Top 100 Poems About: ROMANTIC

In this page, poems on / about “romantic” are listed.
  • 1.
    Another Romantic

    The whole world is just
    One romantic dramatic comedy
    Horror after another
    Each person read more »

    Eric Andrew James
  • 2.

    You and me, we both look like a fire
    Every time we look into each other's eyes, the flame goes higher and higher

    Lets hold each other hands to keep the fire alive read more »

    Sam Arjomandi
  • 3.
    Houses of Parliament

    You're a golden palace rising up
    Lighting up a winter’s sky
    A haunting gothic beauty,
    Romantic read more »

    Lizelah Thaugally
  • 4.
    Lovers Of Love

    Young passion, dripping with the sweet taste of romance
    Ebbing and leaning into every emotion, every sentiment longing for love
    Adventure becomes the life of a hopeless romantic read more »

    Kevin Lowell
  • 5.
    Dark Nights

    Dying Romantic says:
    I walk these streets all alone,
    the sound of your voice still ringing on my phone.
    You just couldn't leave our past behind, read more »

    Brandon Chiles
  • 6.
    Valentine's Day

    It's a day to be with your sweetheart
    It's a day when no couple should be apart
    It's a day to show your companion how much you really love them
    It's a day to give gifts of candy and flowers read more »

    Amy Chatman
  • 7.
    someone kill the romantic in me

    someone kill the romantic in me
    slash the flirt and smother the optimist
    and the person who believes
    the best in everyone read more »

    Lindsay King
  • 8.
    Romantic Mist

    Every day and night apart
    Expressing words from the heart
    Virtual dreams, desires, the gist
    Of living in a romantic mist? read more »

    Richard G Lewis
  • 9.
    A Fairy tale love story

    Every girls is looking for a perfect guy
    A Prince Charming look a like
    Or a protective Knight In Shining Armor read more »

    Hime Hoshi
  • 10.
    The Preparation

    It is suggested that you try
    For in trying, questions are answered
    Never go for intended mediocrity
    Try your best, stay vulnerable read more »

    Clarisse Sobiono
  • 11.
    Love Me Now

    Yesterday came back my solitude
    Which through the night to brings me our days
    Where the warm sea and he smiles,
    Happy evening with blue stars, read more »

    elena shlaferman elena shlaferman
  • 12.
    Romance Seconds Me, Where Ever I Go by Ray Subrata

    In your old age you too are trailed romantic,
    Adolescent, manhood, triangle, -the tricks.
    Love in any form is romance,
    It is either an intoxication or trance. read more »

    Ray Subrata Ray
  • 13.
    Romantic Courtesy

    He would tip his hat as the lady passed by
    When walking along the street
    He would take her hand and give it a kiss
    Whenever they would meet read more »

    Dorothy Durrant
  • 14.
    Only The Heart Knows

    On a romantic quest
    In the pursuit of a mate
    So much is blamed on fate read more »

    Molefi Kau
  • 15.
    To whom it may Concern

    I think I seek
    But really hope to never find
    Hopelessly romantic read more »

    Kantrina E. A. Phillips
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