Top 100 Poems About: RAINBOW

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  • 1.
    The Rainbow

    My spirit was low, my body felt tense and dry, Relentlessly, unceasing rain pured from the sky like a faucet left untended, opened to full strength making muddy puddles across the back yards length
    Then suddenly, the downpour stopped, In the west began to form an arc of may
    colors, bright and clear and warm, my spirit rose, my body relaxed and thoughts
    began to flow. A promise given to mankind many centuries ago, Never again read more »

    Ann Murrell
  • 2.
    A Rainbow You Keep

    Run after a rainbow
    and catch it
    put the rainbow
    in your pocket read more »

    Blanche Mary Colombo
  • 3.

    read more »

    Dan Benson
  • 4.
    Rainbow Ribbon

    I, like an iridescent rainbow ribbon
    flow through a sea of swirling darkness.
    A big bang occurs, flashing lightning,
    stars move outward with infinite potential. read more »

    Deborah Ann Baker
  • 5.
    Rainbow Mosaics

    I slip with ease into a moment
    That I traveled long ago
    In old Vermont, and here am I.
    As we drive closely to the bank read more »

    Esther F. Ryder
  • 6.
    I Jumped Across A Rainbow

    I jumped across a rainbow
    And left my ego here
    Exposed to its reality
    As nothingness and fear. I needed all my courage read more »

    Evelyn Stark
  • 7.
    God's Rainbow

    Oh! What a mundane world this would be
    If all the people were white
    God in his wisdom knew that this wasn't right
    So he gave us the pleasure of many colors, read more »

    Florence G. Boman
  • 8.
    A Rainbow In Nature

    All the colours of the spectrum in nature can be seen
    Red, orange, yellow, purple, right through to deepest green.
    The pink and orange of a sunrise just as day is dawning
    Is enough to excite the imagination first thing in the morning. read more »

    Jackie Holland
  • 9.
    The Rainbow

    The rainbow stretched across the sky.
    In the evening; and the children cry,
    For lack of love and food; and I
    Begin to see above the tree read more »

    Kenneth A. Friou, Sr.
  • 10.
    A Florida Rainbow!

    I saw a beautiful rainbow stretching...
    Across the sky!
    Both ends could be seen touching the earth...
    And I'll tell you why. read more »

    Lillian M.Dunham
  • 11.
    After The Storm: A Rainbow Waits For You

    After the storm; a rainbow waits for you.
    If it were not for the struggles; how would we ever learn
    to endure.
    After the wind, thunder and rain; be very sure the sun will read more »

    Linda Cooper Batchelor
  • 12.
    Make A Rainbow I Can Find

    Show me how to unlock
    These chains around my heart
    To open wide the doorway
    Make a brand new start. read more »

    Linda S. Kelly
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