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Top 100 Poems About: RAPE

In this page, poems on / about “rape” are listed.
  • 1.
    ! I Will Rape Thee

    I will rape thee-
    With my savage love;
    Born from the rural pot. read more »

    Kyle Hamp
  • 2.

    I was the child
    who got raped
    I was the child
    that held it all in read more »

    Tracey Collins
  • 3.

    Locked in your prison no hope to escape,
    doing fifty years for committing childhood rape.
    You will never escape the guilt you feel,
    life time of pain, wounds will never heal. read more »

    Andre Alvin Moore
  • 4.
    If I Had the Answer Would I Still Ask the Question?

    What does it mean to be raped?
    Forcible entry –
    Force of saying no
    Force of saying yes to no read more »

    Katy Sanders
  • 5.
    Dark Memories

    My Lord carried me HOLY HOLY is HE

    Rape, Rape, Rape, Rape
    This inner voice screamed
    So deep inside of me, read more »

    Lori Pinkerton
  • 6.

    The moment you touched me, i knew my innocence was gone.
    You raped me from what i loved,
    you raped me of my feelings,
    you raped me of my dignity, read more »

    mandy hmk
  • 7.

    Rape is painful
    Rape hurts
    Rape ruins
    Rape destroys read more »

    Anna Colb
  • 8.
    Red Rape

    If rape was a color it would be red
    the definition of rape an red
    aren’t the same, doesn’t matter to me
    I told you to stop read more »

    Justin C. Philhower
  • 9.
    Writer's Block

    My muse has left
    He raped me
    Of my thoughts
    Everything mine read more »

    Lia Talbot
  • 10.
    A Girl in Gujarat Genocide

    Gujarat was a land of violet, red and green
    But colors deceived like lizards read more »

    Mallika Sengupta
  • 11.
    What do you say

    What do you say
    to your sister
    who just got raped
    Do you hug her read more »

    Adorn Keketso
  • 12.
    why me

    WHY ME
    why me have to get rape
    why me have to suffer
    why me have to deal with this life read more »

    emily berry
  • 13.
    The Sowing

    Upon the wind sheltered hillside,
    the sharp tang of metal and the sting of salt air lay
    over a field of blood-red poppies, no Flander's Field. read more »

    Deborah Guzzi
  • 14.

    read more »

    Mel Rodriguez
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