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Top 100 Poems About: RAVEN

In this page, poems on / about “raven” are listed.
  • 1.
    The Raven

    Every night a raven visits me
    its feathers dark as its future
    every night a raven visits me
    its eyes full of dreams read more »

    muniro ali
  • 2.
    I Hear The Raven Sing

    I can hear the raven sing,
    I can hear the raven sing,
    He calls out my name,
    I can hear the raven sing, read more »

    Osceola Waters
  • 3.
    Graveyard in the snow

    Today, I cannot find your grave,
    because the stone with your name
    is set in the earth,
    down, where it is not in the way, read more »

    Martina E. Elenbaas
  • 4.
    The Raven

    The Raven is black as night
    But, her heart remains pure
    She is always misunderstood
    Her motives are always in question read more »

    Tearsica Brooks
  • 5.
    The Story Of Nevermore

    now I cast a hypnotic spell
    to free a child from her hell
    surrender now child fall deep in my spell
    just come to me child and all will be well read more »

    Raven Nevermore
  • 6.

    Raven: Hate Sorrow Fear Dove: Love Hope Happiness

    nobody to love
    nobody to hold read more »

    Kami Henson
  • 7.

    If you see a dark place
    Know that a raven passed by
    If you see a weeping eye
    Know that a raven passed by read more »

    Fadwa Daddou Gmiden
  • 8.
    Prayer of the damned..

    Raven raven,
    upon the sky,
    I'd wish this world had room for you and I.
    These black hearts, these lost souls, read more »

    David Joergensen
  • 9.
    Desert Eve

    In burning shades of red,
    The sun will shed its light,
    And fade through whispering clouds.
    As night whisks in, so proud, read more »

    M. Richard Smith
  • 10.
    Fly Free

    Raven Flames
    Midnights Fire
    Dark Eyed Beauty
    On the Wings of a Flier read more »

    Lisa Newton
  • 11.
    The Raven And The Raven

    Said The Raven
    To The Raven
    Which Raven are you? read more »

    David Alexander Jackson
  • 12.

    Raven oh sweet raven
    Souring gentle on the nigh air

    As you guide the dead man read more »

    meagan travis
  • 13.

    The raven shrieks.
    He has captured me.
    I must go through the land forever
    in his cry. read more »

    Thomas Bernhard
  • 14.
    White Raven, Black Sun

    White raven soars
    before the eclipse of the sun
    paradox of light and dark
    a phoenix dipped in fire read more »

    Patty Rose
  • 15.
    Haida Gwai’i (The Isles of Lost Appeal)

    These are the large cedar poles
    Bleached and buffed by the element to a silver-gray
    Slowly decaying as they fall
    Alas, read more »

    Erhiawarien Justice Akpesiri
  • 16.
    the ravens call

    i hear the ravens call
    i see the dead mans fall
    for once more i hear the ravens crow
    of the words nevermore read more »

    Oi Boi Alec Wade
  • 17.
    The Black Bird

    A black raven sits
    On a pale white windowsill.
    Watching a blank empty soulless being,
    Lay in an endless sleep. read more »

    Natai Storm
  • 18.
    depression, kills.

    a cold icy hole in the middle of a large bed of ice acrossed a lake, wide as the horizon.

    in the middle, down this deep blackend hole, shown a girl frozen in a position of pain. read more »

    Alexandra Blisse
  • 19.

    I saw a raven perched
    Upon the window sill
    Through the dead it searched
    The world around is still. read more »

    Sumpter Carter
  • 20.
    I Like The Dark

    I like the Dark
    Others may become Weak and Weary
    But I begin to feel quite cheery
    You might find Midnight Dreary read more »

    Tanner Humphrey
  • 21.
    What is Black?

    What is Black?

    Black is the night,
    Closing in around you read more »

    Taylor MacDonald
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