Top 100 Poems About: PAIN

In this page, poems on / about “pain” are listed.
  • 1.
    the pain

    the pain that you feel,
    but cant touch.
    a pain you know of,
    but cant explain read more »

    rhiannonm franklin
  • 2.

    You say that you have felt pain?
    You have no idea what pain is.
    Pain is hearing, “She doesn’t
    like you anymore.” WHAT? read more »

    James Grengs
  • 3.
    falling tears

    these tears i shed will never go away
    the tears that fall, will remind me of that pain
    the pain of loss is what i speak
    the pain that made me fall to my knees read more »

    Tommie Cobb
  • 4.
    Pain Within

    There is a pain within this heart,
    My pain within my sadness through my eyes,
    My eyes are like a burden that you can see right through me,
    No pain I ever felt was that one single broken heart that had been left behind and never got a chance to be healed, read more »

    Jennifer Rondeau
  • 5.
    ‘THE PAIN’

    Pre text: - 'PAIN - ALMANAC'

    Pain and pleasure are but pluri-potent modalities
    in existential and phenomenal world. To denounce them is read more »

    Dr. Sakti P. Chakravorty
  • 6.
    Mental Hospital

    There was a doctor of death
    a maker of pain
    all he ever said
    was don't play games read more »

    Dave Alan Walker
  • 7.

    Pain stuffed inside of me
    Can't let anyone near me
    Can't let anyone see the real me
    Can't let anyone even hug me read more »

    Ruth warren
  • 8.

    pain surrounds you day to day
    nothing helps it go away
    pain in muscles pain in joints
    pain so bad in trigger points. read more »

    leticia starkey
  • 9.
    Time heals

    The bruises you gain
    Will cause you pain
    But Time will heal
    The pain you feel read more »

    Allen Steble
  • 10.

    I feel your pain
    The pain in losing someone so close to us,
    The pain in losing someone so dear to us
    Knowing that they were just right here with us read more »

    Octavia B. Hawkins-Richardson
  • 11.

    Pain over here pain over there
    Pain in my heart pain in my soul
    Pain in my mind read more »

    Ellen Kang
  • 12.
    Pain is Love

    Pain is heartache,
    Pain is an emotional heart break.
    Pain is a roller coaster.
    That is filled with twists, turns, and hills. read more »

    Ashley Roseanne Pleasure
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