Top 100 Poems About: RETIREMENT

In this page, poems on / about “retirement” are listed.
  • 1.

    Retirement is the end of work,
    That's what some seem to say,
    But I have talked to many more,
    Who say it's not that way. read more »

    Daniel Lloyd Kennedy
  • 2.

    RETIREMENT: An acquired belief that failure is impossible.
    Investments made early-on, makes dividends more profitable.
    Beneath it all, the pride of your labors will show.
    Like a harvest moon or a brightly colored rainbow. read more »

    Juanita Farrar
  • 3.

    husband and wife
    look at each other
    during the day read more »

    mark nwagwu
  • 4.

    All people have a choice
    When they retire from their careers
    They can embrace retirement with
    grace and thankfulness read more »

    Toshie Nohara
  • 5.

    A filing cabinet
    lies empty, case closed,
    its keys left on
    a dusty floor. read more »

    Ruth Walters
  • 6.

    A new stage opens
    on your life page
    retirement day
    day to say our good bye's read more »

    Allen Brodell
  • 7.

    Hour by hour I sit and muse
    in what way my brain to use.
    Shall I write or shall I read
    for such effort is there need read more »

    Kate Beamish
  • 8.
    The Spoils Of Retirement

    Retirement is bitter sweet
    For your whole working life
    Ends up in boxes of
    Things to save read more »

    david kush
  • 9.
    Hilda's retirement.

    Hilda has been a postlady
    For 18 years or so.
    She really has enjoyed her job
    but now it's time to go. read more »

    Ruth Street
  • 10.
    Retirement Life

    Retirement Life is really Great!
    Just like I thought it would be.
    Anyone who gets the chance to,
    I really think you should be. read more »

    Sirpheno The Knight
  • 11.
    Energetic retirement

    Before my coffee's cold I've had to solve
    A dozen problems, each of minor set,
    But clearly posed to test a strong resolve
    That nothing should my indolence upset. read more »

    Eric Bult
  • 12.
    My Hero, My Dad

    There was a time you held my hand
    as a child too young to understand.
    You repaired broken toys and shined everyone's shoes.
    Regaled WWII stories at least a thousand times or two. read more »

    Susan A. Birowski
  • 13.

    A new stage
    On lifes page
    Retirement day
    Make a list read more »

    Chris Poythress
  • 14.
    The Best Of The Years

    My childhood was a great delight,
    In fact, it was pure dynamite.
    My teenage years were filled with joy,
    There were the girls - I was a boy. read more »

    Charles J Sexton
  • 15.
    Welcome To The World

    Welcome to the world
    A world of many worlds
    A world of no sympathy
    Neither do it has empathy read more »

    Marbet Daniel
  • 16.
    Age - a number to cumber

    When you are 65 years old
    You may have achieved your life goal
    Stack up enough cash or pots of gold
    Twilight of your life is set in mold read more »

    Noor Othman
  • 17.
    The Flower

    I am dead and still; in my journey
    Through the human hands,
    I smell of welcome and retirement
    Of entrance and exit. read more »

    Vipin Madathil
  • 18.
    Leaving And Glad

    You've been here many years.
    You've seen and made many shed tears.
    But with patience and pray we've muddle through.
    Now we can all just say so long, and goodbye to you. read more »

    Lois M. Crockett
  • 19.
    The Retiree's Lament

    It's the retiree's lament
    Or retirees's blues
    It doesn't matter which title you choose
    What's in a name? read more »

    Mike Green
  • 20.
    I'd Prefer to Live With Dogs

    Once one of students
    Asked me how I would live
    After my retirement
    I said her straightway read more »

    Madhav Sarkunde
  • 21.
    Retirement Blues

    After thirty years of working -
    I thought I had it made -
    I said to myself-
    I'll lie in the shade-
    I'll read half the day-
    And sleep the rest- read more »

    Joy Thacker
  • 22.
    And Now

    I’ve given away the white board markers
    emptied the files
    shredded confidential pages read more »

    Les Littleford
  • 23.
    Grandfather's Clock

    His name? Franz Biswurm,
    His departure as shuddering as his movement,
    Left us behind,
    Rising into heaven, read more »

    Ethan Biswurm
  • 24.
    Until The Revolution

    Until the revolution I slumber in retirement!
    Swearing never to approve or to serve any government!
    'Rulers for the realm! ' they said, not realm for the rulers!
    They gave it a name and hoped it would fool us. read more »

    Day Of Devil
  • 25.
    The Sting of Conscience

    Others may look forward
    to take their retirement, enjoy
    their lives as they wish, but read more »

    Mahmoodul Haque Sayed
  • 26.
    Life's Beginning, Middle, End

    Taking your first steps,
    Your first birthday,
    That nervous feeling you get on that first day of school.
    Your first friend who will be there for you. read more »

    Aaron Ward
  • 27.
    Ripples In The Water

    Once a week I go to Battery Park
    To recharge my life's batteries;
    I watch the ripples in the water
    Made by the tugboats pulling their cargo. read more »

    Hugh D. Wright
  • 28.
    Thank You Ma'am Leah

    At this very moment
    I'd like to ex[press my heartfelt thanks
    To the person whom I owe a lot read more »

    Bonnevie Barcelita Galindo
  • 29.
    Rememberance of a Father

    I search for words so profound to say about a man I call my father
    He is a man of honesty and never stood to be lied too he never would have bothered
    He was a man who enjoyed his beer.
    I remember fondly, of listening to his laughing and jokes and cheer. read more »

    Paul Wilson
  • 30.
    Pipe Dream

    A stroke of genius
    illuminated the skies
    as, in synchronization,
    we collectively read more »

    Brandon Tyler Mahrt
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