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Top 100 Poems About: PEACE

In this page, poems on / about “peace” are listed.

  • 49.
    Let Peace Prevail In This World.......

    When you look for peace
    then the peace lies within you
    When you search for peace
    then it is not hard to find read more »

    Ravi Sathasivam
  • 50.
    Six Six Six Revealed (repeating cycle) (Jul 7th,2004)

    Love brings war
    Love breeds hate
    Love births peace read more »

    Nicholas McDonough
  • 51.
    All We Want Is Peace (Please)

    Peace, Peace, Please,
    Please, Peace, Please,

    There’s something we should do read more »

    Gordon David
  • 52.
    Path Of Peace

    Path Of Peace
    By Paul Mc Cann read more »

    Paul McCann
  • 53.
    Sleep To Dream

    Time to rest our eyes
    We visit imagination
    Best vacation of mind
    Hidden desires, lost memories read more »

    Victor Osorio
  • 54.

    Peace is a flower,
    Peace is a bird.
    Peace is the sun,
    Peace is the moon. read more »

    Ellie Friedman
  • 55.
    Sabbath Queen

    The sun has already disappeared beyond the treetops,
    Come let us go and welcome the Sabbath Queen, read more »

    Hayyim Nahman Bialik
  • 56.
    Peaceful Prayers

    Let there be peace in the world.
    Let us all see peace and not war.
    Let us all have peace in the world.
    Let all our statesmen know no violence, read more »

    Jude Ogunade
  • 57.
    Peace And Unity

    Peace O peace let it be, let it be,
    among Islands near and far,
    with colour and creed no bar
    by working together in unity. read more »

    Noline A.V. Johnson
  • 58.
    War and Peace

    War is Peace
    Peace is War

    War unites against read more »

    Nate Snowball
  • 59.

    read more »

    Edward Kofi Louis
  • 60.
    Peace, Peace, Peace

    In the Bible-God says, let there
    be peace among all nations.
    Peace is something to cherish
    and behold...whether in heart read more »

    Viola B. Jelinek
  • 61.
    Peace: not war

    Each heart is thriving for peace
    That every soul seeks
    Peace! read more »

    sanjana nagraj
  • 62.

    peace; peace; peace, peace, peace, peace, peace
    Live in peace, live in love
    Stop the wars, stop the fighting
    One day this will all change read more »

    Hasnat Hussain
  • 63.

    To find peace one must be at peace with themselves
    To find peace there should be no conflict that can involves violence
    To find peace there should always be a solution to solve a problem
    To find peace there should always be kindness read more »

    Jeffrey Liminsang
  • 64.

    Peace is family
    Peace is caring
    Peace is friendly
    Peace is sharing read more »

    princess daisy
  • 65.
    Peace and Conflict

    Peace is laughter ike a musical bell,
    Conflict is people crying,
    Peace is everything being well,
    Conflit is people dieing, read more »

    Sasha Julia
  • 66.
    Chain of love and peace

    One moment of love and peace,
    Several moments of love and peace, it can make.

    Several moments of love and peace, read more »

    Lino Jones
  • 67.
    peacefully delight in peace

    Peacefully delight in peace

    Peace be peacefully in peace,
    Peacefully to peaceful read more »

    Gicaniro Will
  • 68.
    - Peace -

    Peace is what the world needs fast
    Peace is required most
    Peace can't come by waging wars
    Peace is born through great efforts! read more »

    Jothi Mangaiarkkarasit
  • 69.
    What Is Death

    death is love,
    death is peace,
    death is all the non-violent things around you,
    death will hunt, read more »

    jaqualen roberts
  • 70.

    Peace is letting life's cares
    Roll over your head while
    Stamping on them with both feet.
    It is daily maintaining control read more »

    Florence M. Jones
  • 71.

    The peace of a mind
    No longer maligned
    By ire or fire. read more »

    chris cleverly
  • 72.
    When There's Peace, And Love Within!

    When love spills out of the heart, peace rushes in , where there's
    peace, and love within! When confronting another individual with
    peace, then love return, when there's peace, and love within! When
    peace is lived love rushes within tenfold; when there's peace and read more »

    William Clark
  • 73.
    World Peace

    read more »

    Satyendra Pratap singh
  • 74.

    Peace Peace
    Like a flower in the sky
    Peace read more »

    Jesse love
  • 75.
    What is Peace? ?

    What is peace? ?

    Peace is when you care for others,
    Peace is when there is no violence in the world, read more »

    Uzma Nadeem
  • 76.
    Longlive Peace

    Peace is all we want
    Peace is all we need
    Peace is all we ask
    Peace is all we desire read more »

    Shik Mds
  • 77.
    peace love and war

    peace without war is love
    war with love is peace
    love without peace is war
    can we noy speak read more »

    nicole rassbach
  • 78.

    Where there is little love there can be no peace
    If hearts are at war, thus begins the warring of nations afar read more »

    Anne McDowell
  • 79.
    O God, let there be peace

    O God, let there be peace
    Let differences among people cease
    Let there be happiness everywhere
    Let there be suffering nowhere read more »

    Manisha Tulaskar
  • 80.
    Rumors of Peace

    What's your look?
    I cannot see you peace!
    Peace. Where are you? read more »

    Alerto Augusto Bia
  • 81.
    Peace That Was Never Peace

    Wars, famon, and hatred
    That’s what our world’s full of today
    Nothing but pain and suffering
    That never goes away read more »

    Faith Offerman
  • 82.
    Perfect Peace

    I ponder deeply in my mind
    For thoughts of peace and how to find
    It only comes from deep within
    You cannot fake it or pretend read more »

    Brenda Whitlock
  • 83.

    I will hold on to my peace
    When everything is falling apart
    All my happiness has ceased
    And I am hurting in my heart read more »

    Angela Yarbrough
  • 84.
    All Live In Peace And Harmony

    As the world goes spinning round
    And enerything seems upside down
    There isn't any organisation any more
    Is nothing everlasting, must we live for just today read more »

    vance freeman
  • 85.

    World peace leaders are gatherings
    For peace talks- with all eyes watching Israel
    God's Holy land - He waits.
    There are countries facing economic collapse read more »

    Kristin Susan Bethell
  • 86.

    Peace-are the arms of the world
    hugging each other-
    each loving another Peace... read more »

    Mr. Jac D' Joseph
  • 87.

    Peace be to the moon
    Peace be to the stars
    Peace be to the pubs and cafes
    Peace be to the justice system although it lacks read more »

    Sheldon Carruthers
  • 88.
    Peace of Mind

    Peace of mind is when you have all you want
    Can you find all you want?
    You try but not enough
    You can try all you want read more »

    Samson Pitan
  • 89.
    3 B.01 Peace

    Peace - overcoming evil with good be,
    Peace - overcoming falsehood with truth be,
    Peace - overcoming hate with love clearly,
    Peace - in hearts and minds of people be. read more »

    Munindra (Munnan) Misra
  • 90.

    Peace every one is looking in a mirror to see
    But it is hidden way down within thee
    It is call simplicity and trust
    It cannot be achieved without diginity and trust read more »

    Karran Deokarran
  • 91.
    For all times

    If peace is our peace
    than is peace our fate
    your fate my fate
    together we are partners in distress read more »

    Mario,Lucien,Rene Odekerken
  • 92.
    New Déjà Vu

    Maharishi Déjà Vu
    Déjà Vu The Moment

    New Déjà Vu read more »

    Maharishi Deja Vu
  • 93.

    Peace read more »

    Hamdi Omar
  • 94.
    Peace, in a moment

    Shadow is dumb
    Converse or speak with none
    Peace is easy sum. read more »

    Shiv Raj Pradhan
  • 95.

    Can’t be gave to others
    Nor others give peace to you,
    You can’t give peace read more »

    Mark Adrian Adonay
  • 96.
    Inner Peace

    Inner peace is so hard to find,
    because of the world we live in,
    inner peace is so hard to find,
    because of the way we live, read more »

    Malcolm Jeffrey
  • 97.

    People cry for peace
    But He can attain
    who has a pure mind. read more »

    Desiraju Surya Narayana
  • 98.

    read more »

    Shaun McGurgan
  • 99.
    Peace in essence

    Peace that pleases people’s hearts

    found on the faces of loved ones read more »

    Beam Be Me
  • 100.

    Peace is lord.
    Peace is joy.
    Peace is good.
    Peace is happiness. read more »

    leah simms
  • 101.
    The Peace of God vs. The Peace of The World

    -God says I give you the peace of God, that passes all Understanding
    The World says ' I will give you peace' but the world doesn't tell you that that peace is just too Demanding.
    -God says Love thy neighhbor
    The world says hate thy enemy and love only under certain circumstances. read more »

    Janella A Thomas
  • 102.

    What peace then,
    Yes what peace,
    You want peace but you cut them into pieces,
    You announce peace but you take their pieces, read more »

    Brian Tafadzwa Penny
  • 103.
    Peace Bound

    Let Peace rain upon the children, the loved, the laughing, the crying.
    Let Peace cover the sorrowed, the lost, the brave, the dying.

    Let Peace move the hated, the men, the runners, the fighters. read more »

    Jasmine Shipp
  • 104.
    Let There Be Peace With You

    The economy is down
    No jobs in town
    The cupboards are bare
    No one seems to care read more »

    Brian Russell
  • 105.
    The War for Peace!

    The world that is moving fast
    With its haste people
    The moral diction and ethics read more »

    Nikhil Jha
  • 106.
    The Peace Mission

    In search of safety, peace and security
    true sons and daughters of the Soil
    sit alert in the House-Supreme, with hearts back home
    partnered in the noble mission by some peace-bent comrades, read more »

    Frank O. Anywar
  • 107.

    Now, carry your guns soldier,
    Rush into war
    With your guns and knives
    Shoot into the sky read more »

    larry Philosopher
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