Top 100 Poems About: RAIN

In this page, poems on / about “rain” are listed.
  • 1.

    Rain, midnight rain, nothing but the wild rain
    On this bleak hut, and solitude, and me
    Remembering again that I shall die
    And neither hear the rain nor give it thanks read more »

    Edward Thomas
  • 2.
    Rain drops fall from heaven

    Tears swelling up in my eyes every night
    Rain drops fall from heaven
    Simply a walking disguise in the light
    Rain drops fall from heaven read more »

    Joshua Thomas Gage
  • 3.
    Rain is Falling

    Rain, rain, its always raining,
    Rain, rain, I end up saying,
    Rain, rain, please go away now,
    Rain, rain, just leave right now, read more »

    the poet
  • 4.

    rain, rain, rain heal my heart that is broken apart
    rain, rain, rain up above from the skies
    rain, rain, rain pour here and clean my soul read more »

    shameka jones
  • 5.
    November Rain

    November rain washed away my guilt
    November rain washed away my pain
    November rain - so tired I felt
    November rain was not just any rain read more »

    Amy Phillip
  • 6.
    Rain Falling

    Well, I'm listening to the pitter-patter of the rain
    Alone in the middle of the night
    My ol'heart begins to feel the pain
    Of missing you with all my might read more »

    Patsy Jewell
  • 7.
    Rain, Rain

    Rain, rain, fall today,
    Wash away my debts to pay, read more »

    Shiloh Thompson
  • 8.
    Rain Rain Rain

    Rain Rain Rain,
    Up above from the skies
    Youu come,
    As drops of joy read more »

    Anoop Lokkur
  • 9.
    ii. A traversal of the great rain maker

    The children of men have come to me,
    They say to me
    'Give us our word for the rain,
    And so to the rain.' read more »

    Igwe Kalu
  • 10.
    Rain Rain Rain

    Rain, Rain, Rain, come again and again,
    In the winter, in the summer and in spring,
    Come with joy, fall with happiness and go with sorrow,
    Rain, Rain, Rain come again and again. read more »

    Vikram Pratap Singh
  • 11.
    Rain, Rain

    Rain, Rain please pour on me
    Rain, Rain please set me free

    Rain, Rain don't let the sun shine through read more »

    Lucy Gocher
  • 12.
    .Life is A Dance In The Rain

    It's raining, it's quiet, only i can hear the rain,
    Freshness of air is invading my breath,
    The echo of drops falling, the purity of the sky,
    It's giving me peace and relieves my pain. read more »

    Cristina Teodor
  • 13.


    Rain, Rain don’t go away
    Rain, Rain I hope you stay read more »

    nicholas leisure
  • 14.
    The Child and Rain

    One day when a child
    tried to show me rain
    falling from the sky
    became confused read more »

    Pranab K. Chakraborty
  • 15.
    The Summer Rain

    The summer rain comes down my face
    I remember every wish till that day
    all those wishes were for you
    not even one came true read more »

    kayla fountain
  • 16.
    June - It's Raining...

    Walking down the lone street
    Romancing the June rain
    I met him for the first time
    Call it chance or destiny read more »

    Deepthi Vincent
  • 17.
    It Smells Like Rain

    It smells like rain
    filling the air
    before the first drops break
    in quiet splashes on the river. read more »

    robert fort
  • 18.

    I hate the rain
    And it's raining today
    I want it to stop
    So I can go out and play. read more »

    Kevin Quero
  • 19.
    Just After Rain

    just after rain
    when the water lies hesitant and pure
    on the roads and footpaths
    and a few cars still have their lights on read more »

    Ross Clark
  • 20.
    Rain, Rain, Rain!

    Rain, rain, rain
    As kids, by then
    We played in pools
    And chased butterflies read more »

    Charles Jagongo
  • 21.
    The Rain

    The rain is so nice and it's soft hitting your skin
    It helps me sleep at night and makes me smile
    When your outside in the rain you feel like dancing
    In the rain you feel so free read more »

    Sheilisa Morrow
  • 22.
    Rain CAN

    rain cant tell a lie,
    rain can be louder then a fly,

    rain cant make shoes read more »

    Its yellow jello my little fellow. yell
  • 23.
    Rain, Sweet Rain

    Rain falling in tears skies can't hold
    They are heavy, and fast and cold,
    Yet so precious that its fall's mold
    Can become the nest of a new life's fold read more »

    Pedro Cescon
  • 24.

    Let's dance in the rain like there is no end.
    Let's sing in the rain, along with it's beautiful melody.
    Let's jump in the rain puddles like no one cares.
    Let's run in the rain all day and night long. read more »

    Sabrina Rosen
  • 25.
    Let It Rain

    Clouds hanging low with a heavy heart, let it rain it's heart out.
    Let it rain all day and night! Let it rain with all its might!
    As it comes down with all it's vigor, let it rain courage and strength.
    As it washes away all the dust and dirt, let it rain out all the fears and bottled up emotions. read more »

    Ravi Kiranamu
  • 26.
    Rain from my Eyes

    The rain that falls, upon my cheek
    Is brought by you, your love that shakes
    Always saying, I will love you more than anyone
    Turning your back, to see you gone read more »

    Miranda Dodge
  • 27.

    It's gloomy day for the clouds to dazzle with rains,
    Cool breeze, thunder, lightning at its phase,
    Birds, animals end their day go back to the shelter homes,
    Poet think to inspire better with rains, read more »

    Nazneen Kabir Hassan
  • 28.
    April Rain

    It is not raining rain for me,
    It's raining daffodils;
    In every dimpled drop I see
    Wild flowers on the hills. read more »

    Robert Loveman
  • 29.
    Let It Rain!

    Rain! Rain!
    Let it rain!
    Let the rain wash away the pain. read more »

    Niu Niu
  • 30.
    It Needs To Rain Again

    It needs to rain again.
    Know why I like the rain?
    When it rains, and I am standing in it,
    For that moment, the rest of the world isn't there. read more »

    Brittany Freeman
  • 31.
    Rain Falls

    Rain falls to wash the earth

    Rain falls so sad one's know they aren't alone read more »

    Bethany Unknown
  • 32.
    When The Rain Falls Down

    when the rain falls down it awakes my dream
    when the rain falls down it washes me clean
    when the rain falls down it screams my scream
    when the rain falls down it follows me read more »

    alyssa swensen
  • 33.
    Rain on my window

    I hear thunder in the distance
    the sky turns darker black
    a smile forms upon my lips
    the rain is coming back read more »

    Robin Evan
  • 34.
    Rain Rain Don't Go Away

    Rain rain don't go away
    Don't make it a sunny day
    stay tilt he morrow
    so i don't feel hollow read more »

    Kris Stoilov
  • 35.
    I Like Rain

    i like rain, without floods
    i like rain, without hurricanes
    i like rain, without storms read more »

    Refa Kris
  • 36.
    Simple rain

    Suddenly life seems beautiful if the day starts with a shower rain.
    Suddenly life seems unfair if the rain destroys your plans
    Suddenly life seems bad if it rains too much.
    Suddenly life seems difficult if it doesn’t rain at all. read more »

    Ester Angy
  • 37.

    The rain falls,
    The rain drips,
    The rain drops,
    The rain is like a small waterfall. read more »

    T. R. Crissian
  • 38.
    Rain is clear

    read more »

    Killian andersonl
  • 39.
    Rain oh Rain

    Rain oh Rain
    When will thy come to wash my pain?
    Rain oh Rain
    I have been in tears all day read more »

    Peace Okhomina
  • 40.
    Raining Blood

    Don’t you wish the rain to wash away all fears
    To blend with and dismiss all the tears

    You wish the rain to calm all rage read more »

    Jessie Li here
  • 41.

    Cobalt clouds gave
    way to a spring shower
    Rain that dances on the ground
    Rain that soaks through the trees, read more »

    Ashleigh Catherine
  • 42.
    love me less o lady

    Love me less O lady love me long
    Rain all along o lady rain all along

    As the earth absorbs but not all the rain read more »

    Mukesh Raval
  • 43.
    Let it rain!

    Let it rain!
    rain! rain! come around,
    for the dry land is crying,
    we dwellers are mourning. read more »

    Olufayo Ezekiel
  • 44.
    The Rain

    the clouds are cumbersome
    i can live scumberless to your beuaty
    rain rain up above from the skies read more »

    manikanth manideep
  • 45.
    Rain O Beautiful Rain

    Rain Rain Rain
    Come once again
    Let the nature
    Heal hear pain read more »

    Partha Mahanta
  • 46.

    Hail, rain, sweet rain, sleet and
    Winds eastward, southward and,
    Northward! see, gale-blown fig
    Tree-dance! stay chair-fast, mick read more »

    Oliver .........
  • 47.

    rain is bless ....
    rain is curse...
    It makes me cool
    It makes me blue read more »

    abuobida yousif
  • 48.
    Let It Rain

    Let it rain when im all alone.

    Let it rain when i bump into you read more »

    Sandra Aguilar
  • 49.
    I Asked The Rain To Stop Today

    I asked the rain to stop today
    To see if it would oblige
    To stop pounding on the window,
    And saturating our lives. read more »

    Michael Norton
  • 50.

    let it rain. let it rain.
    i can feel the sincerity,
    the freedom i've been desiring. read more »

    juwita ayu
  • 51.

    The rain thrashes onto the cobbled street,
    People dash into there houses, read more »

    Ellie Giles
  • 52.
    The First Rain

    Running like a scared child
    The first rain approaches the earth
    Lying on floor like an adamant child
    The rain makes a puddle read more »

    Vijay Raybagkar
  • 53.
    when it rains it pours

    read more »

    kyle duval
  • 54.
    Words Cause Pain

    Rain drops are falling on my head
    rain rain rain
    it's just hiding the tears on my face
    rain rain rain read more »

    Esther JeanLoiis
  • 55.
    Falling Rain

    The rain will fall to no end
    The rain will fall around the bend

    The rain will fall until you are blind read more »

    Emily Swinney
  • 56.
    Waiting for you

    Its raining
    its raining outside
    everything seems to be so silence
    only sound of rain drops read more »

    thepto ...
  • 57.
    Magical Monsoon

    Rain rain come again, To fill my hearts with love & gain.

    Showers of rain I feel on my skin, It Gives me a feeling of a battle I win. read more »

    Carol Solanki
  • 58.
    The Rain Be Falling

    Now the rain is falling,
    the sun not shining,
    the weather not friendly read more »

    Enebeli Prada
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