Top 100 Poems About: OCEAN

In this page, poems on / about “ocean” are listed.
  • 1.
    Down By The Sea

    The pulsing sound
    of moving sea;
    The ocean surf-
    tranquility! read more »

    Glenn Caudle
  • 2.
    An ocean of Love

    Have you ever sailed on vast ocean,
    With no island to see, and things are out of reach?
    With dreams and mysteries filled this ocean,
    And a never ending faith that someone would teach? read more »

    Lovelyn Layon
  • 3.
    An oceans heart

    Tears fallin on sunny shores
    deep into the ocean lye cried out hearts.
    Softly crashing against eachother.
    Washing emotions up onto the sand. read more »

    mandy williams
  • 4.
    Your Like A Ocean

    Your eyes are like a ocean,
    Your hiar is the waves that lift the ocean,
    Your heart is the core of the animal ocean that feels it up with love for the lovely ocean read more »

    clayton moore
  • 5.
    Ocean is as one with the world

    As I Stare out into the Sea,
    I can feel the soft oceans breeze
    the warmth from the sun
    the grass dances with the whistling wind read more »

    Izabelle Sheridan
  • 6.
    The Mistic Ocean

    It's a beautiful the mistic ocean.
    I‘m intoxicating because a unknown mystery.
    The Ocean feel as my inside world and
    the surf break as drops of water. read more »

    John Kim
  • 7.
    The Ocean

    Hearing the sound of the ocean roar
    The sun shinning on the sea shimmering
    Watching the segul's soar
    And the sand glimmering read more »

    Aly Churchill
  • 8.
    Eyes and Oceans (A Haiku Poem With İndependent Haikus)

    Eyes are like oceans,
    hold many treasures and tales,
    found, when explored. read more »

    Sarvani Pochiraju
  • 9.
    The Ambrosial

    Verily I'm a drop
    of the ocean of nectar.
    Shunning the ocean I had risen up
    in the firmament afar. read more »

    Gangadhar Meher
  • 10.
    Waves of the Ocean

    When I see the ocean
    I see my dreams
    I love watching the
    ocean It like I was read more »

    Jessica HernandezDamian
  • 11.
    The Ocean’s Power

    The dark ocean waves,
    clashing amongst each other,
    above the ocean floor
    that dose not have a bother read more »

    Mel F.R.
  • 12.
    An Angel in the Water

    Like The Goddess of the Sea
    Like A Mermaid In Heaven
    Shrouded in the icy blue sea, accompanied by the sun phoenix's rays lingering and dancing in the water,
    She hides in the water where the sun glared into the sea, read more »

    RyuOh Kenshin
  • 13.
    In The Ocean of Sense

    In the Ocean of sense
    thoughts flow in its depth
    has no beginning no ending
    something mind and brain hail read more »

    braja lal devnath
  • 14.
    Across The Ocean

    traveled through the lost
    showered in the mist
    purple skies blue
    sparks among the ocean read more »

    James Bost
  • 15.
    I don't understand

    I do not understand
    Why there is racism
    Why people commit hate crimes
    Why innocent people die read more »

    Leila Mass
  • 16.
    Seven Oceans Of Pain! ! !

    Swimming across the first ocean, i met my friend-tears,
    he has been living there all alone for now many years,
    he keeps count of all the little tears that i have shed,
    on every tear, her name is tagged and my future is read. read more »

    Kumar Kumar
  • 17.
    A life on the ocean wave

    A life on the ocean wave,
    A home on the rolling deep,
    Where the scattered waters rave,
    And the winds their revels keep! read more »

    Epes Sargent
  • 18.
    Where The River Meets The Ocean

    Where the river meets the ocean,
    I find myself, crying to God.

    So much beauty... read more »

    Marine L. Rot
  • 19.
    Narissa part 1

    My ocean
    Swell, swirl
    Push, pull
    Drag, drown read more »

    Casey Lou
  • 20.

    I love the ocean –
    the living ocean always in motion –
    always changing-
    primeval yet ever new— read more »

    Paul Clement Czaja
  • 21.
    The Beautiful Ocean

    A beautiful blue, deep, and strong too
    A marvelous place, with so much to see
    I speak of The Ocean, our wonderful sea read more »

    Michael Louie
  • 22.
    Watching Waves

    Oceans whisper their whimsical waterfalls
    windblown, meandering the shorelines periphery read more »

    Kim van Breda
  • 23.
    A Flower In The Ocean

    Oceans are never silent, likewise the sky.
    The waves whisper their secrets, embracing each other.
    And they are separated, never to meet again.
    But, I always see a flower in the ocean. read more »

    Shama Taimour Bukhari
  • 24.
    Land of emotions

    I travel through the waves of the ocean
    To enter a land of great emotions
    As I watch the sun taking a dip
    And come back up for another trip read more »

    Neha m.k
  • 25.
    The Ocean

    Ocean waves, a calming sound
    Seagulls squawking landing upon the ground
    A broken sky right above
    Wind blowing upon the beach read more »

    Nick Perla
  • 26.
    Forever's Touch

    Crystal clear blue
    Beauty encased in drops
    How it touches us forever read more »

    Sarah Moore
  • 27.
    Uncharted Waters

    Uncharted Waters
    The ocean is both taker and giver of life
    The surfacial tides hold nothing
    Down below are unruly, untold, unmeasured land read more »

    Febin Thomas
  • 28.
    Mindless Wind

    You never knew the taste of happiness
    You never knew the frontier of fondness I have for you
    Being far away from you
    I feel irreplaceable voidness in me eventhough ‘m not read more »

    Angry Brownbear
  • 29.

    The ocean beckons
    the shore
    begging it into itself read more »

    Amateur Vagabond
  • 30.
    The Great Sailor

    In ocean there are waves
    As high as the tower of Paris
    We sailors even don’t pretend to climb
    We sailors are happy to survive and recline read more »

    Asad Ali
  • 31.
    like two streams

    read more »

    Tama Raa
  • 32.
    Ocean of love

    Locked in warm embrace
    Two bodies knitted together
    Hands touching
    Bodies touching read more »

    David Oladipupo Olorunshola
  • 33.
    You and I

    You are the ocean
    I am the land
    we're meant to be together
    holding hands in hand read more »

    Geetanjali patnaik
  • 34.
    Moon and Supermoon

    Only the neuronal ocean may cradle this fateful magic,
    Supermoon, the king-size divinity.

    Even genetics succumbs under its sway, read more »

    Bhanu Padmo
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