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Top 100 Poems About: PRIDE

In this page, poems on / about “pride” are listed.
  • 1.
    Woman and Pride

    Woman roar
    Woman show
    Woman dance
    Woman fight read more »

    yihuai ying
  • 2.
    my pride

    you can yell at me
    torment me
    and tell me i wont be shyt
    but my pride will not be manipluated read more »

  • 3.
    My Nation- My Pride- Salute to India

    National Month of Poetry – April 2014

    Date: 1 April 2014
    My Nation- My Pride read more »

    Umasree Raghunath
  • 4.


    Pride is a sin,
    That keeps you locked within, read more »

    Fab Ricciardi
  • 5.
    mexican pride baby! ! !

    read more »

    bianca garcia
  • 6.
    a marine poem

    Honor, courage and commitment as one is Pride
    so pure and strong as a stallion at full stride
    Its grace and beauty like an eagle soars through the sky
    pride that is seen in every Marines eye read more »

    kai laemoa
  • 7.
    Torn Apart

    Many a year ago, there was one
    And that one grew to few
    And that few to many
    And that many became one read more »

    Julius Victorio
  • 8.

    you can feel pride for
    what you are

    you can feel pride in read more »

    Rebecca Succes
  • 9.

    The pride of a woman lies in her beauty
    And of a man in his strength
    That of a fool lies in his words
    And a meticulous man in his actions read more »

    klever Gold
  • 10.

    Pride of, loving
    Pride of, loving someone
    Pride of, friends
    Pride of, trying read more »

    sandy kulchyski
  • 11.
    Pride And Prejudice

    Pride and prejudice two simple words
    Yet assembling colossal records
    There he was filled with arrogance
    Handsome, rich, living in bitterness read more »

    Sarah Mawed
  • 12.
    Climbing Trees (Haiku)

    read more »

    Ethan Petersen
  • 13.

    Pride is vanity
    Vanity is egotistic inflation
    Inflation overheats the
    economy. read more »

    John Lee Cameron
  • 14.

    When you prefer to feed pride it becomes bigger.
    Bigger than your heart, soul, than all your reasoning.
    Anger and stubbornness will then prevail. read more »

    Stevie Hogendoorn
  • 15.
    Lonely With Pride

    I wonder at night as I sit alone, dark clouds and rain outside.
    The ocean pounding on the shore with a tone of derision, cried
    An old cat meowing at someone's door wanting inside,
    Will I ever forget my obstinate pride, read more »

    L. E. Evans
  • 16.
    OVIA OSESE- The pride of a woman

    Ovia -Osese, the pride of a woman
    An event that shows mates
    To girls in the land of their birth
    A day to be celebrated and remembered read more »

    Theophilus Joseph Emmanuel
  • 17.
    All We Got Is Pride!

    All we have is are pride,
    the main thing that we will never hide.
    we rasie are flag so high
    u can see are pride in da sky. read more »

    Melissa Cortez
  • 18.

    read more »

    stephanie testalamuta
  • 19.
    Pride Cometh Before the Fall

    Humility was discussing Pride with Heart:
    Heart had decided Pride was a great asset.
    Discretion chimed in with a hearty disagreement,
    “You roll in the pit with this swine! ” read more »

    Rachel Williams
  • 20.
    Happy Tears

    Tears filled the eyes of many parents
    Flows down to their smiling lips
    Yes, they are happy living their dreams
    A dream come true after lot of sacrifices read more »

    Williams Raja
  • 21.
    Dying Seas

    Pound all my faces
    Throw out my pride
    The forest will drown
    In an endless sea read more »

    Dime Danov
  • 22.
    My Pride

    there is a pride that thrives inside me
    it cannot be obliterated or destroyed.
    it does not dwindle or shake but stands
    with a confidence that is too strong to comprehend. read more »

    Taylor Dubay
  • 23.
    Story of an African Pride

    Tall was the grass in savanna
    And I was the new striker of our pride cabbana,
    Meredith was the one, whom I observed as I was to be her filler
    Slow, cautious, sharp, strong was she as experienced predator, read more »

    Pratik Amburle
  • 24.

    Glory glory glory glory
    Wisdom truth and pride
    Alltogether we say
    Glory glory glory glory read more »

    danish zuberi
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