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Top 100 Poems About: PURPLE

In this page, poems on / about “purple” are listed.
  • 1.

    Purple is flowers
    Purple is royalty
    Purple is for longing
    Purple is my saddened tears read more »

    Brooke Audino
  • 2.

    purple sits on a throne of loneliness
    fragmented by angry red
    then diluted by moody blue
    An eroticism lent only by passion and royalty of these two read more »

    Elisa elisa
  • 3.

    Purple is afraid
    it scuttles into corners
    on all fours
    it reeks read more »

    Philippa Lane
  • 4.
    What is Purple?

    Purple is a mystery.
    Purple is happiness.
    Purple is home.
    Purple is a sanctuary. read more »

    Kylee Bartz
  • 5.
    Purple Song

    At the dawn of a day so long,
    I sing for you a purple song;
    Wearing purple you come along,
    Do understand; don't get me wrong. read more »

    Siddartha Pamulaparty
  • 6.
    ****My Imagination of a Purple Sky****

    I imagined a Purple Sky today from dawn till dusk.
    A gold moon and millions of gold stars lit across this silk sheet of a Purple Sky.
    And then it rained streaks of fine gold.
    The majestic sky then decided to be very generous and poured down tremendous amounts of Rubies, Diamonds and Sapphires. read more »

    Premila Patel
  • 7.
    a smile

    Purple, green and blue
    come on threw
    bring along
    your friends too, read more »

    Jodilee Duke
  • 8.
    Fade To Purple

    As if Im sitting on purple clouds
    Covered in purple shrouds
    Singing purple kissed melodies loud
    The Purple Master himself would be proud read more »

    Jamie Ellen Christian
  • 9.

    Beautiful, Colourful, Graceful
    Flies, Flutters, Dances, Sings, Lands
    Purple, Blue, Green read more »

    Natalie Sapphire
  • 10.

    As the night turns into day
    and the days turn into nights,
    I look up
    into the sky and wait read more »

    Baby Girl
  • 11.

    Sunsets are pretty,
    Sunsets are pink
    Sunsets are red,
    Sunsets are purple, read more »

    lisa daborn
  • 12.
    it is PURPLE ! !

    PURPLE color..
    PURPLE touch..
    PURPLE look..
    PURPLE line.. read more »

    HaZeM PaKKaR
  • 13.
    Under the Purple Flowers

    In the purple flowers’ shade
    You kissed me the first kiss.
    The moon lit its light of jade;
    The cicadas sang their song of bliss. read more »

    Nhuan LeXuan
  • 14.

    Purple is the color of love,
    Purple is the color I dream of.
    Purple is the color of passion,
    Purple is the latest fashion. read more »

    Luna Moon
  • 15.
    Purple... Purple

    Purple... Purple;
    Such a beautiful
    You wore it with clever read more »

    Singer Joy
  • 16.
    If Purple Could Heal You

    If Purple Could Heal You
    By Tameka Callaway
    One day, you told me that Purple is your favorite color.
    I wish that purple can heal you read more »

    Tameka Callaway
  • 17.
    Dancing Flower

    Pretty pretty pretty
    Purple purple purple
    Delicate delicate delicate read more »

    Jasmin Alice Read
  • 18.

    Purple, purple
    It’s my favorite color

    Purple, purple read more »

    Storm Pedersen
  • 19.
    The Purple Flower

    I walked out I the summer
    To behold at our backyard a wonder
    Nature’s beauty epitomized by a farmer read more »

    Ola Joseph Kolawole
  • 20.
    Purple Orchid

    Flower is dandelion but
    flying up in the dark night
    Flower is petunia but
    falling down when the dark night read more »

    Fitrah Irhamni Rachman
  • 21.

    Beautiful, Purple flows.
    Bashful, Purple flows.
    Bountiful, Purple flows. read more »

    Arnold Filmoore
  • 22.

    Purple pandas pick pink pomegrantes
    Purple flowing majesticly
    Purple stringing along spirits
    Purple, my passion read more »

    Nathan Rubio
  • 23.
    Purple Daffodils

    Sorry purple daffodils,
    I have got to go.
    Across the pond of crocodiles,
    All the way to the misty isles. read more »

    Gabriel Crow
  • 24.

    In California we like to eat oranges
    The Mountains are stately and purple
    The broad ocean shines silver
    We enjoy the sun every day of the month read more »

    zamarra venus
  • 25.

    read more »

    constance farrington
  • 26.
    Purple Pansy

    So vivid it bleeds with the element that feeds it

    So black it causes the darkest depths of the ocean to shudder read more »

    Cristina Ventura
  • 27.
    Purple Rose (Poem 4 from Rose Series)

    A purple rose...a rare one.

    It might be rare,
    and it might be pretty... read more »

    Ninja Soul
  • 28.
    How to make your wishes come true

    She liked white and had not said a word yet

    On her tenth birthday
    she stood on the red steps read more »

    Bhupen Thakker
  • 29.
    Purple Roses and Butterflies

    She wears her angelic disguise
    and surrounded by purple butterflies.
    She walks with a bouquet of roses
    and a bundle of hugs and kisses. read more »

    Th3 Craft3r
  • 30.
    Sensing Purple

    Purple feels like a sigh
    And smells like a baguette.
    Purple tastes like a pie
    Served by a string quartette. read more »

    M.J. McGuire
  • 31.
    Purple Flowers

    Purple Flowers,
    Grow in my mind,
    Behind answers,
    I try to find. read more »

    Richard K. P. Morrison
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