Top 100 Poems About: RAINBOW

In this page, poems on / about “rainbow” are listed.
  • 1.
    Childhood Memories Sung to the Tune of Shawnee West Franklin Bison Blues

    Some people have a childhood garden
    Filled with green and growing things
    Some people have a childhood garden
    Filled with purple peonies read more »

    Tim Bovee
  • 2.
    When I Look At The Rainbow

    Lord when I look at the Rainbow you have placed in sky so
    blue, it reminds me that all your promises are true
    Your Rainbow reminds me that those who believe on you
    are few, yet you have called us your little Ewe read more »

    Vincent G. Mead
  • 3.
    I Believe in Miracles

    I believe in rainbows and golden sunbeams
    i believe in hopes and dreams
    i believe in that old fable always told of old
    That at the rainbows end there's a pot of gold read more »

    Billie Jeanne James
  • 4.
    The Double Rainbow

    Once I saw a rainbow
    Over the ocean blue
    Encompassed by a shadow
    Of every color and hue. read more »

    Virginia M. King
  • 5.
    Play with Rainbow

    Play with Rainbow, wear the Rainbow
    Ride the Rainbow high and low
    Spread the color of Rainbow wherever you go
    Paint with Rainbow, create a magnificent show read more »

    Syed Karim
  • 6.
    a rainbow of pain

    a rainbow of pain is normal for me
    i can hide it well so no one can see
    a rainbow of pain can be dark and so lonley
    it has griped me tight it knows it does own me read more »

    steven johnson
  • 7.
    Hello, Rainbow!

    Rainbow, Rainbow
    that was her nickname.
    A name she had obtained,
    for all the colors she'd appreciate. read more »

    Michelle Mawyin
  • 8.
    A Rainbow You Keep

    Run after a rainbow
    and catch it
    put the rainbow
    in your pocket read more »

    Blanche Mary Colombo
  • 9.
    For Those Lost In 9/11

    If I could catch a rainbow
    I would do it just for you,
    And share with you its beauty
    On the days you're feeling blue read more »

    jocelyn garcia
  • 10.
    Rainbow of my Life

    You put rainbow into my life
    Different colors, so bright
    Rainbows that full of life
    That gives colors to the lonely skies read more »

    gil caguiat
  • 11.

    When I first came to the city
    the rainbow paint the sky
    It's in a little bus station
    where I heard the rainbow song read more »

    Xin Wang
  • 12.
    Rainbow Flickers

    Morning breaks.
    Shafts of rainbow's light
    flood the stained windows
    of last week's existence. read more »

    John Roche
  • 13.

    Rainbow a bow of God
    Amazing colored
    on the screen of sky read more »

    Suguna Prasad Kalvala
  • 14.
    The rainbow

    The rainbow is colourfull the rainbow shinnes and sparkels in the sparkly sky evryone loves the rainbow. read more »

    chloe kennedy
  • 15.

    Looking out through the window,
    I see a rainbow.
    It’s beautiful,
    It’s beautiful, indeed. read more »

    Ivan Cheong
  • 16.
    Their Adolescent Friendship

    Whether above or below
    Together we make the rainbow

    Through the darkest time read more »

  • 17.
    Rainbow Wings

    Happiness spreads
    Rainbow wings
    Every time
    I fall read more »

    Abhinaba Sen
  • 18.
    The Colors Of The Rainbow

    Rainbow colors make
    me feel so happy
    It reminds me of good
    things that happened read more »

    Noralis Almonte
  • 19.
    The Things A Rainbow Knows

    A rainbow knows when to come out of its shadows
    A rainbow knows the colors of the world
    A rainbow knows hoe many children are looking out of the window towards him
    A rainbow knows what the season is. read more »

    Madi Lyons
  • 20.
    Unity (Haiku)

    read more »

    Diwakar Pokhriyal
  • 21.
    Rainbow Trout

    Light reflects off scales
    Colors fuse into the streams
    Making rainbows shine read more »

    Evan Ryan
  • 22.

    I was waiting from ages
    for a rainbow to appear
    in my courtyard.
    I dreamt of the colours read more »

    Anupama Dhavale
  • 23.
    Beyond The Rainbow

    On the dark side of the canyon
    the rain is falling down
    the beam of light gliding from it
    shines beyond the rainbow read more »

    widmarc clark
  • 24.

    Rainbows of light,
    Rainbows of color,
    Each color of the
    Rainbow represents read more »

    Sherrie Peterson
  • 25.
    Do Not Miss The Rainbow

    Do not Miss the Rainbow

    We live in a world where we all connect.
    Open your eyes, Do not miss the Rainbow. read more »

    Darrell A. Roberts
  • 26.
    The Rainbow Flag Boat

    read more »

    curry stephanie
  • 27.
    Like a Rainbow

    I see your colours shining bright,
    Through the African clouds you show your light,
    You are like a Rainbow and I can't touch you,
    Hard as I try I just can't reach you, read more »

    David Andre' Klopper
  • 28.
    Pot Of Gold

    When I was a little boy, mother said that Odomankoma made a rainbow
    A band of beauty that gladdened Noah and his kin
    She brought smiles with her and a promise of peace to show
    Her treasures, a dove and an olive shoot to grace her chin read more »

    Rafael Yaw Kumi
  • 29.
    I Jumped Across a Rainbow

    I jumped across a rainbow
    And left my ego here
    Exposed to its reality
    As nothingness and fear. I needed all my courage read more »

    Evelyn Stark
  • 30.
    As I Wait.........

    My heart skips with great expectation when I look beyond the hills.
    I see a lovely rainbow so vibrant, so alive, and so promising.
    As I close my eyes I somehow feel the texture of it.
    The rainbow is soft and smooth as grapes. read more »

    Jeanette Telusma Herbert
  • 31.
    Meaning Of The Rainbow

    The rainbow
    Red because the blood I see because of you.
    Purple from my heart
    Orange your favorite color read more »

    baybay tucker
  • 32.
    Chasing rainbows in your mind

    My partner asked me the other day
    While I was looking at the sky
    Just what I was looking for
    Watching clouds drifting by read more »

    Lea Gordon
  • 33.
    Rainbow Shower

    Hey rainbow shower, rainbow shower
    shower on me, shower on me..
    Pick a pink flower, a shy pink flower
    and shower on me, shower on me read more »

    Sanjay Kamlakar
  • 34.
    Over The Rainbow

    Over the rainbow
    The sky might be blue
    But you can't tell from here,
    It just seems a dull hue. read more »

    Rafe Chanteloup
  • 35.
    Rainbow Fields

    Rainbow fields
    Forever still
    Undulating to eternity
    Rain driven on a silent mist read more »

    Chris McIntosh
  • 36.
    Rainbows Relinquished

    Rainbows rapidly recede

    Colors collide read more »

    Richard Orazietti
  • 37.

    Rainbows do not only come from the sky
    They also appear in everyday life
    Maybe in a smile from someone you love,
    In a quick thought of something someone said read more »

    Jane Skidmore Bennett
  • 38.

    You have seen the rainbow
    how many colors does it have?

    7 colors to speak of read more »

    LuvTika Merchant
  • 39.

    If I could catch a rainbow
    I would do it just for you,
    And share with you its beauty
    On the days you're feeling blue read more »

    Rubie Whitney
  • 40.
    Colors and Joys of Life

    Colors and joys of life resembles a rainbow,
    A rainbow Allures, Bolsters, Charms, read more »

    Mohammed Suhail
  • 41.

    read more »

    Valerie Reid
  • 42.
    My True Love

    Over the rainbow
    Over the sea
    That's where my true love
    Waits for me read more »

    joanne howard
  • 43.
    4 Leaf Clover!

    There comes a day,
    when out of the blue,
    a rainbow appears,
    where the rainbow is, read more »

    Shellbelle Ward
  • 44.
    Rainbow Country "A Place of Love"

    I'm riding the range in the rainbow country.
    Where the skies are always filled with glistening stars.
    Where the air is always pure and comforting to the heart.
    Where my mind can ride the range in search of eternal peace. read more »

    Nora Belle Bynum
  • 45.
    You and I

    Some day we will make it over the rainbow,
    to the lands from our lullaby,
    to the place we dream of where the skies are blue
    and our love will stay true, read more »

    Scruffer Scruffer
  • 46.
    Rainbow Girl

    Rainbow Girl, Rainbow Girl, you really are beautiful
    The world is blind, 'cause you're indisputable
    The one word that drives me mad
    No, not angry, nor is it sad read more »

    Ehsan Iqbal
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