Top 100 Poems About: PEOPLE

In this page, poems on / about “people” are listed.
  • 1.
    Some People

    Some people want to die
    Some people want to live
    Some people want to take
    Some people want to give read more »

    Mark Bauch
  • 2.
    Childhood Memories Sung to the Tune of Shawnee West Franklin Bison Blues

    Some people have a childhood garden
    Filled with green and growing things
    Some people have a childhood garden
    Filled with purple peonies read more »

    Tim Bovee
  • 3.
    The Funniest Thing

    The things I find funny
    People don’t laugh
    Things I don’t find funny
    People always laugh read more »

    Selina Tan
  • 4.
    Before I Die

    If I was to die next week
    I wouldn't try to weap
    I wouldn't try to cry
    I wouldn't try to have hatred inside me read more »

    Erica Lee
  • 5.
    i dont understand

    I dont understand
    why people try to be me
    why people cant trust me
    why people argue over nothing read more »

    marcus versher
  • 6.
    A Asome Poem About PEOPLE

    Some people
    Care about you, some people
    Don’t care,
    Make fun of you and walk away, read more »

    annie nosich
  • 7.
    What's wrong with our world?

    Why are people abused
    Why are people shot
    Why do people commit suicide
    Why are people anorexic and bulimic read more »

    allison boyles
  • 8.

    People are dumb, they always ask questions
    I don’t like to answer questions that dumb people ask
    Sometimes I answer, but I’m not being serious about it
    When dumb people talk I zone them out read more »

    Cody Averesch
  • 9.
    Torn Apart

    Many a year ago, there was one
    And that one grew to few
    And that few to many
    And that many became one read more »

    Julius Victorio
  • 10.
    Get Lost

    People say get lost
    So you decide to try
    But when you go into the woods
    You just come out and cry read more »

    Cheylee Miller
  • 11.
    World Of Clowns

    People who cover their true faces with makeup
    People who act totally different from who they really are
    People who are bad actors, but good performers
    People who don't take things seriously read more »

    Hope Denton
  • 12.

    People aren't born for what they do, but what their parents dream.
    People don't grow for growing's sake, but for the future's gleam.
    People don't live to one day die, they live to put off dying.
    People don't work to build themselves, they work to stave off crying. read more »

    Poet Dragon
  • 13.
    Two People

    Two people
    Found one love
    Over nine months
    Over three seasons read more »

    Keith Brezny
  • 14.

    Life is light leads people to a new world
    A world with two separate roads
    Roads separated by happiness and pain in our world
    A pattern between two roads read more »

    Lina Kim
  • 15.
    We Cannot Count The Stars

    We can see the stars
    But we cannot count them

    If we do something good to people,
    People will thank you read more »

    Joshua Van Rostenberghe
  • 16.

    Everywhere you look there's darkness
    People lusting and people lying

    Everywhere you go there's sadness read more »

    Bethany G.
  • 17.
    Laugh To Keep From Crying

    When most people have something to do
    I'm crying.
    When most people have a life to live
    I'm dying. read more »

    Elizabeth Benedict
  • 18.
    People Die, Life Goes On

    I am a normal man,
    I’ve been to more funerals than I can count,
    Parents, Siblings, Friends, Co-Workers,
    People die, life goes on read more »

    Thomas Vaudin
  • 19.
    Der Ganzen Welt

    I love the city
    and all its connections
    people laid out before you
    hundreds of faces read more »

    Justin Tang
  • 20.

    As I look around at people,
    I see something wrong,
    I see them judging other people,
    This horrible thing has gone on for to long, read more »

    Stacy Heller
  • 21.
    Fear Itself

    Many people don’t ask because they fear rejection.
    Many people don’t dance because they fear who is watching.
    Many people don’t skip because they fear they are too old.
    Many people don’t speak their mind because they fear people who disagree. read more »

    hannah magee
  • 22.

    The things people do for love
    The things love does to people
    The people who love things
    The things people love read more »

    Jenim Dibie
  • 23.
    its just me

    people think im crazi
    mabe i am
    people think im weird
    mabe i am read more »

    dezyy nezyy
  • 24.
    live and die

    People Live
    And then they die.
    People Talk
    and then they go shy. read more »

    justin peel
  • 25.
    To You, Africa

    You are a beautiful terra firma
    With beautiful people
    Rich in history
    Rich in prosperity read more »

    Ryan Sanders
  • 26.

    he made me laugh, he made me mad
    but no matter what, i knew that he was mine
    people judged, people laughed
    no one knew he was my life read more »

    Elizaveth Banda
  • 27.
    My Place

    People will grow
    And people will die
    Some people go through life
    Without a try. read more »

    Antonio Dias
  • 28.
    People These Days

    Some people want to die
    Some people want to live
    Some people want to take
    Some people want to give read more »

    mario lambert
  • 29.
    The Dream Song of Busy People

    God is not willing for any of us
    to fall short of his gory
    So He gave us dreams
    Of the soon coming new day read more »

    Cornell 'RappinGrandaddy' Harris aka 'RG' Poetry
  • 30.
    Hated Shadows

    Happy people
    with happy faces read more »

    Jon Trahan
  • 31.
    I'm one in a million

    I’m one in a million
    Of people who claims to be
    But no one knows me
    One in a million read more »

    zama ashley helebe
  • 32.
    black and white so alike

    In my journey in life, I met many people and many issues
    and I used many tissues, cried many tears thru the years. read more »

    hedi vlacich
  • 33.
    Welcome to hell

    People yell, people scream, people cry
    Welcome to hell
    People kill, people steal, people lie
    Welcome to hell read more »

    Shayna Johnston
  • 34.
    Cynicism Is an Art

    Come you little children- people
    Children-people of the future
    For soon you will be people-people
    What sort of people-people will you be? read more »

    Bobby Crawford
  • 35.
    I'm Tired

    I'm tired of people messing with me
    I'm tired of people treating me wrong
    I'm tired of people saying I stank
    I'm tired of people remembering the past read more »

    Shawanda Polk
  • 36.
    Shopping at the Mall

    People! Me, looking at People.
    People, looking at me.
    Old people, trying to look young.
    Young people, trying to look old. read more »

    Joyce Williams
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