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  • 1.
    Ars Poetica

    A poem should be palpable and mute
    As a globed fruit

    Dumb read more »

    Archibald MacLeish
  • 2.
    If Only I Could Write A Beautiful Poem

    If only I could write a beautiful love poem
    I would write it special and only to you
    If only I could write a beautiful love poem
    So that we will forever remain so very very true read more »

    Douglas Carter
  • 3.
    (Bitter Poem) If My Poem Upset You, I'm Just So Sorry

    If my poem upsets,
    I'm just so sorry
    No need to worry
    Your not speaking anyways read more »

    Ace Of Black Hearts
  • 4.
    A Poem Is A Cluster Bomb

    A poem assemble ideas,
    Concentrates experience
    Await its time, place
    For its own release read more »

    Isaac Maliya
  • 5.
    A Poem Not for You

    This is not a poem for you
    It is a poem to erase you read more »

    jennifer killian
  • 6.
    A Poem Speaks Native (Improvisation 10 29 2009)

    Original 10 30 2009

    A poem speaks native speak read more »

    Lee B. Mack
  • 7.

    I do not like the silly poem,
    I do not like the angsty poem,
    I do not like the ridiculous poem,
    I do not like the damned poem, read more »

    David Carter
  • 8.
    Creating Poems

    Creating poems in dreams
    Creating poems with drinks
    Creating poems on the hill
    Creating poems during meal read more »

    Samba AbdurRahman Sankareh
  • 9.

    Poem is about saying something,
    But not saying it...
    Poem is about expressing your feeling,
    But just moon and stars... read more »

    harizal legend
  • 10.

    Poemy poem poem poem
    Poem poem poem read more »

    Paul Frank
  • 11.
    A Poem

    A poem of mind that may rhyme for all time
    A poem of heart that ı will love to start
    A poem of time that will bind to the mind
    A poem of lust that has been bust read more »

    Akilleas Sideous
  • 12.

    The poem is not about you
    Though it carries with itself
    The first letter in your name
    Is the point of its origin read more »

    Nivedita Dubey
  • 13.
    This poem

    This poem shall call
    Name like J F Kennedy,
    Lumumbar, Nkruma, Sobukwe
    Sankara, Padmore read more »

    Hebert Nkal
  • 14.

    Good poem
    Good poem
    Good poem
    Good poem read more »

    Saurabh Vib
  • 15.
    Silly Little Poem

    A poem
    For anyone who seeks it
    For anyone
    Who can understand read more »

    J. James Martinez
  • 16.

    Poems are great,
    They pick you up when your down,

    Poems are funny, read more »

    Volay Patterson
  • 17.
    No more love poem

    I wish to write a love poem
    But I have forgotten how
    I wish to write a love poem
    But no words of love coming in my mind read more »

    Jennifer Casiano
  • 18.

    Peoms hide behind trees
    Peoms hide in cracks
    Poems hide on empty pages in a note book
    Peoms hide with pictures read more »

    Amanda Hauser
  • 19.
    Poems Poems

    read more »

    samantha thuringer
  • 20.
    A Poem To Change The World

    I wish I could write a poem that would change the world
    A world with barbwire fences
    Try to cross and you get stuck
    You get pinned and you can’t come back read more »

    Roger Harkness
  • 21.
    A Poem

    A Poem

    A poem should be in rhyme.
    Any rhyme at any time is a poem. read more »

    Vanc All
  • 22.
    A Little Poem Story

    A little poem telling a story about the poetess who were falling in love
    A little poem smiled
    She knew that the poetess was writting love words shyly
    One..Two..Three.....Seven.....a lot of love words she wrote read more »

    Deasy Anggraeni
  • 23.
    I started a poem

    I started a poem
    Which started the whole world reading
    And I only see that the poem was for me
    That I was inspired by the life of a free read more »

    Red Bancien
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