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Top 100 Poems About: POETRY

In this page, poems on / about “poetry” are listed.
  • 1.
    Love Me - Love My Poetry

    I once wrote some poetry - the best,
    the finest POETRY
    My POETRY came with a capital
    "P". read more »

    Bonnie Alden Phillips
  • 2.

    There is a streak of poetry in my vein
    Just as there is poetry in the air
    And there is poetry in the rain
    There is poetry in the first smile of dawn read more »

    Subhojit Kar
  • 3.
    Poetry Such As

    Poetry is nothing but the memory of adolescence;
    The melancholic face of my mother often remembered by me;
    Poetry, the yellow bird sitting alone on a bough of Nim tree; read more »

    Al Mahmud
  • 4.
    What Poetry Mean To Me

    What does poetry mean to me

    Poetry is the air I breathe read more »

    Carolyn Sears
  • 5.
    Poetry in Motion

    Poetry is like the ocean
    Poetry in Motion
    Poetry is like a potion
    Poetry in Motion read more »

    Yeremiah Hardt
  • 6.

    I love poetry
    I speak, write, read
    I eat, sleep, breath read more »

    Bradley Dupuis
  • 7.
    A Definition of Poetry by a 15 yr old

    Poetry does not need a meaning or defintion.
    Poetry is how the reader reads it,
    Poetry is how the poet writes it.
    Poetry is real, read more »

    Eric Graham
  • 8.
    Poetry is nature

    Poetry is nature,
    Poetry is revelation,
    Poetry is human,
    Poetry is divine. read more »

    Oyehan Opeyemi Akinkunmi
  • 9.
    Some Purpose For Poetry

    Poetry is a universal medium
    That we use to express ourselves
    Effectively through a chosen idiom
    Some poetry can be found unused on shelves read more »

    Michael Leroy Porter
  • 10.
    Screw Poetry

    Why do we have to do poetry?
    I cant see a point for it.
    Why do we have to do poetry?
    It makes me have a fit read more »

    Joshua Allen
  • 11.
    Poems and Poetry

    -are not the same thing,
    ~poems are a work of art,
    -that come from the heart,
    -in the form of poetry. read more »

    Angel Gonzalez
  • 12.

    read more »

    Mary Kamman
  • 13.
    Poetry Undefined

    Poetry is a great many things
    to each poet you see,
    Poetry even has various meanings
    as to what it is to me read more »

    Tamika Stubblefield
  • 14.
    What Does Poetry Mean To Me

    What does poetry mean to me
    What do I get from a poem
    Good poetry is a rhapsody
    That makes my spirit roam read more »

    Ron Burn
  • 15.
    This is Not Poetry

    This isn't poetry

    These are just the ramblings of a madman. read more »

    Wilfred Owen Bitner
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