Top 100 Poems About: PEACE

In this page, poems on / about “peace” are listed.

  • 61.
    A Hand On Her Gown: The Peace

    Peace is not a betrayal of this beloved
    Peace is a not a mere humming song.
    Peace is my lovely girl read more »

    Thampi KEE
  • 62.

    Peace is a flower,
    Peace is a bird.
    Peace is the sun,
    Peace is the moon. read more »

    Ellie Friedman
  • 63.
    All We Want Is Peace (Please)

    Peace, Peace, Please,
    Please, Peace, Please,

    There’s something we should do read more »

    Gordon David
  • 64.

    Peace to release dove
    Peace to lease love
    Peace to piece heart read more »

    Persian Nightingale
  • 65.
    How Can A Flower Of Peace Die?

    A beautiful flower of peace shone bright
    Along with the morning sun rise full of light
    But a naughty bee came to sting the flower
    As jealousy crept in its eyes read more »

    Geetha Jayakumar
  • 66.
    (198) Eighth Colour In Spectrum (Oneryu)

    read more »

    premji premji
  • 67.
    For Peace

    Flowers grow in the grass,
    Baby footfalls pass
    Over the fields once red,
    Over the hero's head— read more »

    Harriet Monroe
  • 68.
    The Gospel According To Lilith- Chapters 7-25

    Chapter 7

    So, it was that the rein of Lucifer and Lilith began on Earth and they, with their fallen angels, began the work of making hospitable their environs. There was no reshaping the Earth to make of it a paradise—Lord had quietly rebuffed their efforts to do this, allowing only minor changes to the terrain, forcing the group to hard labor for the simplest gains.
    Water was had from geyser steam and from these the group could bathe. Small algae plants grew even in the lava beds and from them soups and broths were made. Evolutionarily the time passing was eons on Earth and Lucifer, Lilith and the hosts saw the Earth slowly begin to support life, evolving from simpler life forms to higher ones. This was a welcome development for it made life much easier because the food supply became more plentiful for the many hosts. read more »

    Lonnie Hicks
  • 69.
    The Truce And The Peace

    (NOVEMBER, 1918)
    Peace now for every fury has had her day,
    Their natural make is moribund, they cease, read more »

    Robinson Jeffers
  • 70.
    Path Of Peace

    Path Of Peace
    By Paul Mc Cann read more »

    Paul McCann
  • 71.
    The Tower Beyond Tragedy

    You'd never have thought the Queen was Helen's sister- Troy's
    burning-flower from Sparta, the beautiful sea-flower
    Cut in clear stone, crowned with the fragrant golden mane, she
    the ageless, the uncontaminable- read more »

    Robinson Jeffers
  • 72.
    From The Cantata For N. F. S. Grundtvig

    His day was the greatest the Northland has seen,
    It one was with the midnight-sun's wonders serene: read more »

    Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
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