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Top 100 Poems About: PRIDE

In this page, poems on / about “pride” are listed.
  • 1.
    Woman and Pride

    Woman roar
    Woman show
    Woman dance
    Woman fight read more »

    yihuai ying
  • 2.
    my pride

    you can yell at me
    torment me
    and tell me i wont be shyt
    but my pride will not be manipluated read more »

  • 3.
    mexican pride baby! ! !

    read more »

    bianca garcia
  • 4.

    you can feel pride for
    what you are

    you can feel pride in read more »

    Rebecca Succes
  • 5.


    Pride is a sin,
    That keeps you locked within, read more »

    Fab Ricciardi
  • 6.
    My Nation- My Pride- Salute to India

    National Month of Poetry – April 2014

    Date: 1 April 2014
    My Nation- My Pride read more »

    Umasree Raghunath
  • 7.
    a marine poem

    Honor, courage and commitment as one is Pride
    so pure and strong as a stallion at full stride
    Its grace and beauty like an eagle soars through the sky
    pride that is seen in every Marines eye read more »

    kai laemoa
  • 8.
    Torn Apart

    Many a year ago, there was one
    And that one grew to few
    And that few to many
    And that many became one read more »

    Julius Victorio
  • 9.
    Pride has come

    Pride has come to show me the way.
    Pride has come to play.
    Pride knows what I've been missing.
    Pride can offer all that I've been given. read more »

    Jordan Couso
  • 10.

    The pride of a woman lies in her beauty
    And of a man in his strength
    That of a fool lies in his words
    And a meticulous man in his actions read more »

    klever Gold
  • 11.
    Lonely With Pride

    I wonder at night as I sit alone, dark clouds and rain outside.
    The ocean pounding on the shore with a tone of derision, cried
    An old cat meowing at someone's door wanting inside,
    Will I ever forget my obstinate pride, read more »

    L. E. Evans
  • 12.
    Pride And Prejudice

    Pride and prejudice two simple words
    Yet assembling colossal records
    There he was filled with arrogance
    Handsome, rich, living in bitterness read more »

    Sarah Mawed
  • 13.
    Climbing Trees (Haiku)

    read more »

    Ethan Petersen
  • 14.

    read more »

    stephanie testalamuta
  • 15.
    All We Got Is Pride!

    All we have is are pride,
    the main thing that we will never hide.
    we rasie are flag so high
    u can see are pride in da sky. read more »

    Melissa Cortez
  • 16.

    Pride is vanity
    Vanity is egotistic inflation
    Inflation overheats the
    economy. read more »

    John Lee Cameron
  • 17.

    When you prefer to feed pride it becomes bigger.
    Bigger than your heart, soul, than all your reasoning.
    Anger and stubbornness will then prevail. read more »

    Stevie Hogendoorn
  • 18.

    All I have left is my pride.
    But a shield, yet a buoy.
    Keeps me afloat against vice,
    Against your spite that annoy. read more »

    Real Wordz
  • 19.

    Revere the flag with joy and pride
    Knowing well it is our guide
    Defend the weak
    Support the poor read more »

    Marcus Cosgrove
  • 20.
    Pride Cometh Before the Fall

    Humility was discussing Pride with Heart:
    Heart had decided Pride was a great asset.
    Discretion chimed in with a hearty disagreement,
    “You roll in the pit with this swine! ” read more »

    Rachel Williams
  • 21.
    African Woman

    A work of engineering is what describes an African woman
    Long before the sun wakes, she is preparing the children for school
    She runs a bath for the lazy lad who ruins her figure
    With the baby on her back, and the sun painting her black read more »

    Tumisang Ramarea
  • 22.
    Would You Let Me Cry

    My pride would u let me cry
    as these torrors and pain hunted me,
    as my heart in love is denaide
    and as those I seek comfart to grow cold read more »

    Lungisani Samukelo Mdluli
  • 23.
    Story of an African Pride

    Tall was the grass in savanna
    And I was the new striker of our pride cabbana,
    Meredith was the one, whom I observed as I was to be her filler
    Slow, cautious, sharp, strong was she as experienced predator, read more »

    Pratik Amburle
  • 24.
    OVIA OSESE- The pride of a woman

    Ovia -Osese, the pride of a woman
    An event that shows mates
    To girls in the land of their birth
    A day to be celebrated and remembered read more »

    Theophilus Joseph Emmanuel
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