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Top 100 Poems About: PARIS

In this page, poems on / about “paris” are listed.
  • 1.
    In Paris With You

    Don't talk to me of love. I've had an earful
    And I get tearful when I've downed a drink or two.
    I'm one of your talking wounded.
    I'm a hostage. I'm maroonded. read more »

    James Fenton
  • 2.
    Black Stone on Top of a White Stone

    I shall die in Paris, in a rainstorm,
    On a day I already remember.
    I shall die in Paris-- it does not bother me--
    Doubtless on a Thursday, like today, in autumn. read more »

    Cesar Vallejo
  • 3.
    A Rondel For Olivia

    She smiles at the mirror, eyes blue as the sky
    Dreaming of Paris and faraway places
    Of people she’ll meet, their stories, their faces
    Wishing that time would quickly go by read more »

    Annabel Cruz
  • 4.
    Paris I adorent

    France, her mystery
    Her history read more »

    Peter LeBuhn
  • 5.



  • 6.
    Wealthy, Not Rich

    High heel shoes, fancy dress,
    Golden earrings look the best,
    Diamond rings, each finger one,
    To prove success, all is done, read more »

    Sara Turner
  • 7.
    He Said...

    He said the air was better in Paris.
    In Paris we could breathe
    Like we never could
    Here in the little home I had built. read more »

    Vaun Moore
  • 8.
    Oh Paris

    Ah, to be in Paris in the rain
    The tower dripping wet
    The pavement like moist sheets
    Beneath our bodies read more »

    Jeff Hobbs
  • 9.
    Going Away From Home.

    I will soon be sadly departing away from home
    to see many places, faces, Paris maybe even Rome
    the age of sweet 16... I`ll be tearfully all alone
    marching to the Royal Navy...nervously on my own read more »

    Ricky Owen
  • 10.

    The city of magic
    The city of love read more »

    Saika Pierre
  • 11.
    Cafe Paris

    Somewhere in Paris
    A quaint café.
    Quiet and soundless
    A starry night read more »

    Arthur Q. Kromwelle
  • 12.
    A Park in Paris

    Grey skies, grey water
    in canals.
    Bare branches turning
    the barest of green read more »

    Ayn Timmerman
  • 13.
    A Trip to Paris

    A Trip to Paris

    To enjoy a day Paris
    Must be like an eternity in the clouds read more »

    Boonk Jackson
  • 14.

    Where the glistening glow of your love spells out Paris,
    like the lights that shine upon it's midnight sky.
    Fear not that place but take me there with you- tonight,
    so we can spend all of eternity holding hands. read more »

    Marta Xoxx
  • 15.

    Just written medio August 201, for Poetfreak.

    Recently last July I was invited by a good friend to come to Paris.
    When still living in the tropics I loved to study Beaux Arts in Paris, but....since I was the only girl (be noted: my big bro was the only boy....LOL...) , my mom forbade me, I may not study in Heidelberg either! Since then Paris had become its home in my head, i really enjoyed my very first visit to Paris, i was really very excited...and last July I was back again in Paris, this time I was invited....all previous times I invited myself... read more »

    Sylvia Frances Chan
  • 16.
    Don't say Paris

    No one says Paris anymore.
    There's no such thing as Paris, no
    Café de la Paix, no Titian's Entombment
    in the Louvre or Hotel La Sanguin read more »

    Diane Seuss
  • 17.
    A Night In Paris

    Sailing down the river Seine
    the breeze of the cool Paris air runs through my skin.
    In the city of lights, love is in the air.
    Kissing couples awash in that lovers glow read more »

    Lyndon Murray
  • 18.
    In Paris

    It was so very many years ago
    Yet it comes to me like yesterday.
    we walked the pathway of the seine
    arm in arm in love for the first time read more »

    Jude Kyrie
  • 19.

    I love the Eiffel tower
    The statues on every street
    I love the historic buildings
    The locals kind to greet read more »

    Abbie Knobben
  • 20.

    Last month I moved to Paris
    Last month I moved to......... read more »

    Hrayr Tchanan
  • 21.

    As we are sitting in our tour bus,
    There's a young man sitting in front of US
    His companies and all else he recalled,
    With remembrances of his first read more »

    Alice L. Lawrence
  • 22.
    Dans Paris

    The beauty of a city
    the breathtaking
    captivating read more »

    Salwa Nuseiba
  • 23.
    The Apple of Discord [Fallen Star Project: Chapter 2]

    The Trojan War has ended a million years ago
    But my mind has a war equal to its magnitude
    Paris started that war in search of true love
    I started this war in search of an answer for my love read more »

    Benn Degusman
  • 24.

    City of light and soft blue rain
    momentary joy, driven sadness
    you see we are here after all!
    Paris of all worlds where we might read more »

    Guy Peppin
  • 25.
    Paris Rain

    Cold, wet and windy day in Paris
    A bench by a window in a warm coffee shop
    Slight cold wind comes in through a crack in the window frame
    Raindrops trail on the pane read more »

    J.D McNair
  • 26.
    Bedtime For Paris

    For my Daughter Paris

    Sleep, close your eyes
    The terrors of the night will pass you by read more »

    William Sexton
  • 27.
    Wake Up

    There's people talking
    They talk about me
    They know my name
    They think they know everything read more »

    melodia gauthier
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