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Top 100 Poems About: PREJUDICE

In this page, poems on / about “prejudice” are listed.
  • 1.
    Song of the Soul

    I sing a love song
    to the world
    to the world that suffers
    prejudice, hate and war. read more »

    David Moe
  • 2.
    i dont understand

    I dont understand
    why people try to be me
    why people cant trust me
    why people argue over nothing read more »

    marcus versher
  • 3.
    Shadow of Prejudice

    Don't you wish the shadow of prejudice would lift off the earth
    And evaporate into infinity, out in unbounded space
    Where it was hurled
    Taking with it the power to influence all human kind. read more »

    Maurine Fergueson
  • 4.
    It's A Disease

    Prejudice is a disease.
    Unlike deadly viruses;
    West Nile and S.A.R.S
    Prejudice does not harm you. read more »

    Niru Raj
  • 5.

    I saw a rainbow over the mountain
    I felt the sorrow of the human race
    Caught within the prejudice of hate
    Searching for the love of all humankind read more »

    Valerie Daley
  • 6.
    We are one

    Different times and terrains,
    Different issues and concerns,
    Different language, different dress
    Different features, different thoughts read more »

    hiraa kazmi
  • 7.

    Oh! How rude you mock
    At the option less individual
    How accursed is your domain,
    Why don’t you change nature? read more »

    Tanni Bose
  • 8.
    Dear United States of America, So you think we're fighting prejudice?

    Dear United States of America,

    So you think we're fighting prejudice? read more »

    Rossella Rossella
  • 9.
    Dance of Life

    It began with a dance
    Unbounded in freedom
    Far away from self immersion
    With elements of mystery read more »

    Nirmal Kumar Mishra
  • 10.

    I am tired of all the prejudice in the world
    In the class room, at work, in the mall, on the road
    Teachers, moms, dads, kids, young, old, white, black
    It feels like getting shot in the back read more »

    Daniel Brown
  • 11.
    This Will Be The Day

    This will be the day, that we will be free.
    There will be no prejudice and injustice. read more »

    Dulcevictoria Ramirez
  • 12.
    Pride And Prejudice

    Pride and prejudice two simple words
    Yet assembling colossal records
    There he was filled with arrogance
    Handsome, rich, living in bitterness read more »

    Sarah Mawed
  • 13.
    Three Worlds

    I see a world
    Where love exists
    The source
    Of everything read more »

    Paizli Palmrose
  • 14.


    .................Spirited, Tenacious read more »

    Shay B. Malden
  • 15.
    Rap-sody in Blue

    All these rappers be laconically commensurate
    Prosaic, characterized primarily by barbarity
    Permeating vulgarity, it ceaselessly proliferates
    Rhyming inconsequentially with no deference to sincerity read more »

    Bill Marcy
  • 16.
    selfish people

    rich are those who have a golden heart
    poor are those who have a golden hut

    not all men dare to love not all read more »

    mohd murtuza soofi
  • 17.
    Broken Wings

    It is amidst pretense we live in;
    with a mask of words. read more »

    Rahimin Misnam
  • 18.
    Not For Their Strength Are Lilies Grown

    “Not for their strength are lilies grown,
    Nor for their weight are zephyrs known,
    Or for their boldness, butterflies,
    Or for their coldness, children's eyes. read more »

    McKenzie Bodkin
  • 19.

    I have searched for love,
    Only to find hatred.
    I searched for acceptance,
    Only to find prejudice. read more »

    Talmadge Beavan
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