Top 100 Poems About: RESPECT

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  • 1.

    Respect is a lesson that everyone should learn
    Respect must be given before an expected return
    Respect is something that’s given for free read more »

    don wilson
  • 2.

    Self respect is self love
    Self respect provoke love for others

    Self respect is GOD respect read more »

  • 3.

    respect your parents
    respect your life
    respect other people
    respect elders read more »

    brandi reissig
  • 4.

    Love respects everyone always,
    Love respects everyone's way of life,
    Everyone's way of living needs respect,
    Love respects everyone always :) read more »

    Paul Jensen Jr
  • 5.
    Water for life

    Water for living,
    Water is crying, read more »

    Harshit sheth
  • 6.

    First is the step which lead you for a height
    First is the courage to live life gracefully
    First is the respect which grows by steps
    First is the feeling which opens the door of opportunities read more »

    Kamna Saini
  • 7.
    Respect Is Something...

    Respect Is Something That You And Me Ought To Have
    Respect Is Something That You And Me Ought To Show
    Respect Is Something That You And Me Ought To Give
    Respect Is Something That You And Me Ought To Learn read more »

  • 8.

    Education read more »

    Andrew Houston
  • 9.
    My India

    What do I love about a country that has saved me,
    That comforts me,
    It confirms me, it proves I exist.
    I love my country, read more »

    leticia s david
  • 10.
    I'm Different Than You

    I don't think like you
    And you don't think like me
    You don't believe in things I believe
    My love and respects are at odds read more »

    Philmore Payne
  • 11.

    i respect my family

    i respect my teacher read more »

    karen padilla
  • 12.

    First a great relationship is about two things, first,
    Find out the similarities and second, respect the differences.
    Respect is a two-way street, if you want to get it you have to give it
    I have found if you respect yourself others will respect you read more »

    Michael Vestal
  • 13.
    Stay On Course

    God is Spirit
    God is Light
    God is Power
    God is Might. read more »

    Thomas W. Clarke
  • 14.

    Respect to the ballas on the court today.
    Respect to the playas who listen to what we say.
    Respect to the game for it isn't quite done.
    Respect for all the athletes who did it for fun. read more »

    Adam DeBaere
  • 15.

    In the higher dimensions
    woman are respected bar none
    We have to realize woman are the source
    where everything is from. read more »

    Christina Sunrise
  • 16.

    Respect is a lesson that everyone should learn
    Respect must be given before expected in return
    Respect is something that comes free,
    But is not easily earned read more »

    Michael Franco
  • 17.


    Respect is not something you can ask for
    It is something you expect. read more »

    matt dahan
  • 18.
    man of my dreams

    Those deep eyes reveal a heart of gold,
    Purity, honesty and empathy they tightly hold,
    A character worthy of respect they mould,
    Stories of passion and desire to succeed they unfold. read more »

    Heema Shah
  • 19.

    It’s hard to tell them when whta’s true, ‘cause deep inside you know they’ll judge you, Put you down and even condemn you, They perfectly don’t know what you feel, But still they don’t want to understand what’s real, ‘Cause for them your just the dirt in their hands, They won’t open their hearts and accept you, But they’ll slam the door and push you away, tell you you’re nothing and stab you with the hurtful word they say,

    No one is perfect as many people would say, But in their eyes they feel perfect and they won’t listen to a word you say, Respect is a broad word to understand not by mind but by our hearts and soul, It’s confusing to know what respect really means, ‘Cause respect couldn’t be seen, People are people and yes we make mistakes, We try to be perfect but still there are rules that we break, The test of time will measure who we really are with every brave soul that sticks to the word respect and practice it, Is a ghost of reality that haunts everyone to change what they are today, Change the things that are wrong and learn to give way, read more »

    Karen Montegrande
  • 20.
    Women's Day

    Today ask your self, every women,
    Am I a good mother, treating my son and daughter equally,
    Am I a good daughter, doing my duties not only asking for my rights
    Am I a good wife, taking respect from husband and giving him respect read more »

    suja nair
  • 21.
    respect poem

    Respect your elders all if they deserve;
    Respect your servants who will serve;
    Respect your father for tilling the soil; read more »

    dbhker don
  • 22.

    Without you the precious liquid
    Who can live without you water
    Without you we will all die read more »

    Innocent Timburwa
  • 23.
    for myself and no one else

    i respect myself
    so respect me
    i breath my air
    dat dnt mean i share read more »

    Crystal Aquino
  • 24.

    My lovely lady
    I love you so much
    I want you so much
    I want to touch you read more »

    Pascale Ost
  • 25.

    You claim to be a boss to me
    And forcefully have your way in me
    I may be your assistant
    But please keep your distance read more »

    Nnawihe Ephraim
  • 26.

    Respect your elder
    Respect them well
    Everyone will not
    it never fails. read more »

    Trudiann Lewis
  • 27.
    one person.

    As life goes on you experience many different hardships,
    and you start to open your eyes to what really matters.
    if someone doesn't appreciate you, then screw them.
    if someone doesn't respect you, then don't respect them. read more »

    amanda currier
  • 28.

    I walk down the tunnel a long narrow, musty smelling, dark walkway
    i am searching for my WOMAN
    i see a faint light at the end of the tunnel
    how much farther must i go read more »

    Omorodion Nicy
  • 29.
    Repect The Struggle.....

    Respect the struggle
    Strive to prevail
    Stop wondering
    What’s fake or real read more »

    Sumira Sarai
  • 30.
    I Respect

    I respect a real man that has love for his kids, a real man thats been there since day 1, a man who watched his child being born while crying like a baby himself, I respect a real man that showers not only one but all his kids with love and kindness, don't treat them different instead the opposite, read more »

    Krystal Bullard
  • 31.
    love and respect

    you can begin to hate me
    I'll still respect you
    you can hate me till the end of time
    I'll still respect an look out for you read more »

    kareem supergentleman
  • 32.
    The Universal Child

    May I respect every child
    so they may learn to respect others.
    And value each one
    As a price beyond compare. read more »

    Nathaleen Cobb
  • 33.

    Pure as an angel
    Clad from head to toe
    In modest attire
    Like a nun read more »

    Melody Estrella
  • 34.
    A Red Rose for You

    A red rose.
    A red rose for you.
    A red rose for you because I love you.
    A red rose for you because I love you and respect you. read more »

    Miguel Ortega
  • 35.
    respect and tolerance

    read more »

    khia raven
  • 36.

    he most essential attitude
    Undoubtedly an ever-time foe of suspect
    RESPECT is expected from one & all
    Whatever may be the occasion 'it' alone has no exceptions read more »

    krithika seshadri sudarsanam
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