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Top 100 Poems About: RIVER

In this page, poems on / about “river” are listed.
  • 1.
    Beautiful River

    And he showed me a pure River of Water of Life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the Throne of God and of the Lamb." -- Rev. xxii. 1

    Shall we gather at the river read more »

    Robert Wadsworth Lowry
  • 2.

    River Ganga originates
    from the himalayan glaciers
    and flows down to earth
    with a mystical, divine influence; read more »

  • 3.
    The Sea Is Very Big

    Do not ask me to be the wave of some vast sea.
    I can agree though if you promise that the wave of the sea
    Will but lose itself in the depths of the ocean and
    Return again to the refuge of the childhood river. read more »

    Ahsan Habib
  • 4.
    The River Flows

    The river flows quiet and swift
    It twists and turns as the waters drift
    It branches and breaks—its fingers entwine
    It grows and grows—snakes like a vine. read more »

    Kailey Jennings
  • 5.
    River Feeling

    River feeling is
    As simple as
    Closing your eyes
    For a moment. read more »

    Julian Mann
  • 6.
    Petals Falling in the River

    At sunset the Jialing River flows east
    and thousands of pear petals chase the river wind.
    What twists my stomach as I watch the river flowers?
    Half have fallen in the river, half drift on the air. read more »

    Yuan Zhen
  • 7.
    A River Poem

    Inside the river are
    the sky, the cloud, and the sun.
    In my hands’ bowl is the river. read more »

    Mamta G.Sagar
  • 8.
    Oh Jordan River Lord Say Lay My Burdens On Thee

    Oh Jordan River Lord Say Lay My Burdens On Thee

    Oh Jordan River down yonder where the read more »

    Jacqueline Amos
  • 9.
    Beautiful River

    And he showed me a pure River of Water of Life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the Throne of God and of the Lamb." -- Rev. xxii. 1

    Shall we gather at the river read more »

    Robert Lowry
  • 10.
    steady as the river

    Thay want me to be steady as the river
    but river are never stead the always changing
    never stoping, they always chose the way that read more »

    Connie Chambers
  • 11.
    Free River

    Free River flow, Free River
    so cold, Free River
    you’re getting old. read more »

    Patrick Dumas
  • 12.
    The River

    A large river flows alongside the vast deserts and dry steppes; but it provides no water to that arid wasteland. In this harsh drought, when people crack each others' skulls over water, it rushes past like a ruthless stingy miser, caring nothing for our thirst. read more »

    Gul Pacha Ulfat
  • 13.
    Edge of the Water

    On the edge of the water
    Worrying more than ought to
    river reflects back up at me
    the water is cool and calm read more »

    Ludvig Von Himmelstein
  • 14.
    Dry River Bed

    The river- was, but died away,
    leaving behind sand and stone,
    a dry river bed. read more »

    Esnala Banda
  • 15.
    My river bank

    The water hit the bank
    Like a wave upon a shore
    Happiness just out of reach
    Finding that is something you can’t teach read more »

    EmOzEd johnston
  • 16.
    Oh! Ganga Maiya

    River, no its not River,
    It's Ganga Maiya.......
    Origins from Himalaya,
    From that top of Himalaya, read more »

    J S Shankar
  • 17.
    Love Is Like A River

    Love is like a river
    It twists from side to side
    Most is underwater
    And it has no tide read more »

    Jessi lucas
  • 18.
    Electric Eel Song

    Ay! me one child Ay-eeee!
    Ay! me one daughter
    Take out you’ foot
    From the black river water read more »

    Slade Hopkinson
  • 19.
    Lost In The RIvers Of Love

    Unexpectedly, I fell into a river
    In it I saw something worth more than treasure
    Honestly my deepest fear was to drown
    So to free myself I swam read more »

    Jasmine Fafanyo Awagah
  • 20.
    Immersed In Your Dreams

    Your dreams river in my eyes
    The water flows in the river your dreams
    Whenever I close my eyes
    So your dream is flowing like tears in my eyes read more »

    saba mughal
  • 21.
    a never ending river

    The tears run down my face like a river,
    a never ending river,
    the pain and the blood shed,
    a never ending river, read more »

    Katie Lathrop
  • 22.

    Sometimes it scares me
    How fast these waters rushing
    Sometimes it stuns me
    How the people keep hushing me down read more »

    Kara Johnstad
  • 23.
    The River

    A river flows uncharted without care
    A single stream reflects the lustrous moon
    For such a lovely creek, it's just not fair
    For me to understand, this is too soon read more »

    William Fenton
  • 24.
    The River

    The river’s a wanderer, a nomad, a tramp.
    He doesn't choose any one place to set up his camp.

    The river’s a winder, through valley and hill. read more »

    Luke Rylands
  • 25.
    Roll down, Long River (song)

    Roll down, Long, Long River to the sea,
    Call me, Long, Long River where I should be.
    Sing me a lullaby
    How to live and die. read more »

    Galina Struchalina
  • 26.
    Song Of The River

    All it took was
    Just one summer long
    For the river to run dry
    As did her tears too read more »

    joyjit sengupta
  • 27.
    The River

    A boy walked over a bridge, and looked at the beautiful river below,
    The river that he wanted so.
    But that river, he knew,
    Had a current so swift read more »

    Joe Brough
  • 28.
    The River

    The River's a wanderer,
    A nomad, a tramp,
    He doesn't choose one place
    To set up his camp. read more »

    Farah Syazwani
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