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Top 100 Poems About: REMEMBER

In this page, poems on / about “remember” are listed.
  • 1.
    I Remember, I Remember

    I Remember, I Remember

    I remember, I remember
    The house where I was born, read more »

    Thomas Hood
  • 2.
    To Remember the Fallen

    to remember the fallen
    is not to remember how they fell
    but to remember why and for what read more »

    Analissa Range
  • 3.
    Do you remember...because I do

    I remember when you said I love you
    I remember when I said yeah me too

    I remember when you said love me read more »

    Mariah Williams
  • 4.
    I Remember

    I remember your face
    i remember your taste
    those nights i was alone
    i remember your words read more »

    kira kira
  • 5.
    I Miss You

    Dear Sister,

    I remember your name,
    I remember your face, read more »

    Anusha Subramanian
  • 6.

    I remember your eyes and your smile,
    I remember the beauty of your face,
    I remember where I thought about taking you,
    I remember imagining that special place, read more »

    Alex F. Chavez
  • 7.
    Do You Remember Childhood

    Crawling across the floor
    Trapped behind closed doors
    Never wanting more read more »

    Faith Grayson
  • 8.
    Sweet Nicole (A sweet but faithless lady)

    It was August I remember
    I remember when I met her
    She was perfect I remember
    in her body, mind and soul read more »

    Sean Joyce
  • 9.
    I Remember You

    Like it was few minutes ago,

    I remember you, read more »

    Chuks Kevin Nwaokolo
  • 10.
    remember me

    remember me when the day begins
    remember me in the night
    remember me when your feeling sad
    remember the sweet words i said read more »

    mandy supergirl
  • 11.
    Remember This Lack of Conscience - 'For Maya Angelou'.

    When time goes past and dithers not
    One sees the blame that gathers moss
    To feel akin with woe as one
    I'll forgive myself and you to soldier on read more »

    Azriel Dreams
  • 12.
    Forget Him

    Forget his name
    Forget his face
    Forget his kiss
    His warm embrace read more »

    aleisha luyt
  • 13.
    i remember

    i remember when we first saw each other
    i remember when we first spoke to one another
    i remember when we first hung out
    i remember when we shared our feelings read more »

    Lynn Garman
  • 14.
    Moonlit Day

    I remember the moon staring back at us
    I remember the stars holding our gaze
    I remember the cool air that night
    I remember warming you and holding you tight read more »

    Matthew Jenkins
  • 15.
    Remember Me

    Remember my smile

    Remember my eyes read more »

    Lynzi Berner
  • 16.
    i remember

    I rememember when you said I Love You.
    I remember when i said yeah me to.
    I remember when you said Love me Forever.
    I remember when we carved our names on eachother. read more »

    catarina garcia
  • 17.
    Remember Me Please

    If one day you ever care to see me
    remember me remember me
    please… read more »

    Raymond Valadez
  • 18.

    Remember where you came from.
    Remember where you have been.
    Remember whom you have encountered.
    Remember whom you have known, read more »

    Michelle Chargualaf
  • 19.

    Remembering me, remembering you.
    Remembering all we used to be.
    Remembering the good times, remembering the bad.
    Remembering all the lies, yet remembering the truth. read more »

    Regan Galloway
  • 20.
    (I Remember)

    read more »

    lavion bell
  • 21.
    Get over him

    Forget his name
    Forget his face
    Forget his kiss
    Forget the love that you once knew read more »

    angelica santos
  • 22.
    My grand dad

    I remember you grand dad
    Back since I was only three
    I remember you granddad
    How much you adored me read more »

    Zoe Toey
  • 23.
    My Dearest Friend

    Oh how i miss you
    My dearest ond old friend
    It has been years
    Since our last visit read more »

    Nickelz Webzder
  • 24.

    forget his name

    forget his face read more »

    Tyreesha Smith
  • 25.

    Remember the way you'd hold me tight?
    I remember the way you'd kiss me goodnight.
    I remember how I'd cry to you and you'd say 'Everything will be alright.'
    I remember how you would keep me warm when i was cold. read more »

    Peyton Boyer
  • 26.

    with every sunrise
    remember I was your everlasting sun
    with every meal
    remember I was the lasting taste read more »

    Maha Moustafa
  • 27.
    I Remember.....

    I remember going to your house,
    Staying up till the early hours of morning read more »

    DaunaLee Martens
  • 28.
    Remember When

    REMEMBER WHEN we first meet each other
    REMEMBER WHEN we first started talking to each other
    REMEMBER WHEN you gave me your number read more »

    Bre Pantoja
  • 29.
    Forget Him

    Forget his name
    Forget his face
    Forget his smile
    His warm embrace read more »

    Alexis Alexis
  • 30.

    when the sun is shinging down,
    remember me
    when the stars are shinging bright,
    remember how things used to be read more »

    Margot Wolfersberger
  • 31.

    Forget that smile
    You havent seen in a while
    Forget his scent
    and the time you guys spent read more »

    Ashley Howell
  • 32.

    Remember all the good times?
    Remember sitting on your tailgate, drinking Jones soda?
    Remember spending every single day together?
    Remember our tree at the park... read more »

    Kristie Murdock
  • 33.
    I remember

    I remember when you pulled my hair
    I remember when you struck me with the back of your hand
    Why did you do it? read more »

    Rebecca Hall
  • 34.
    still waiting you

    i remember
    when you hold my hand
    make me smile
    i remember read more »

    yushi tursina
  • 35.

    Remember the day that we first met?
    Remember the rain? We were soaking wet.
    Remember the cafe? Cosy and quiet.
    Remember? read more »

    Kim Davies
  • 36.

    Remember when you played "Jacks"
    You picked one up before the ball came back?
    Remember playing "Hide and Seek"
    You closed your eyes and sneaked a peek? read more »

    Sue Chuzi
  • 37.
    Do you remember?

    Do you remember?
    Do you remember laughing?
    Do you remember loving?
    Do you remember crying? read more »

    Alice Stray
  • 38.
    Remember When

    Remember when it was always so hard to say goodbye,
    Remember when you said it was just you and I?
    Remember when you said you really liked me,
    Remember when I was the only one you’d see? read more »

    miss liss
  • 39.
    Remember To Forget

    Always remember to forget,
    The things that make you sad,
    But never forget to remember,
    The things that make you glad. read more »

    Adamu Alhassan Albashir
  • 40.

    Is there anything that can help me let go
    I’m tired of crying down this road
    I’m young should I feel this old
    I’m tired of being split read more »

    Lesten WhitePigeon
  • 41.
    I remember

    How come we kissed so many times
    and I don’t remember any
    I see all these couples at the beach
    I see you read more »

    Anna Garland
  • 42.

    Remember the pain
    Do you remember the cause
    The uneven balance you left
    Remember the promises read more »

    darlpande aly
  • 43.
    The Struggles Of Life

    Remember that sour feeling you get when you have read for long hours without a break

    Remember that tense feeling that holds you down when you recall you have upcoming exams which you are unready for read more »

    Nneoma Akaniro
  • 44.
    I Remember

    I remember…those days when I was young,
    full of dreams, desire, ambition, and knowing
    things will change, yes, things I can change. read more »

    Paddy Cakes
  • 45.
    Momma do you remember

    Momma do you remember the day I was born

    late in December when winter read more »

    Marcus Goodman
  • 46.
    Lingering Memories

    I lay here remembering it all
    remembering everything about you
    remembering the way you would
    pull me closer so I wouldnt fall read more »

    Jana Courville
  • 47.
    Last Night

    Last night I had a dream
    It was of hope
    and inspiration
    and love read more »

    jalyssa elliott
  • 48.

    Remember when we were together?
    Remember when we laughed with each other?
    Remember when we madde up jokes?
    Remember all the happy times when we were together? read more »

    Shannon Oakes
  • 49.
    Remember Me

    Remember me in hard times, in times of pain and sorrow,
    remember your fellow man in hope of his dreams for tomorrow.
    Remember what its like to be hated, and remember that they hated me first;
    remember the words that I tell you, listen and fell no remorse. read more »

    Augustus Gatlin
  • 50.
    Zocko Chico

    I remember zocko chico
    but I don’t know why
    I remember dusty little towns
    in mexico read more »

    gordon nosworthy
  • 51.
    I Remember You


    I don't remember when things were good,
    or even if they were. read more »

    Jessie Mahoney Bathis
  • 52.
    Lost Love

    i remember when we first met i remember it all to welli remember when i first said i love and u first said it back i remember ur laugh i remember ur smile i remember all the good times we had and how u used to look at me i remember how i hurt u time and time again i remember how meny read more »

    Mig Bep
  • 53.
    remember to remember

    when life feels like its taking forever
    remember to remember
    day by day read more »

    shivani kumar
  • 54.
    Remember You

    I dream about the days we shared
    The calls we made
    The love we had
    I remember you read more »

    Haley Schultz
  • 55.

    I remember the fun we had
    Laughing and joking
    I remember when you lifted me to the sky
    And told me to fly read more »

    Esther Hudson
  • 56.
    I remember

    Your eyes
    Brown pools of smoldering emotions
    I remember your eyes read more »

    Lilly Rose
  • 57.
    Do You Remember?

    I remember you.
    Do you remember me?
    I remember I first love you.
    Do you remember? read more »

    jamie cathcart
  • 58.
    Best Friends Always Remember

    When we first met you told me your name
    the next day at school you asked me if I remembered it
    And I told you best friends always remember read more »

    Christina Marty
  • 59.

    I still remember you in my every moment
    I still remember you in my every breath
    when you got angry at me with red eyes
    I still imagine all your words read more »

    fahim ul amin
  • 60.

    Remember the day we met
    That day during drama read more »

    justice bbb
  • 61.
    The December Storm

    Trying hard to think
    I'm trying hard to think about it
    But I forgot it all
    My hands, My hands are Numb read more »

    Anuksha Shetty
  • 62.
    Grandma's House

    I remember Grandma's house,
    Like I know my own.
    I remember getting up,
    At the crack of dawn. read more »

    Amber Coleman
  • 63.
    remember when..

    remember when i would cry
    remember when you would just pass by
    remember when you left
    remember when i was blessed read more »

    jocelyn padilla
  • 64.
    I Remember...

    I Remember having talks with You
    I Remember staying up for hours
    I Remember walks with You
    I Remember dinner dates and flowers read more »

    Hugh Kilbride
  • 65.
    Remember You

    Remember when it was always so hard to say goodbye,
    Remember when you said it was just you and I?
    Remember when you said you really liked me,
    Remember when I was the only one you’d see? read more »

    Ember Toton
  • 66.

    I still remember our memories we made together
    I remember the way you would hug me
    I remember the way you would kiss me
    I remember the way you were there when I cried read more »

    Jessica rolon
  • 67.

    Remember the days when we were together
    Saying our love would last forever
    Remember the walks we shared
    Expressing to one another how much we cared read more »

    Angel Guevara
  • 68.
    When i remember her

    When I remember her I smile
    When I remember her I feel alive
    When I remember her I feel happy with my life
    When I remeeber her I know how love would feel like read more »

    Nasra Kadem
  • 69.
    I Remember: A Ghazal in English

    Those walks at misty morning hours, I remember
    'part'- was ordered by the stars, I remember!

    Blossom only to fall apart, broken hearted, read more »

    Mratunjay Saxena
  • 70.
    I remember now

    I remember wanting it back

    I remember all the boredom
    I remember all the security read more »

    Jack Cyclone
  • 71.
    Growing up

    Remember little jack sprat.
    Remember three little pigs.
    Remember all those fairy tales
    that seemed so real to us kids. read more »

    Caitlyn Coble
  • 72.
    I Still Remember

    I still remember how we used to swim in the ocean of joy
    i still remember how we used to play with that piece of toy
    i still remember how we use to play with gun
    i still remember how we used to have fun read more »

    asaduddin taha
  • 73.
    I remember

    I remember happiness,

    I remember the feeling of belonging, read more »

    Ginger Rawrr
  • 74.
    Remember Her...

    read more »

    Phatheka 'Sweet Blaq Rose' Azania
  • 75.
    I'll Always Remember

    I’ll always remember
    How I felt each day
    Whenever you were there
    Leading me all the way. read more »

    Kayal Pillay
  • 76.

    THE TIMES WE CRYED read more »

    TyRece Thomas
  • 77.
    Every Time

    Every time I breathe I take, I remember that I have air
    Every time I step, I remember how to walk
    Every time I say hello, I remember how to talk
    Every time I see things, I remember how to open my eyes read more »

    Devon Dietz
  • 78.

    remember our smiles
    remember our cries
    remember our victory
    and sun in the sky read more »

    Danielle Johnson
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