Top 100 Poems About: REMEMBER

In this page, poems on / about “remember” are listed.
  • 1.

    Remember me when I am gone away,
    Gone far away into the silent land;
    When you can no more hold me by the hand,
    Nor I half turn to go yet turning stay. read more »

    Christina Georgina Rossetti
  • 2.
    I Remember, I Remember

    I Remember, I Remember

    I remember, I remember
    The house where I was born, read more »

    Thomas Hood
  • 3.
    I Remember When Click Here To Listen To I Remember When

    I remember when
    Contry schools were in!
    One teacher for K - 8
    Always attentive and never late read more »

    Bernadette Gannon
  • 4.
    Remember Me

    I stood by you, I never left your side,
    I loaned you my sweat, my tears, my body,
    I held your hand in bondage, My colored skin,
    It helped you keep your pride. read more »

    Celeste M. Crenshaw
  • 5.
    Look See And Remember

    Look to the land of the east and the west
    there in the north and the south
    Lift up your voice loud and clear speak so they all can hear..
    Make up your mind is it light or dar. read more »

    Desmond Tagoe
  • 6.

    Courtin' on the old porch swing
    Holdin' hands and dreamin'
    On moonlit evenings in July. Futures planned and empires built
    Sittin' on the old porch swing read more »

    Dorothy Miller Birdwell
  • 7.
    I Remember Childhood

    I remember childhood,
    Not a period of softness,
    Though I slept on a featherbed,
    With pillows made of feathers, read more »

    Dorothy Thomas Snyder
  • 8.
    Look - Think - Remember - Love

    God's Omni-presence is revealed in all of His Creation.
    LOOK for Him in all that your senses see--
    And when you are aware of His Omnipotent Presence,
    Be Thankful unto Him and Bless His Holy Name! read more »

    Eloise Jensen
  • 9.
    I Remember

    I remember dancing with Faeries,
    Mushrooms and Life,
    Beauty and Strife. I Remember, Blue Eyes and Youth,
    Games and Glancing, read more »

    Gary Trevor Barton
  • 10.
    Do You Remember

    I saw you in a dream
    I saw you in the wind
    You spoke to me, gentle words,
    soothing my mind read more »

    Gary Trevor Barton
  • 11.
    Will Anyone Remember

    When I am gone, I hope to be
    Remembered for My Poetry
    I am not a Longfellow, Poe or Guest
    But I literally try to do My best. read more »

    Grace Saad
  • 12.
    You Will Remember

    The mists of a summer ending,
    A tree where the last bird sings,
    The day and the night hours blending,
    You will remember these things; read more »

    John A. Hammond
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