Top 100 Poems About: RED

In this page, poems on / about “red” are listed.
  • 1.
    Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue

    Roses are red 
    Violets are blue
    I've never found someone as patient
    As you read more »

    Jennifer Alejandra
  • 2.
    Color Me Red

    Red is deep anger that never comes out
    Red is believing, and then having doubt. read more »

    >Starr Williams<
  • 3.
    bTwelve Red Roses #1 This Week

    The first red rose
    Sent out of season
    The second red rose
    Sent for no reason read more »

    Barry A. Lanier
  • 4.

    My eyes are Red, my cheeks are Red
    From top to the bottom I am Red
    My nerves are Red, my passions are Red
    There is something that makes me Red read more »

    vaibhav shah
  • 5.

    i like
    it dances
    for me read more »

    alexandre arnau
  • 6.

    Red is the colour of tomato sauce dripping down the side of your hamburger
    Red is the feeling after exercise
    Red is the sound of silence
    Red is the colour of warm blood flooding your veins read more »

    Bianca N/A
  • 7.

    Roses are red
    Vilotes are blue
    If i cut my self will
    I be like you read more »

    Michaella Jones
  • 8.
    What Colour Does Love Paint In?

    Red, said zara.
    Red of lips that've just been kissed.
    The red of unmade cheeks
    Where passion and restrain wage wars unseen. read more »

    Theresa Minu Dominic
  • 9.
    Red Rose

    A red rose is so sweet and so delicate,
    A red rose is always so bright and glimmering with red,
    A red rose has always grown so gracefully,
    and always before the end of the rose's life it starts to wilt, read more »

    sarah bishop
  • 10.
    White rose, red

    Take my white rose
    White rose, red
    Love everlasting
    Even when dead read more »

    Trey Mitchell
  • 11.

    Red the colour of blood
    the symbol of life
    Red the colour of danger read more »

    Oluseyi Oluseun
  • 12.

    read more »

    Victoria Walls
  • 13.
    Red Rose

    Red Rose Red Rose
    Which is a sweet scent to the nose
    So soft and smooth
    It makes my heart move read more »

    Eve Anderson
  • 14.
    Roses are red, Violets are blue.....(romantic)

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    they wouldn't be red or blue,
    without you, read more »

    Austin Dempsey
  • 15.
    Red Apple, Red Apple

    Red apple
    Red apple
    sitting on the ledge
    savouring its nutrients read more »

    John McAdam
  • 16.
    Red Moon

    Look up
    Look in the sky
    Tonight just look up
    Look up way in the sky read more »

    Albert Oktovianus
  • 17.
    Red one

    Out of a hundred roses
    I plucked you
    Red one. read more »

    Jeffrey Regullano
  • 18.
    Roses are Red, Violets are Blue

    Rose are red, violets are blue
    Love never crossed my mind until the day that I met you

    Roses are red, violets are blue read more »

    Matthew Marti
  • 19.
    Red Rose

    Red rose
    Red rose
    He led me to the rose garden
    And darkling, he tucked a rose in my restless trembling tresses read more »

    Reza parhizgar
  • 20.
    Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue

    Roses are red, violets are blue
    The flowers rest on the scenic view
    Quietly blooming and flourishing
    Kissing the day in a sweet greeting read more »

    Mac Adrone Adonay
  • 21.
    My Special Red Rose

    My Special Red Rose

    My special red rose so full of life just blossoming with
    lovely red petals read more »

    Joseph Skelley
  • 22.
    The Woman In The Red Dress

    The woman in the red dress
    How I admire thee
    How could one walk with such grace
    And such beauty? read more »

    Devon McElveen
  • 23.
    Green Rose

    I am a green rose

    No one can see me read more »

    November Nelson
  • 24.
    The Red Rose Of Love

    A young man was walking
    In a beautiful garden one day
    Looking around at the many flowers
    He saw a beautiful red rose read more »

    Terry Charles
  • 25.

    Roses are Red Violets are Blue sugar is sweet as you
    Roses are Red Violets are Blue I'll make all your dreams come true
    Roses are Red Violets are Blue you know I got my eye on you
    Roses are Red Violets are Blue I feel lost without you read more »

    Kensy Jean
  • 26.
    Red Stained the Earth

    When white clouds filled the land
    Red stained the earth read more »

    Ema Bovoro
  • 27.

    Red as the breast of a Robin
    Red as the petals of a rose
    Red as the rays of the evening sun
    Red as a firelight glows read more »

    Thelma S. Pierce McBurney
  • 28.
    A Song Of Poppies

    I love red poppies! Imperial red poppies!
    Sun-worshippers are they;
    Gladly as trees live through a hundred summers
    They live one little day. read more »

    Virna Sheard
  • 29.

    Scarlet Women!
    You've turned my soul crimson.
    My eyes bloodshot
    My heart aflamed with red fire read more »

    Adeoye Adetoba
  • 30.
    roses are red violets are blue

    roses are red
    violets are blue
    im here to say this too u
    roses are red read more »

    ashley pearson
  • 31.
    Red or Blue

    The color of your face
    When I look at you
    The emotion you display
    Is it red or blue? read more »

    Ripley Quebral
  • 32.
    The Reddest Rose

    Redder then the reddest lips,
    Like velvet to the finger tips.

    Red with passion and love,
    It is more special then any white dove. read more »

    Portia White
  • 33.
    the color red

    1. red the color of war
    2. red makes many weep and roar
    3. red is death to many
    4. widow of a ton, ten maybe twenty read more »

    kenneth jackson
  • 34.
    Through the Paintbrush

    She can scream through a paintbrush.
    It's safer that way.
    The frozen blue of cold rejection,
    Green poison of jealousy, read more »

    Diana Thomas
  • 35.

    The world is majestic;
    Beautiful close-up.
    But what would our world be
    Without the colors that make it up? read more »

    Jeremiah Prince
  • 36.
    Letter [Persephone To Demeter]

    At home, the bells were a high light-yellow
    with no silver or gray just buttercup or sugar-and-lemon. read more »

    Rachel Zucker
  • 37.
    Red Horse

    Red horse
    Comes out from the snow
    Red horse
    Well what do you know read more »

    Spike Monni
  • 38.
    Lady In Red

    in the midst of men in black suits,
    a lady passed in a red dress,
    a red clutch embellished in,
    red beads in wavy patterns, read more »

    skillz thapoet
  • 39.


    Red is the colour in which I release scream,
    Or at least just little sound between echo, read more »

    I.F. Kobjelska
  • 40.
    Eating Flowers

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I like to eat roses
    And violets too read more »

    Zoe Biggs
  • 41.
    The Red Ants...

    The red ants are not red...
    They are blacks hired
    To mow down their own
    Out of sinkholes read more »

    Moses Mtileni
  • 42.
    The Little Red Book

    read more »

    Christopher Waite
  • 43.
    How to make your wishes come true

    She liked white and had not said a word yet

    On her tenth birthday
    she stood on the red steps read more »

    Bhupen Thakker
  • 44.
    Red Bird

    I walked through the forest
    expecting to find
    that one bird red in color
    that chirps and sings read more »

    angellee yagong
  • 45.

    Oval, red
    falling through space,
    edges turned
    beauty spurned. read more »

    Morning Dew
  • 46.


    Red is a withered rose
    Lying on the street read more »

    Jubilee Cheung
  • 47.
    Day of the Red

    Her red hair shined like the dawning sun,
    And her lips were cherry red.

    She wore a elegant red dress, read more »

    Yong Son
  • 48.
    Bleeding Rose

    red streaks run along the
    edges of the white petals
    like the ones that run down her arms
    trickling slowly down the stem read more »

    Chessney Ferguson
  • 49.
    Murder is a Colorful Thing

    Red is the color of the blood splashed on the walls of my home.

    Orange is the color of her stained shirt because of the red of the blood splashed on the walls of my home. read more »

    Tamara Buengener
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