Top 100 Poems About: PASSION

In this page, poems on / about “passion” are listed.
  • 1.
    Starlight Night

    We lay hand in hand, head to head, eye to eye

    The stars staring down, as if they were in envy read more »

    Michael James Kennedy Findlay
  • 2.
    Where the passion flower grows

    Lay down on your pillow
    and turn the lights down low
    let me take you to the garden
    where the passion flower grows read more »

    Charles M. Moore
  • 3.
    A Moment Of Passion

    A moment of passion so easily shared,
    with no fear or regret.
    The memories flood through my mind,
    a moment of passion I'll never forget. read more »

    Kev Elmer
  • 4.
    Who Needs Love?

    Passion and lust takes my mind
    as I see you in the morning light
    as my heart beats like a drum
    even your breathing excites me read more »

    Nicky McNeil
  • 5.
    Passion Of Life

    To achieve something great in the world you need Passion
    To fulfill vision, a great leader’s courage comes from Passion
    Whatever it may be, you must find your Passion
    If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins read more »

  • 6.
    Passion's Place

    I walk to the edge of the earth
    With one step
    I am deep in your hearth
    Slipping into your arms read more »

    Savannah Churchill
  • 7.
    Where Is My Passion

    Where is my passion
    Far too much pain

    Where is my passion read more »

    Fleurette Elaine Harris
  • 8.
    Dance with me

    Dance with me
    Take my hand pull me close
    caress my body with your
    warm embrace read more »

    Jackie Kirby
  • 9.

    It lies in all of us, read more »

    Kristen Woods
  • 10.
    Non Conformity

    It's hard to capture passion, an elusive force beyond our grasp.
    Which defies laws, time, for fashion.
    A smoky is behind the door, a twitching body against the floor.
    These are passion, these and dreams of virgin whores. read more »

    Glen Cherrington
  • 11.
    Without passion

    I think and thought
    i hoped and wished
    i cried and mourned
    i yelled and laughed read more »

    Oreva Oku
  • 12.

    Such is the passion the want of desire
    To burn in the heart with fingers of fire
    Wet lashes wrapped up, in a sweet velvet rose
    To follow your heart where ever it goes read more »

    Graham Jones
  • 13.
    Love and Passion

    Love is a breeze
    of the dawn caressing our skin,
    Passion is a fire
    which melts our heart. read more »

    UMBELINA FROTA Linhares Pimenta Bastos
  • 14.
    Come my Man

    Come my Man,
    come into me
    gently, harsh, push, hold my hips
    tight read more »

    sanja sarinda
  • 15.
    Passion of Fire

    My heart was started by a spark,
    burst into flames.
    Now I am like a lamp on a hill,
    everyone sees me and my passion. read more »

    Mistral Love
  • 16.

    Shivers transcend over my body when PASSION whispers in my ear,
    Then PASSION gently caresses my skin and electricity fills the air!
    Insatiable PASSION takes control and lights the flame of desire,
    I am but kindling set at the base of PASSION'S growing pyre. read more »

    Wyatt Morrison
  • 17.
    Love is.....

    love is a hard thing to explain
    love is not a feeling nor a emotion
    it is a passion
    a passion for someone read more »

    Brandon Brooks
  • 18.
    I Wish I Knew...

    I wish I knew what passion felt like,
    To wake up and feel the passion to be happy and to love.
    Passion is the eagerness to wake up with the light.
    And passion is what fights the dark every night. read more »

    Cristina Richardson
  • 19.

    The beauty of a kiss
    The touch of a hand
    The heat of the night
    The passion grows read more »

    Christopher G. Turner
  • 20.
    Hidden Passion

    Hidden Passion,
    stored locked away the thought of passion forgotten,
    yet, lingering in distance air passages.
    How does one recapture these floating read more »

  • 21.
    A Call to Love

    My blood spills for passion
    And my skin longs for your touch
    In this love never taken. read more »

    Pathrese Lei Mari Abejuela
  • 22.

    Passion is something you see
    Its something you do
    Its somethin you are
    Passion is a feeling that makes you laught read more »

    kayla beane
  • 23.
    Rain of Passion

    rain falls in a steady torrent from heaven
    appeasing the thirst of the earth
    but just as steadily
    awakening the arousing hunger of desire read more »

    Soulful One
  • 24.
    Volcano Of Passion

    As the passion builds inside, my heart beats faster
    My mouth goes dry
    My hands become clammy
    My eyes widen in anticipation read more »

    Craig Piercy
  • 25.

    The heights of passion
    Heighten the heights of action
    Deepening the height of destruction
    And destructing the actions of construction read more »

    David Munene wa Kimberly
  • 26.
    A Kiss

    Passion as was the fruit
    Upon his lips
    Sweet juices from thy lips
    As passion slid read more »

    Betty Stewart
  • 27.

    Vibrant colors flying through the air
    throw words, speed of light with no movement
    long dark hair caressed by unseen hands
    voice of passion and of sand read more »

    Lynda Graham
  • 28.
    Dangerous Passion

    I'm young and he's much older
    He wants me and I want him
    He wants me in his arms to hold
    And I would give anything to feel his touch read more »

    Chelsea Houston
  • 29.
    The Red Sky

    A red sky lights up the night,
    Keeps your heart full of warmth,
    Fills you with passion without greed,
    This red sky at night, read more »

    Joshua Adams
  • 30.
    I Broke Your Heart But You Broke Mine

    My eyes gazed into yours,
    and your eyes gazed into mine.
    I was anonymous to you,
    and you were anonymous to me. read more »

    Mark Chan
  • 31.
    Sacrificing Decision

    The word of man
    The truth
    Passions of flesh
    The consequences of judgement read more »

    Andrea Maree Smith
  • 32.
    Blue Rose

    Wish I could lay my eyes on the blue rose
    Aches to touch it, caress the petals
    Feel its texture on my skin
    Smell its fragrance and have it stored in my memory read more »

    Rita Umali
  • 33.
    The Eyes {Kyrielle}

    It all gets explained with two eyes,
    All the reasons we give with words
    Cannot fathom the depth nor highs,
    The whys and passions so expressed. read more »

    Kathy J Anderson
  • 34.
    no passion

    you touch me but feel no passion
    but love hurts some times
    i can see the pain in your eyes
    but still you tell me everything is fine read more »

    gary morgan
  • 35.
    Cracked Up Passion

    Cracked dry lips,
    Clinging to each other.
    where two couple of curious hands read more »

    Tulay Beyhan
  • 36.

    When I find the girl
    She's gonna be my world
    Cuz that's Passion read more »

    Adam Dean
  • 37.
    Passion For Life

    A passion for life
    A passion for souls
    A passion for life is all I'm asking for
    Lord give me a heart, as tender as yours read more »

    Bianca Whinfield
  • 38.
    Rachel(this girl)

    Rachel(this girl)
    please dont leave me
    your like a potato
    i need to put you in the fridge read more »

    RebeCCA Black
  • 39.
    Soul Music

    Like an instrumental that goes on forever
    You play my body when we're together
    Making sure to fine tune all the keys
    The rhythm of you beating deeply into me read more »

    Angelique Wright
  • 40.

    Every touch, every single kiss and embrace,
    Brings to light the love I always see in your lovely face,
    Just to think of making love to you, and the love in you I find,
    Arouses every feeling inside of me, in my heart, soul, body and mind, read more »

    John Schenk
  • 41.
    Soaring Light

    O pain of the poem where are you now
    To inspire, to conjure my words of passion
    Emotions so bare, so preciously full
    To flood out the lines that stirs the soul read more »

    The Light and the darkness
  • 42.

    Who does not feel desire unending
    To solace through his daily strife,
    With some mysterious Mental Blending,
    The hungry loneliness of life? read more »

    Laurence Hope
  • 43.
    Early Morning Light

    November, all is grey
    but the sweat on our lips, fire on our tongues,
    the moist, subtle dew on the dawn read more »

    Sarah Bramer
  • 44.

    A passion found, is a passion to keep
    A passion felt, is a passion to be kept
    Poetry from the heart, poetry from the soul,
    Poetry I have always felt, read more »

    Coker George
  • 45.

    PASSION What's my passion?

    It's me. read more »

    Cunningham Mbati
  • 46.
    Death of A Heart

    Passions pounding like fists of vengeance
    torturing the helpless heart of love
    all the time these cruel passions cry out:
    'You hit me! ' they yell. 'Cruel heart! read more »

    Else Cederborg
  • 47.
    Passion Lost or Found

    The passion for life I had surrendered
    The passion for love I could not remember
    I felt like passion was now and fore ever forbidden
    I kept myself entangled and hidden read more »

    crystal beard
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