Top 100 Poems About: OCTOBER

In this page, poems on / about “october” are listed.
  • 1.

    O hushed October morning mild,
    Thy leaves have ripened to the fall;
    Tomorrow's wind, if it be wild,
    Should waste them all. read more »

    Robert Frost
  • 2.
    Memory of my Father

    Every old man I see
    Reminds me of my father
    When he had fallen in love with death
    One time when sheaves were gathered. read more »

    Patrick Kavanagh
  • 3.
    A Calendar of Sonnets: October

    The month of carnival of all the year,
    When Nature lets the wild earth go its way,
    And spend whole seasons on a single day.
    The spring-time holds her white and purple dear; read more »

    Helen Hunt Jackson
  • 4.
    Autumn Begins in Martins Ferry, Ohio

    In the Shreve High football stadium,
    I think of Polacks nursing long beers in Tiltonsville,
    And gray faces of Negroes in the blast furnace at Benwood,
    And the ruptured night watchman of Wheeling Steel, read more »

    James Arlington Wright
  • 5.

    October's bellowing anger breaks and cleaves
    The bronzed battalions of the stricken wood
    In whose lament I hear a voice that grieves
    For battle’s fruitless harvest, and the feud read more »

    Siegfried Sassoon
  • 6.
    October's Bright Blue Weather

    O suns and skies and clouds of June,
    And flowers of June together,
    Ye cannot rival for one hour
    October's bright blue weather; read more »

    Helen Hunt Jackson
  • 7.
    A Man Young And Old: V. The Empty Cup

    A crazy man that found a cup,
    When all but dead of thirst,
    Hardly dared to wet his mouth
    Imagining, moon-accursed, read more »

    William Butler Yeats
  • 8.
    When the Year grows Old

    I cannot but remember
       When the year grows old --
    October -- November --
       How she disliked the cold! read more »

    Edna St. Vincent Millay
  • 9.
    On Fields O'er Which the Reaper's Hand Has Pass'd

    On fields o'er which the reaper's hand has pass'd
    Lit by the harvest moon and autumn sun,
    My thoughts like stubble floating in the wind
    And of such fineness as October airs, read more »

    Henry David Thoreau
  • 10.
    ~ Finally Niv Is In Petrified Punctuation ~

    ~ Finally Niv Is In Petrified Punctuation ~
    Ms. Nivedita
    29 October 2010 read more »

  • 11.
    A Thread Of Being

    How well you speak the language of the rain.
    Your mood plays back to me on dusk's blue horn.
    Light is unstable as a candleflame,
    A thread of being subject to the wind. read more »

    Sandra Fowler
  • 12.

    October, 1918

    Across a world where all men grieve read more »

    Rudyard Kipling