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Top 100 Poems About: PAIN

In this page, poems on / about “pain” are listed.
  • 1.

    Pain over here pain over there
    Pain in my heart pain in my soul
    Pain in my mind read more »

    Ellen Kang
  • 2.
    the pain

    the pain that you feel,
    but cant touch.
    a pain you know of,
    but cant explain read more »

    rhiannonm franklin
  • 3.
    falling tears

    these tears i shed will never go away
    the tears that fall, will remind me of that pain
    the pain of loss is what i speak
    the pain that made me fall to my knees read more »

    Tommie Cobb
  • 4.

    pain surrounds you day to day
    nothing helps it go away
    pain in muscles pain in joints
    pain so bad in trigger points. read more »

    leticia starkey
  • 5.

    Pain stuffed inside of me
    Can't let anyone near me
    Can't let anyone see the real me
    Can't let anyone even hug me read more »

    Ruth warren
  • 6.

    I feel your pain
    The pain in losing someone so close to us,
    The pain in losing someone so dear to us
    Knowing that they were just right here with us read more »

    Octavia B. Hawkins-Richardson
  • 7.

    Pain over here pain over there
    Pain in my heart pain in my soul
    Pain in my mind read more »

    brittney keith
  • 8.
    Pain is Love

    Pain is heartache,
    Pain is an emotional heart break.
    Pain is a roller coaster.
    That is filled with twists, turns, and hills. read more »

    Ashley Roseanne Pleasure
  • 9.

    pain is inside
    pain is outside
    pain is hurt
    pain is loving someone who does not love back read more »

    Anne Ornelas
  • 10.
    Cycle Of My Emotions

    Love leads to pain
    Pain leads to hatred read more »

    Evy Moore
  • 11.

    I have pain
    Outside all around
    I hide
    My endless frown read more »

    Sweet Cali M...
  • 12.
    a rainbow of pain

    a rainbow of pain is normal for me
    i can hide it well so no one can see
    a rainbow of pain can be dark and so lonley
    it has griped me tight it knows it does own me read more »

    steven johnson
  • 13.
    Pain and Hurt

    born in to pain and hurt
    growing in pain and hurt
    living in pain and hurt
    sleeping in pain and hurt read more »

    anna sprague
  • 14.

    It has many forms, some hurt worse than others
    Some cause you to bleed, while others make you cry
    Some make you want to die, or be dead, while
    others just make you want to stay in bed read more »

    cody lalonde
  • 15.

    pain, sharp, cutting pain
    feeling unlike any others
    this pain comes with memories
    like daggers and knives and spears read more »

    Heather Williams
  • 16.
    Pain Has Never Left

    For an Eternity I’ve felt anger

    For a lifetime I’ve felt Pain
    I feel pain for the little girl in me that had to grow up before her time read more »

    Lisa Roberts
  • 17.

    i cant feel anything
    have bruises all over me, crying myself to sleep read more »

    taylor marie
  • 18.
    Pain, pain go away

    Pain, pain, go away,
    Come again another day,
    If you don't, I will say,
    Pain, pain go away. read more »

    My love loves me not
  • 19.
    This Pain Fills Me

    This pain fills me
    this pain of emptiness
    a pain that doesn't go away
    a pain of longing for read more »

    Amber Kangas
  • 20.

    pain can hurt some times in life
    so should i take my life or should i keep it
    if i live a other day then i have deal with pain
    pain by go home to get beat by my father read more »

    bryan crow
  • 21.

    pain is what most try and avoid.
    pain is what makes people struggle.
    pain is what hurts physically.
    but it hurts more mentally. read more »

    Eric Karns
  • 22.
    Pain Rules All

    My life is ruled by pain,
    Pain of friends long gone and forgotten,
    Pain of lovers betraying and cheating,
    Pain of stress on my life, read more »

    Tony Jeffries
  • 23.
    Pain, Hope

    Every time I see the light
    I'm pushed back by pain
    The pain that haunts me
    The pain that kills me read more »

    Jordan Usselman
  • 24.
    It's Not Easy...

    It's not easy to break somebody's heart
    it takes a lot of effort
    It's not easy to give somebody eternal pain
    coz it's not any type of comfort read more »

    Geetali Sharma
  • 25.
    PAIN: (

    Locked in chains
    blown out vains read more »

    Megan Stanley
  • 26.
    Lost In Numbness

    Lost in numbness for years
    Running from pain
    Trapped in the freezing rain
    Constantly numb read more »

    Emily Swinney
  • 27.
    Poet To Poet

    You read my words, I read your words
    I feel your thoughts, Your pains. Your worries
    Do you feel my thoughts? My pains? My worries?
    Your words called back the pains of my past read more »

    Robert N. Cantara
  • 28.
    Broken Hearts

    So many guys
    So many girls
    Falling for each other
    Little do they know read more »

    Stephanie Sanchez
  • 29.
    Tears Of Blood

    Lying in cold, lonely in this world,
    Over the scrambled papers the pain i shed,
    As tears of Blood... read more »

    Vishnu Priya
  • 30.

    Pain is the colour of dark red,
    Pain is the smell of rotten flesh,
    Pain looks like the reaper sharpening his blade,
    Pain is a thousand piercing screams, read more »

    Tim Young
  • 31.

    read more »

    Mark J. Shelton
  • 32.
    My First Hurt

    I see myself in the past and I dont want to return
    From those days those mistakes I have caught to have learned
    But why do I still feel the pain read more »

    Vicky Jaimes
  • 33.
    pain feeling gone

    pain pain pain is all i felt,
    scard and frightened,

    pain was all around me from everything that had hapened, read more »

    tasha jeffries
  • 34.
    Tears Of Pain

    Tears of pain stream down my although I know you're in a better place
    Wishing I could see your face..,
    Tears of pain stream down my face, I know you won the race.
    All your pain finally ends, you and I were close friends, read more »

    Raeanne Runyemba
  • 35.
    Pain Gone

    I used to wake every-morning in pain, my life was hollow,
    Used to smile, unto me a laughter, only to hide my sorrow,
    Shattered were my dreams, my life on pause, i had no shadow
    Had no fear, the pain i had was stronger than fear can bear, read more »

    Blaze Decrazie
  • 36.
    Pains of the Heart

    The heart causes pain
    More pain than fire
    Though some say the world will end in ice or fire
    I say this world shall end in pain read more »

    Lexie Pauli
  • 37.

    can you feel my pain
    my head aching
    here all alone
    who there with me cause i am in pain read more »

    mariah mcpherson
  • 38.
    Love Is Nothing But Pain To Me

    Love is pain
    cause it only gives a girl a broken heart.
    It leaves a girl to cry
    about her pain over losing something dear to them. read more »

    Stephanie Rigot
  • 39.
    The Pain You Cause Me

    the pain you cause me is unbearable
    the pain you cause me breaks me
    the pain you cause me causes me to lose my sense of reality
    you leave me alone read more »

    warren jackson
  • 40.

    This pain I feel is from years of life
    This pain of mine strikes like a knife
    This pain i know, my past has built
    This pain I carry with the help of guilt read more »

    Kevin McAuley
  • 41.
    Pain Pain by cedrick dennis

    read more »

    cedrick dennis
  • 42.
    My Pain

    Pain is the greatest emotion
    Far beyond equal to all water in the ocean
    Taken it in a bottle, you get one potion
    I tasted it read more »

    Annonimus Excretus
  • 43.

    Pain, pain, can you take away this undesirable pain
    When many attempt to understand, but I cover my face in shame

    Because you'll never understand read more »

    Wynter Scott
  • 44.
    poems karlo

    'You do not feel my pain

    'You do not feel my pain?
    with this phrase I've won since a woman and made to cross an ocean ' read more »

    karlo karleone
  • 45.
    Pain...What is it?

    Pain...What is pain?
    Pain...get wrapped in the head with a baseball bat,
    That could be called pain.
    Pain...get kicked in the gut by a cowboy boot, read more »

    axe timson
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