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Top 100 Poems About: PINK

In this page, poems on / about “pink” are listed.
  • 1.
    Variations On Nothing

    That negligible bit of sand which slides
    Without a sound and settles in the hourglass,
    And the fleeting impressions on the fleshy-pink,
    The perishable fleshy-pink, of a cloud... read more »

    Giuseppe Ungaretti
  • 2.
    pink pink

    pink pink
    Confirmed that it was armed
    pink pink
    Was right to be alarmed read more »

    chris dawson
  • 3.
    Cherry Blossoms Adrift

    Pink petals passing
    Scents above so high
    Painted porcelain perfection
    Blossoms caress the sky read more »

    Mary Fumento
  • 4.
    Pink Coat

    The pink coat
    She put on when it was cold
    The pink coat
    That was hung up when she was home read more »

    Alyssa Ray
  • 5.

    Sunsets are pretty,
    Sunsets are pink
    Sunsets are red,
    Sunsets are purple, read more »

    lisa daborn
  • 6.
    Butterfly (Children's Poem)

    Mother wants to catch a beautiful butterfly
    To put on in my pink dress
    And bring me to stroll down the street read more »

    Hsiu Lee
  • 7.

    Pink handkerchief
    'Pink' username
    Pink bag
    Pink eyeglasses read more »

    Mary Jesusa Villegas
  • 8.
    Colours of Life

    The backdropp of the setting sun
    A bronze circle slowly sinking
    Casting a golden glaze through
    The pinkest pass over the clouds read more »

    Forgotten Wound
  • 9.
    Pink Life

    Pink flowers
    Pink pens
    What about a pink life read more »

    Claudia Wilson
  • 10.
    A Butterfly

    A butterfly so bueatiful
    flying around in the garden.
    It love the flowers
    Yellow read more »

    Rikki Dolphin
  • 11.
    The White Teddy Bear

    I looked for a Valentine gift
    To enhance my girls' belief
    A gift is not only for fun
    But it is also good for their long run read more »

    Duong Tam Quoc
  • 12.
    Pink Azalea

    Early on an April day
    In the land of morning calm
    Azaleas bloom pink
    At sunrise with a bright salaam They bloom alone read more »

    Kim Unsong
  • 13.

    People say Roses are Red,
    Then, Red Roses for my passionate love to you
    People say Roses are Pink,
    Then, Pink Roses to show that I admire you read more »

  • 14.
    Pink Flowers.

    Do not text me or think otherwise
    I am just picking flowers from my garden.
    Last evening I picked a red rose but
    Wow! It proved to be too red for my date read more »

    Aron Lelei
  • 15.

    Pink is my colour,
    wat wld i do without it, i wonder.
    Pink is my mans colour,
    which he aint shy to wear. read more »

    Julie Njoki
  • 16.
    Pink Pajamas

    i'm in my
    pink pajamas
    with matching
    pink footies read more »

    Julia Phillips
  • 17.
    The Friends Poem

    Patricia Ewing says to get out of her face
    Erica Montross will run in the race
    Tiffany Mason is often called Tiffany Mase
    Jessica Mutombo needs a lot of space read more »

    Ondrea Marisa Robinson
  • 18.
    Dreams written on a ribbon of pink

    Dreams written on a ribbon of pink
    I close my eyes and reach to the wind
    Set sail balloon of mine, rise high
    Take my ribbon of pink read more »

    Eldin Durant van der Walt
  • 19.
    Spring time

    The skirt she wore is black
    with large pink spots

    The pink left its dark country read more »

    Sharad Rajimwale
  • 20.

    Love is pink,
    hate is red
    loving oneself could be enormous.
    loving oneself could be dangerous. read more »

    Umar mohammed
  • 21.
    How to make your wishes come true

    She liked white and had not said a word yet

    On her tenth birthday
    she stood on the red steps read more »

    Bhupen Thakker
  • 22.
    The Swan

    Long blond hair with wispy bangs,
    a cute pink t-shirt on,
    a contagious smile and bright blue eyes,
    delicate as a swan. read more »

    Emma Latz
  • 23.

    Red roses
    Pink roses
    i wished you had when you walked in
    But all you had is a knife to stick in my heart read more »

    undiscovered star
  • 24.
    O Muse who does not yield

    O Muse who does not yield
    when I try to plant a kiss
    on your pale, pink lips
    My tongue becomes a forked read more »

    Ampat Koshy
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