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  • 1.
    Ode To Cheese

    ☺ .
    Ode To Cheese,
    Which Makes Us Smile,
    When Camera's go Clack. read more »

    Life Poem
  • 2.
    Ode To happiness

    an ode to happiness

    happiness is one of the many emotions
    maybe the greatest off all read more »

    Naomi Burdett
  • 3.
    Ode to Life and Death

    To breathe
    To laugh
    To tear
    To cry read more »

    Cynthia Onukwugha
  • 4.
    Just by a Toad

    Cephalous Thaddeus thugs the thrombin near the toad
    Thundering thunderous voices throb so broad
    But when he finally realizes the thrill he thralls
    Cephalous Thaddeus touted the toad like unlading troll read more »

    Edgar Rendon Eslit
  • 5.
    An Ode to Christmas

    When you see lovely lights
    Of greens, reds, and whites
    You know it is Christmas Time read more »

    Bronti Phillips
  • 6.
    Ode To The Forgotten

    Ode to the people who were forgotten
    They were once loved and cared for

    Ode to their lives read more »

  • 7.
    An Ode to Halloween

    I am new to writing poems and I hope I can learn from all of you.
    By the way, I learned how to write this kind of poem because of
    An Ode to Christmas. Thank you very much!
    An Ode to Halloween read more »

    Andy Jin
  • 8.
    Ode To Father And Mother

    Ode to two who are valuable to me
    But even so priceless is their Devotion

    Ode to father Trendy and Smart read more »

    Nosherwan khan
  • 9.
    ODE TO A PiCtUrE

    ODE To A PiCtUrE

    Flash- read more »

    Yvette Marina Nario
  • 10.
    Howl Allen Ginsberg

    Howl Allen Ginsberg with Nebuchadnezzar’s
    Prideful Madness-Lycanthropic
    For this generation’s minds lie bleeding and ravished
    in the streets of the libertine-philosophic read more »

    Daniel Partlow
  • 11.
    My Heart Is Yours

    i love you like the moon loves the
    sun they know they can never be but
    love so strong beyond all odes
    they fined a way, i will read more »

    Anthony Nunez
  • 12.
    Ode to S'mores

    An ode to s’mores
    I love them more
    Every single day read more »

    Luke Bushen
  • 13.
    Ode To A Robert Frost Poem

    I thought I took the road less taken.
    But I guess I was mistaken.
    When the two paths diverged in the woods; I pondered at which path I must take.
    I took the path to my left in the woods; Was it the right path to take? read more »

    Nichole Kaci McKnight
  • 14.
    An Ode To The People

    An Ode to the people who were forgotten
    who were once loved and cared for

    An Ode to those people
    who seem like they can't get it right read more »

    Allison Banks
  • 15.
    Ode to the Fallen Soldier

    Ode to the Fallen soldier,
    For he has made the ultimate
    Sacrifice for his world. read more »

    David A Harris
  • 16.
    Couple Sharing a Peach

    It's not the first time
    we've bitten into a peach.
    But now at the same time
    it splits--half for each. read more »

    Molly Peacock
  • 17.
    Ode To Flowers

    To the things that make us smile
    The tears of joy they make a mother shed
    An ode to the flowers who make us sniffle but mesmerize us at the same time.
    Ode to the flowers read more »

    cristina briseno
  • 18.
    Ode To A Cheeseburger

    Ode to a cheeseburger what a wonderful thing
    With pickles, onions tomatoes and cheese
    I’m easy to please
    With its buns and seeds it has no needs read more »

    Matt Karger
  • 19.
    Ode to Love

    Ode to love
    for it is what keeps us going.

    Ode to the people that love you. read more »

    Tyler Yarnelli
  • 20.
    Ask Me Tomorrow

    i wanted to write you a poem
    ode to the best time of my life
    i forgot the words, my thousand descriptions of you read more »

    barbara williams
  • 21.
    If Only

    If, by chance, I wrote an ode
    That made good people smile
    I'd change my metre, change my rhyme,
    Completely change my style. read more »

    Mike Morris
  • 22.
    an ode to my dad


    a man of greatness read more »

  • 23.

    Ode to the stars
    For making me think
    Wonder and wishing
    I can fly read more »

    Natalie Zavala
  • 24.
    Ode To Brother

    Here is an ode just for you
    our little man with eyes of blue
    You make our home so lively and gay
    with all those strange things you love to say read more »

    Caitlin Wagner
  • 25.

    Matloob Bokhari read more »

  • 26.
    Ode to Pencils

    Pencil o pencil
    What would i use to trace the stencil
    Possibly crayon, marker, or a pen
    Unfortunately they are back in the den read more »

    kristi miller
  • 27.

    Kind and adorable
    So much affection.
    She loveable
    Time dares no tension read more »

    Jubril Balogun
  • 28.
    ode to Clothes

    Ode to Clothes
    My soft, fluffy shirt,
    My Aunt got me for doing what I do best,
    Helping, read more »

    Michelle Tricarico
  • 29.
    Ode to Chickens

    An Ode to Chickens

    Oh chicken, oh chicken, read more »

    Trevor Cummins
  • 30.
    Ode To The Heart

    Ode to the heart that continues to feel
    Through the many years of heart-ache
    The lingering hurt
    The many lies read more »

    Savanah Cox
  • 31.
    Lunar Sequence

    i wait
    feel time slip read more »

    Jaymee LeSaint
  • 32.
    Ode to the American Soldiers

    Ode to the American Soldiers
    for fighting for our Freedom
    for making this day real
    Ode to the American soldiers read more »

    ashton karen
  • 33.
    While teaching

    read more »

    Diptesh Augustine Sarkar
  • 34.
    Ode To My Penny

    Ode to my penny
    That shiny little thing
    Not much of value
    Oh, but wait, stop and think read more »

    Jordyn Averitte
  • 35.
    Ode To Life

    Ode to life,
    you give tand take,
    but we always recieve,
    whatever gift is to come. read more »

    Jake Ayers
  • 36.

    There was a time when, though my path was rough,

    This joy within me dallied with distress, read more »

  • 37.
    Words That Move

    Amazing are the words that move
    Us like the sailing seeds of a poppy or
    A freight train falling from the sky
    A thousand pictures paint the words that read more »

    Mario Valdes
  • 38.
    A Spiders Web

    Ode to marshmallow
    so sticky and sweet
    Its beauty quite hidden
    For normal eyes to see read more »

    Violet Montario
  • 39.
    Ode To Silence

    My Ode to Silence
    Is silence itself.
    Only words can say
    My thanks to noise read more »

    Juwayriah Wright
  • 40.

    Missing link,
    pen in ink.

    Human instinct, read more »

    Phoenix Phoenix
  • 41.
    Forgiven, but not Forgotten

    Sins are made to be forgiven but not forgotten
    can be done by words or action
    can be seen in citizens or normal children
    In any status of life or position. read more »

    Michael Angelo Legaspi
  • 42.

    Ode to their lives
    Everyday they hurt
    While in desperation for love
    and generosity. read more »

    courtney vineyard
  • 43.
    The Lilies

    What marvelous symbols there be
    Of heaven and its Highest Jewel-
    A living ode to Yahweh's rule
    Inscribed on every thing we see. read more »

    John May
  • 44.
    Among Odes

    Among those odes
    And the violets which were trampled read more »

    Ahmad reza Ahmadi
  • 45.
    He's Here

    He's here,
    Like that day,
    Drizzled rained hailed,
    All in one spray. read more »

    Attia Taylor
  • 46.
    Twilight Princess

    Mute strains of light are fleeing.
    Dream's kingdom's darkness flight.
    The earth, the Heavens are kissing;
    Lo, blooms the Omen Rose of Night. read more »

    Bianca Diana
  • 47.
    Ode to my sister

    Ode to my sister

    by read more »

    Barnali Saha
  • 48.
    An Ode to My Love

    “An Ode to MyLove”

    When I first met you read more »

    Malik Davis
  • 49.
    Sorrow Of Your Dreams

    In the darkness of night
    and sorrow of your dreams
    i see your silhouette
    but that was mine. read more »

    Rahul Raj007
  • 50.
    The Poet

    He sits, he thinks, he writes
    His flows go by and by
    From odd odes he rallies by
    And loves the ritual in his rites read more »

    Kenneth Umunna
  • 51.
    Ode to a Blank Page

    Ode to a blank page
    It’s blue seemingly thin lines flying across the page
    Each producing a small space to place your thoughts on read more »

    rachele ...duhh
  • 52.
    Ode to the Weed

    ode to the weed

    laminated death seen through a weed-haze
    a joint committee puffing wisdom read more »

    Derrick Hubert Schnabel
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