Top 100 Poems About: POWER

In this page, poems on / about “power” are listed.
  • 1.

    To some power is guns
    To some power is knifes
    To some power is the ability to read, and write.
    To some power is control read more »

    Edwina Matthews
  • 2.

    Money is precious money is power
    Money is a devil cunning and evil
    Source of war destruction of nations read more »

    Saudatu Kabir
  • 3.

    The power of truth is in the belief
    The power of love in the heart
    The power of faith is felt in the mind read more »

  • 4.
    The Ocean’s Power

    The dark ocean waves,
    clashing amongst each other,
    above the ocean floor
    that dose not have a bother read more »

    Mel F.R.
  • 5.
    Power to the women

    Give power to the woman that wakes up at dawn to have her family ready for the day

    Give power to that woman that
    That fathers her children read more »

    Solomon Kobela
  • 6.
    Do You Know the Power That You Have?

    Just a glance from the corner, the wink of an eye
    an innocent brush as you try to squeeze by,
    The smell of your hair and the sound of your sigh, read more »

    Biff McGuire
  • 7.
    RUSSIA! ! ! !

    Russia has power
    The power to build a tower
    They will never cower
    At the site of a bigger tower read more »

    puby mannheimer
  • 8.
    Love And Power (A Moment's Reflection)

    read more »

    Jonathan Platt
  • 9.
    You're all of my power

    I am only live actively with your support,
    you're my power to live a live life,
    you're my power to manage my work,
    you're my power to confer the difficult, read more »

    Marya Fairy
  • 10.
    The Power of Ideas

    The power of ideas are immeasurable
    They are the hidden treasures which lies
    Deep within each and everyone of us
    When we take the time to mind them we will find read more »

    Anthony Shurland Phillander
  • 11.
    The Power

    We have the power to
    To make a difference
    It takes a person with courage
    And determination read more »

    Dominique Gladney
  • 12.
    The Power of the Human Heart

    The power of the human heart
    Is not measured on a meter
    But by the passion it has read more »

    Dan Uher
  • 13.

    Those who are in love possess the power of love
    The power of Love has no regulations
    It controls the beat of the heart and the flow of the blood read more »

    Heartbeat Tempo
  • 14.

    Every person who wants power is at war
    For any power that could give control even more,
    they carry on hurting and hating just for a little bit more.
    The power of truth is in the belief. read more »

    Lleyson Hernandez
  • 15.
    Windy Days

    The wind is unpredictable it has the power to reprieve

    The power to invigorate, the power to relieve read more »

    Martin Susanto
  • 16.

    I do not cradle to be in power
    yet I do not have distastes for it
    power is like a grain of sand read more »

    saliu ahmad
  • 17.

    We all live in a world where materialism is over powering
    People not caring about how much money they are wasting on foolish items
    We all live in a world where materialism is over powering
    The economy is declining but no one seems to care read more »

    Emmerald Little
  • 18.
    The Unimaginable

    Something happened
    Its wonderful
    I've never felt it before
    Its like....butterflies read more »

    Robin Parker
  • 19.
    Compassion and Power

    Compassion and power they flowed together
    There was no force that these could tether
    They both flowed from the Saviors heart
    Compassion and power you cannot part read more »

    roy jenkin
  • 20.
    Bear Claw

    The Bear Claw.
    I find everything in my life as a obstacle.
    But what can I do to be able to pass it.
    I must have power and prayer in my soul. read more »

    anteaus berryhill
  • 21.

    read more »

    Rakesh Babu G R
  • 22.
    The Power

    A wave of power rushes past you on a windy day
    waving your hair into disarray and tingling your skin
    A formless power makes you comfortable in the biting cold
    the same power fills you in agony, pain and suffering read more »

    Rajiv Prajapati
  • 23.
    Power Of Thought

    When you're gifted with the power of thought
    It is a wonderful thing in a way,
    But it can also create problems
    If your thoughts tend to go astray. read more »

    Norman Van Horne
  • 24.
    Lesson #1

    Society creates the monsters
    Fear and ignorance give them faces
    We build them with our thoughts
    Arming them with swords and maces read more »

    Donnie Ryles
  • 25.
    The Power Of The Key

    Very small its size may be
    So is its dwelling place where it is slotted
    But it secures its vicinity
    And that is the power of the key read more »

    okeme james
  • 26.
    Life and conflict

    Life and Conflicts

    Conflicts for power and power through conflicts read more »

    Gangadharan T O
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