Top 100 Poems About: PINK

In this page, poems on / about “pink” are listed.
  • 1.
    Variations On Nothing

    That negligible bit of sand which slides
    Without a sound and settles in the hourglass,
    And the fleeting impressions on the fleshy-pink,
    The perishable fleshy-pink, of a cloud... read more »

    Giuseppe Ungaretti
  • 2.
    pink pink

    pink pink
    Confirmed that it was armed
    pink pink
    Was right to be alarmed read more »

    chris dawson
  • 3.
    Pink Pyjama Party? -new-

    Now what would you think,
    Of a party all pink,
    With pink iguanas,
    Dressed in pink pyjamas. read more »

    Stephen Katona
  • 4.
    Cherry Blossoms Adrift

    Pink petals passing
    Scents above so high
    Painted porcelain perfection
    Blossoms caress the sky read more »

    Mary Fumento
  • 5.
    Pink Coat

    The pink coat
    She put on when it was cold
    The pink coat
    That was hung up when she was home read more »

    Alyssa Ray
  • 6.

    Sunsets are pretty,
    Sunsets are pink
    Sunsets are red,
    Sunsets are purple, read more »

    lisa daborn
  • 7.
    Butterfly (Children's Poem)

    Mother wants to catch a beautiful butterfly
    To put on in my pink dress
    And bring me to stroll down the street read more »

    Hsiu Lee
  • 8.
    Colours Of Life

    Sunny morning, golden noon, rose pink twilight, silver moon.
    Grey black cloud, creamy sea, lightning bright, green brown tree.
    Yellow with age, white with fright, red with rage, black as night.
    Green with envy, rainbow hue, in the pink, sky of blue. read more »

    Rod Morris
  • 9.
    A Butterfly

    A butterfly so bueatiful
    flying around in the garden.
    It love the flowers
    Yellow read more »

    Rikki Dolphin
  • 10.

    Pink is the taste of sweet and fruity
    Pink is the delight of all heavenly beauty

    Pink is the joyful living in success read more »

    Jackeline Chacon
  • 11.
    The White Teddy Bear

    I looked for a Valentine gift
    To enhance my girls' belief
    A gift is not only for fun
    But it is also good for their long run read more »

    Duong Tam Quoc
  • 12.
    Colours of Life

    The backdropp of the setting sun
    A bronze circle slowly sinking
    Casting a golden glaze through
    The pinkest pass over the clouds read more »

    Forgotten Wound
  • 13.
    Pink Azalea

    Early on an April day
    In the land of morning calm
    Azaleas bloom pink
    At sunrise with a bright salaam They bloom alone read more »

    Kim Unsong
  • 14.
    Dreams written on a ribbon of pink

    Dreams written on a ribbon of pink
    I close my eyes and reach to the wind
    Set sail balloon of mine, rise high
    Take my ribbon of pink read more »

    Eldin Durant van der Walt
  • 15.
    Pink Life

    Pink flowers
    Pink pens
    What about a pink life read more »

    Claudia Wilson
  • 16.

    My little baby doll.
    A name I could call.
    Pink. You were oh so pink. read more »

    Danette Frenz
  • 17.
    The Friends Poem

    Patricia Ewing says to get out of her face
    Erica Montross will run in the race
    Tiffany Mason is often called Tiffany Mase
    Jessica Mutombo needs a lot of space read more »

    Ondrea Marisa Robinson
  • 18.
    Spring time

    The skirt she wore is black
    with large pink spots

    The pink left its dark country read more »

    Sharad Rajimwale
  • 19.

    Red roses
    Pink roses
    i wished you had when you walked in
    But all you had is a knife to stick in my heart read more »

    undiscovered star
  • 20.
    The Swan

    Long blond hair with wispy bangs,
    a cute pink t-shirt on,
    a contagious smile and bright blue eyes,
    delicate as a swan. read more »

    Emma Latz
  • 21.
    Pink Pajamas

    i'm in my
    pink pajamas
    with matching
    pink footies read more »

    Julia Phillips
  • 22.
    Beautiful Cheeks

    Rosy cheeks
    Chubby and pink
    Sweet like an apple
    I think read more »

    zuha affan
  • 23.
    I Discover The World In India

    red vermillion streaked hair
    a red wattled lapwing
    orange, same time each day, sunrises and sunsets
    yellow and black taxi colours, yellow temple flags, bright yellow confectionery shops, yellow bright fragrant perfume shops read more »

    Bhupen Thakker
  • 24.
    How to make your wishes come true

    She liked white and had not said a word yet

    On her tenth birthday
    she stood on the red steps read more »

    Bhupen Thakker
  • 25.
    New Krishna

    white stillness pure gold purple wonder gold strength pink joy
    pink infinity navy blue now strong indigo blue light blue fountain
    the green first reason endless yellow compassionate orange
    royal red read more »

    Bhupen Thakker
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