
    A Night With You

    When I Pick you up, I tell myself I am going to enjoy this night with you,
    When we Sit across from each other at dinner, I tell myself I'm enjoying this night with you,
    When you hold my hand and we sit and talk, I tell myself I'm enjoying this night with you,
    When you are out there on the dance floor I'm watching you move so elegant and sexy, I tell myself I'm enjoying this night with you, read more »

    Eddie Rubio
  • 21.
    Need Some Sleep

    Today is here again
    Up all night
    #*%k me
    Why do this to myself read more »

    Evan Wilson
  • 22.
    Stardust Nights

    Nights unclear...
    Nights been here in anguish and cheers.
    Nights are adorned with reverent chandeliers.
    Nights we sleep. read more »

    Purple Lilac
  • 23.
    One Night

    Even the one night when you were so close and yet i missed you
    even though you were so close yet even still i mised you all the
    same and we sleep apart
    Even the one night when you were so close that so little seperated read more »

    joshua burckhard
  • 24.

    Fire in the night

    It lights the sky read more »

    Chris Grant
  • 25.
    Winter nights...

    The winter nights
    have the color of your eyes
    in the starry sky
    the winter nights read more »

    Konstantinos B. Sventzouris
  • 26.
    Misery Needs Company

    The sounds of her violin amerce from my mind, it sounds like her
    favorite childhood lullaby,
    Another night dinner for one
    Another night in a place with no love read more »

    agatha christie orjales
  • 27.
    Star Night

    Oh what a wonderful dream
    to bad its over now
    You shined bright
    like the stars that night read more »

    Nicholas Mulrooney
  • 28.
    This is one of those Nights

    This is one of those nights, one of those nights.
    Unspoken poetry lingers in the thick night air.

    This is one of those nights, one of those nights. read more »

    Dalton J Brown II
  • 29.
    All Through The Night

    Sleep my child and peace attend thee,
    All through the night
    Guardian angels God will send thee,
    All through the night. read more »

    Harold Edwin Boulton
  • 30.
    By your side

    every night i look at the stars,
    every night i look at the moon,
    every night i look up and think of you.
    as the cars drove by, read more »

    Spencer Shakespeare
  • 31.
    In Darkth Of Night

    In darkth of night, you come and go..
    In darkth of night, your fragrance blow.. read more »

    Satish Kumar Nayak
  • 32.


    nights, lonely nights fill with sorrow and grief,
    nights, lonely nights fill with hunger and needs, read more »

    miguel palma
  • 33.
    Beauty Of The Night

    Alas, a day has come and gone
    Another day will soon be born
    But before then the night must reign
    Over sunshine and over rain read more »

    Gimper Samuels
  • 34.
    the night

    i can still remember the night,
    the night i explored myself
    accompanied by a stranger for the strangest thing in my life
    my sight pierced through the darkness read more »

    bhavana seshu
  • 35.
    One Night

    One night with you is what I need
    One night with you would set me free
    One night with you to erase my pain
    One night with you to play our game read more »

    Mark Prouse
  • 36.
    All I Want is the Night!

    All I want is the night
    The dark cold night
    Not to lay in a blissful sleep
    But to run away from the beings read more »

    Samanalee Abayasiri
  • 37.

    read more »

    Abbie Rose
  • 38.
    Sweet Death

    sweet death made your bed
    he did it last night
    he came through your window
    in the middle of the night read more »

    Benedict Graumann
  • 39.
    mid-night sun

    read more »

    alexis stanfield
  • 40.
    Our Night

    When our lips melt
    Through the conversation

    Our night,
    When our sails are
    Followed by the shining stars read more »

    Ibrahim Ibn Salma
  • 41.
    Perfect night

    A night to remember
    A night full of laughter
    A night by your side
    A night getting closer read more »

    Violene Delva
  • 42.
    Oh mummy don't

    At night my eyes cry
    Oh mummy don't your making me die

    At night my nose turns cold and red read more »

    Sumiya Khan
  • 43.
    A Birthday to Remember

    It's your birday trying to make it all right
    your with your friends drinking and smoking all night
    you wake up smashed over night
    like you said the hangover you defeted last night read more »

    Dan paul
  • 44.
    moonless night

    The air is cold in this moonless night
    its so beautiful
    this moonless night
    the night for an eclipse read more »

    Aurora Lockwood
  • 45.

    The night is black,
    The town is black,
    The falling snow at night
    Is white, read more »

    ian westwood
  • 46.

    Little pearls in random,
    Tethered to the night sky shimmer...

    Casting not a shadow, but a glimmer of hope, read more »

    bob gormley
  • 47.
    Fire of desire

    Last night with you
    we lit together
    the fire of desire read more »

    Lonely Voyager
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