Top 100 Poems About: ROMANCE

In this page, poems on / about “romance” are listed.
  • 1.
    A Little Romance in My Life

    I cannot explain the way I feel about you
    Girl, you're always on my mind
    Everytime I often think of you
    I get a funny feeling that read more »

    Keith Williams
  • 2.
    Give Me Romance Everytime

    Maybe a little romance is needed
    Lightening our days in all this grey
    To place a smile on our faces read more »

    Fiona Davidson
  • 3.
    Romantic Love

    Romance is a must for most young hearts
    Gestures of love broken in tiny parts
    A dozen roses, a chocolate heart,
    Writing a poem with all your heart, read more »

    Keith Philippsen
  • 4.
    Reflective Romance

    Dear, you learn by mind
    Memoirs of yesterdays
    Dear, know me again
    I’m still loving you read more »

    Jaleel Perinjanam
  • 5.
    Teenage Heartbreak

    Just another case of teenage heartbreak,
    all of a sudden he was gone,
    and she was crying,
    its time to get over romance, read more »

    Jess Terry
  • 6.
    Haven Of Love

    came at morning
    love story without end
    we stole a kiss by the river read more »

    Joyce Hemsley
  • 7.
    Romance Is Dead

    A glass of cheap vodka tastes just like depression -
    It hurts to be sober tonight.
    The mirror reflects such a hideous expression
    That I promptly turn off the light. read more »

    April Avalon
  • 8.
    One romance

    Please let me say a story
    about one romance
    this romance will happen
    between one woman and one man read more »

    ata augustyn
  • 9.
    Love is (Found) is Love

    is found;
    are two, then shared read more »

    Jo Lynn Ehnes
  • 10.
    June - It's Raining...

    Walking down the lone street
    Romancing the June rain
    I met him for the first time
    Call it chance or destiny read more »

    Deepthi Vincent
  • 11.
    Friendship can be Everlasting

    Friendship means trust
    Friendship means undesirable love
    Friendship means heart to be united
    No one say he lost friendship read more »

    Moonlight Tears
  • 12.

    Romance kills so much
    a part of me i like;
    romance makes me neglect
    a part of me i care to love. read more »

    Melikhaya Zagagana
  • 13.
    Remember Romance

    Old fashioned movies
    With true love to gain
    Always remember romance
    And kiss in the rain. read more »

    Lottie Hammond
  • 14.
    For my inspiration

    I wish you would celebrate our love with words of romance
    And not always say that I look into your eyes and find
    More than words sweet and humble gestures that loudly pronounce
    Your need for me so deep that the world mocks calling you blind! read more »

    Arpita Sud
  • 15.
    Haven of Romance

    came at morning
    love story without end
    we stole a kiss by the river read more »

    Drania Haplern
  • 16.
    Love At A Glance

    You smiled at me
    I smiled at you
    Our eyes met
    At a glance read more »

    Ruby Taylor
  • 17.
    Radio Romance

    Radio romance ridicules soul,
    soldiers beat is the only motion I know.
    The power of pride I will always show,
    never shall I hide the glorious glow. read more »

    Ryan Wegenast
  • 18.
    'Love Waiting'

    All my life ive been waiting it really seemed forever
    to find that special someone I thought would be never.
    Not many crossed my path maybe too fussy was I
    so maybe I foolishly let some chances pass me by. read more »

    Chris Boyles
  • 19.
    Romance Seconds Me, Where Ever I Go by Ray Subrata

    In your old age you too are trailed romantic,
    Adolescent, manhood, triangle, -the tricks.
    Love in any form is romance,
    It is either an intoxication or trance. read more »

    Ray Subrata Ray
  • 20.
    You Are My Everything...

    When we first fell in love
    I thought that nothing could compare
    To the magical romance
    That you and I had come to share. read more »

    Surendar Chowdary Vattikuti
  • 21.

    Just give me your ears and let me tell you the story of romance. This story will occur between two people a man and a woman. Well use your imagination and see yourself as this man as I will be this woman. You will be my king and I will be your queen, together sharing this romance read more »

    nomusa promise ndimande
  • 22.
    Romance is Dead © 17/5/09

    Romance is dead
    It fell to the ground
    With a bullet in its head
    It was a cold blooded killer read more »

    Scott Daniels
  • 23.
    Let You Go

     I could never love someone
    As much as I love you
    The great times we had
    The way you cheered me up when I was sad read more »

    Javi Lopez
  • 24.
    In the Dark Alley Romance Died

    In the dark alley, romance died
    Whimpered softly as the knife was drawn
    Rested her tired head on the pavement
    Waiting patiently for death to deliver her read more »

    Eric Gallagher
  • 25.
    Women 1

    Nectar of purity
    Synthetic romance
    And drunk love
    Magnificent equipment read more »

    Dustin Orin Talley
  • 26.


    Love is my deepest confusion! read more »

    Brandy Stephens
  • 27.
    What's love like?

    Sometimes I wonder what love is like,
    is it like a ghost white cloud out in the open sky?
    Is love able to stay in your heart and mind? . read more »

    Hayley Moden
  • 28.
    Realistic Romance

    Reality so tough like hard rock,
    To face many get intensive shock.
    Romance seed flying see in the air,
    To get down not getting the stair. read more »

    main uddin ahmed
  • 29.
    Ballad Stanza: Wedding Cake

    read more »

    Walter E. Ferguson III
  • 30.
    A Thought

    I usually write
    Poems about
    Romance and life and death read more »

    Lucy Westmacott
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