Top 100 Poems About: RACISM

In this page, poems on / about “racism” are listed.
  • 1.
    End Racism

    We all must bring our
    Racism to end.
    A message to all, I long to send.
    The colors of the world, read more »

    Robert M Hensel
  • 2.
    Why Do You Judge Me?

    Why do you tend to judge me
    cause I'm of different race.
    Why do you tend to hate me
    cause I'm from a different place. read more »

    Arely Corral
  • 3.

    Why does mankind hate people based on religion and race?
    Is it ignorance, education, or governments deciding our place.

    For people are people regardless of the color of their face. read more »

    Raymond C. Russell
  • 4.

    Racism, Racism, Racism
    You give a human sorrow and hate
    Racism, Racism, Racism
    Look at what you've done and look at their state read more »

    Carniz Fatema
  • 5.
    Racism has a human heart....

    Racism has a human heart,
    An artery of cruelty & death,
    It has blood of anger, & evil…,
    Has a force of pain & antipathy. read more »

    John G. Nelson
  • 6.

    The eyes of hate stare down upon you
    Prices of pain release the marks upon you
    The paper of hope is torn in half
    Racism, racism, all it does is laugh read more »

    Joey Nissen
  • 7.
    Racism Today

    The racist cloaks his loathing thoughts
    behind deceiving eyes
    Those men who once wore hoods and robes
    Today wear shirts and ties read more »

    Steven Taylor
  • 8.
    All Across The Nation

    All Across The Nation,
    Is Hunger And Starvation.

    All Across The Nation, read more »

    James Lee Watts
  • 9.
    Racism is not a crime, but it should be

    People from different places come to America
    They have different backgrounds and have different skin
    But they are in America
    They should be accepted, even if their from Berlin read more »

    Keegan Shelton
  • 10.
    Racism in the Deep South and the Perils of Growing Up as a Young, Courageous Girl

    It is bad
    It is bad
    In the deep south. read more »

    Elsinore RathbridgeStewart
  • 11.
    Remember The Holocaust

    Mr. Johnson you silly little boy
    Disregard those outrageous assumptions
    The hands of time will continue to progress
    So only you are to blame for your failures my son read more »

    Mustafa Marconi
  • 12.

    The eyes of hate stares down at you
    with so much dispproval and it makes you
    feel uncomfortible and unwelcome, read more »

    Latishia Johnson
  • 13.

    Somebody wake me up
    This has to be a dream.
    Pinch me or hit me
    This can’t be reality. read more »

    Joshua Pickron
  • 14.
    The racism

    The racism erases
    the beautiful memories
    and it believes
    in the perfect read more »

    Laura arwen
  • 15.

    Racism, Racism, Racism
    Its here
    Its alive
    It has a pulse read more »

    Robin Keys
  • 16.
    So you say (it just doesn't matter)

    so you say
    that there is no difference between you and me
    but if i asked for your daughter's hand in marriage
    what color would i be read more »

    Andre Bradford
  • 17.
    Black History Month

    Black history month
    A time we celebrate
    Recuperate read more »

    Khai Ramsey
  • 18.
    I don't understand

    I do not understand
    Why there is racism
    Why people commit hate crimes
    Why innocent people die read more »

    Leila Mass
  • 19.
    bliss of solitude

    Crowd...faces world
    The dwellers of my world
    All individuals like me read more »

    samra mahmood
  • 20.
    We Would All Be Brothers and Sisters

    We would all be Brothers and Sisters

    In my perfect world there would be no war read more »

    marie souline
  • 21.

    We breathe, we live, we cry, when our heart stops beating we die.
    We kill, we hurt, we pollute the air, while others are worried about being fair.
    We smoke, we do drugs, we steal, I don’t understand this living but it’s real.
    We rap, we sing, we feel for each other, we march against racism with a fellow brother. read more »

    jasmine banahi
  • 22.
    I Have A Dream

    I have a dream,
    That justice will be done.
    I have a dream,
    That we will shine like the sun. read more »

    Katie Goodrum
  • 23.
    This poem

    This poem shall call
    Name like J F Kennedy,
    Lumumbar, Nkruma, Sobukwe
    Sankara, Padmore read more »

    Hebert Nkal
  • 24.
    Racism is still alive

    Racism is still alive
    They just be concealing it
    Inequality is still prevalent
    Systematic efforts read more »

    Sincair Farrell
  • 25.
    A Dreamer’s Dream

    My dream is to become a dreamer,
    a dreamer who all his wishes will come true one day,
    a happy dreamer who wishes the happiest and best things to all dreamers’ dreams,
    a dreamer who wishes to change this dangerous world to a better world, read more »

    Djeison Barros
  • 26.
    News From Hank

    Have recieved disturbing letter
    From Hank
    As follows: read more »

    Nicolette Turner
  • 27.

    Race is a lie,
    Racism a sin
    The only difference between them.
    Is what lies deep within. read more »

    Michael Cassidy
  • 28.

    On earth we do not need
    Some men and women to believe
    Just by looking at a humans exterior
    You somehow find that they are inferior read more »

    Milan Tray
  • 29.
    Racism is Better

    I would prefer to be
    out of racism
    than to be read more »

    rommelmarkmarchan beyond poetica
  • 30.
    Dirge For Mandela

    The soul departs, the body is dreary
    As she comforts him from life's weary
    A blind has no fortune of his
    Except a help to grant his bliss read more »

    olumide emmanuel
  • 31.
    Freedom Ain't Another Word for Nothin Left to Lose

    And as I go forth on the next boxcar
    The blues I have is greater than the star
    That shines in the north sky
    The one that shines so no more may die read more »

    timothy young
  • 32.
    The Blackest Black

    Flow with me
    along the rivers of common sense,
    Eroding the riverbeds of tribalism and racism
    Revitalising the very essence of man's existence, read more »

    Edward Dzonze
  • 33.
    Mahatma Gandhi

    The light put out
    The guidance gone
    It feels like this darkness will never give way to dawn
    Father lays in his eternal sleep read more »

    Presil Roshan
  • 34.
    Never Again! ! !

    Never again shall we suffer in the hand of others

    Never again shall we let our children and family be murdered read more »

    mel hekic
  • 35.
    The Dream

    7 o'clock
    The man is awaken
    By the sound of happy children
    A respite in human heaven read more »

    Shanthosh Suganthan
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