Top 100 Poems About: PEACE

In this page, poems on / about “peace” are listed.

  • 13.
    Some Visuals For Peace

    Huddled together with those who clutch back,
    all those innocent, ageless faces cry.
    While enemy, gunner soldiers, each with
    fire, confident justice is done, kill on. read more »

    alexandra mars edmonds
  • 14.

    To climb a mountain way up high
    To see an eagle soar in the sky
    To see a deer cross your path
    And have the sun shine at your back read more »

    Alice Piotrowska
  • 15.

    Someday mankind will begin to understand
    That we should live in Peace and Harmony,
    That there should not be any wars,
    Nor should there be any starvation, read more »

    Anita Guindon
  • 16.
    Great Peace

    Peace is making your calling and election sure;
    Enjoying the fruits of the Holy Spirit you will endure;
    Fruits such as love, joy, peace and patience against which there is no
    law; read more »

    Bernice Hooks
  • 17.
    Whisper - Peace

    Peace is a word spoken softly
    With reverence - from deep in the heart
    Like a prayer - or a benediction
    Or the words two lovers impart. Just listen to the little children read more »

    Bettie Lundy Slade
  • 18.
    Justice And Peace For All

    We are fighting for justice and peace for all,
    And our young men are answering the call.
    They are giving their lives for you and for me,
    On land, in the air, and out on the sea. read more »

    Billie Spratlin
  • 19.
    Ode To Peace

    If I would call you brother:
    Would you-the same-call me!
    Or, If I called you sister:
    Would I-still-mister be! read more »

    Bill Soboslay
  • 20.
    Peace Be Unto All

    When Jesus, our Lord arose from the dead
    To His apostles, the first words He said
    Peace be unto each of you
    For in His wisdom, He already knew read more »

    Bobbie Polit Carrier
  • 21.
    Perfect Peace

    I ponder deeply in my mind
    For thoughts of peace and how to find
    It only comes from deep within
    You cannot fake it or pretend read more »

    Brenda Whitlock
  • 22.

    The word alone
    Says so much
    It is sweet
    To speak, read more »

    Carla Michelle Ballard
  • 23.
    When The World Is At Peace

    When the World is at peace
    The children will grow.
    They'll embrace life
    And be excited, just to see snow. read more »

    Carolyn O'Riley
  • 24.
    Peace Dome Esperantist

    Canada is the man king land
    Whose ethnic groups in mosaic aggregate
    Alteration by the kingdom bound
    To independence and autocrat read more »

    Caul Francis
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