Top 100 Poems About: ROSE

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  • 1.
    What A Rose Can Say

    A rose can say I love you and want you to be mine,
    A rose can say I thank you for being so very kind,
    A rose can say congratulations, whatever the occasion may be,
    A rose can say I miss you and wish you were here with me, read more »

    Margie Driver
  • 2.
    I Also Rise (Homage to Maya Angelou)

    I have been used, abused, mistreated, and even overheated, but still I also rise
    I have been denied, compromised, and even ostracized, but yet I still also rise
    I have been called outdated, jaded, and mutilated, but here I still also rise read more »

    Wilfred Mellers
  • 3.
    A Rose In Disguise

    A rose is a rose every day, every night
    You too are the same, except different in my sight

    You are like a rose, such a beautiful creation read more »

    sarah mellberg
  • 4.
    Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue

    Roses are red 
    Violets are blue
    I've never found someone as patient
    As you read more »

    Jennifer Alejandra
  • 5.
    A Black Rose

    A black rose can stop the beat of ones heart
    A black rose bring the scent of death as it tears love apart

    A black rose makes nightmares relity read more »

    Glenn McGahan
  • 6.
    A Black Single Rose.

    A single black rose.
    A single black rose to carry the load,
    A single black rose to turn the road,
    A single black rose to touch the soul, read more »

    Natasha Ligons
  • 7.

    A single rose to lane
    A single rose to slain
    A single rose to hide my pain read more »

    Dheeraj Haran
  • 8.
    A Single Black Rose

    A single Black Rose to turn the tide
    A single Black Rose to make one die
    A single Black Rose to ensnare the soul
    A single Black Rose to widen that hole read more »

    Michael Koelliker
  • 9.
    One Rose

    One Rose
    Two Rose
    Twelve Rose
    One for each bruise read more »

    Lexie Night
  • 10.
    A Rose

    A rose to rise
    A rose to fall
    A rose to conquer all
    Thorns that hurt read more »

    Nuku Desmond
  • 11.

    read more »

    kerry green
  • 12.
    Rose’s rose rose

    Rose’s rose rose
    In the light of the day
    While the wind blows
    Round its flowers of the lightest rosé. read more »

    Sarah Jay
  • 13.
    Red Rose

    A red rose is so sweet and so delicate,
    A red rose is always so bright and glimmering with red,
    A red rose has always grown so gracefully,
    and always before the end of the rose's life it starts to wilt, read more »

    sarah bishop
  • 14.

    The Gun went off
    She fell into the abyss I promised I'd never let her fall into.
    I failed her
    Could'nt save her this time read more »

    Byron Cornell Ford II
  • 15.
    The Rose

    The rose is often used to show
    your affectionate love to that
    someone special in your life.
    The (R) in the word rose represents read more »

    William Bean
  • 16.
    An Ordinary Rose

    I saw a rose, an ordinary rose
    It struggled to be seen
    In a garden overgrown
    With harsh reality. I saw a rose, an ordinary rose read more »

    Devorah Seidenfeld
  • 17.

    Rose oh rose, where have you gone
    You promised you'd be back at dawn
    Rose oh rose, I should have known
    That you would leave me all alone read more »

    Nichole Baptista
  • 18.
    White rose, red

    Take my white rose
    White rose, red
    Love everlasting
    Even when dead read more »

    Trey Mitchell
  • 19.
    Rose Is Still Rose

    Not all plants is flower
    And not all flowers are Rose

    Rose is still Rose
    Even if its trampled upon read more »

    Emeyazia Iwe Chukwudi
  • 20.

    Cross rose
    Prices rose
    People rose
    Hunger rose read more »

    ...C Cleverly
  • 21.
    A rose I am no more

    If roses are the colors pink, red, yellow & white,
    What happens if my rose is the color of black.
    If all roses have their thorns,
    What happens if my rose has lost its thorns. read more »

    Beating Tree
  • 22.
    The Rose

    A single rose
    Given by one to another
    A single rose
    Be it a friend, sister, or lover read more »

    Calysta Rose Anderson
  • 23.
    Unopened rose

    At first glance,
    An unopened rose never shows its true beauty
    At first try,
    It’s impossible to touch a shooting star read more »

    Carlos Wever
  • 24.
    A Dying Rose

    Mother, since you left this world
    my life has not been the same
    like a dying rose
    that has not felt sun nor rain read more »

    Gerardo L. Angulo
  • 25.
    The Tower Of Death

    This Tower that keeps me hostage
    Must be known as the tower of death.
    I can just leap from it now
    And all its power over me will be gone. read more »

    Nicholas Wright
  • 26.
    The Wilted Rose

    I once observed a wilted Rose
    Clipped before its time
    How sad it was to see
    It broke this heart of mine read more »

    Dan J. Najvar
  • 27.
    A Rose

    A rose to rise
    A rose to fall
    A rose to conquer all
    Thorns that hurt read more »

    Nuku Desmond
  • 28.

    Roses, the most beautiful flower on our earth,
    Roses, the only flower to show Your love,
    Roses, red or yellow or pink or orange,
    Roses, it doesn't matter what color they are, read more »

    Eric Mokrzycki
  • 29.
    A Rose

    A rose red in color
    A rose full of vigour
    A rose sunk in sweat
    A rose filled with love read more »

    Kamal Narayan Baruah
  • 30.
    A Red Rose

    a red rose
    always keeps a pose
    so pure and divine
    so many things come to mind read more »

    Eric Mills
  • 31.
    Roses are red, Violets are blue.....(romantic)

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    they wouldn't be red or blue,
    without you, read more »

    Austin Dempsey
  • 32.
    My Africa

    The land of my forefathers
    Victim of imperialism, colonialism
    Wars and all social ills alike
    Perpetuated by western forces read more »

    swabi mnisi
  • 33.
    Red Rose

    Red rose
    Red rose
    He led me to the rose garden
    And darkling, he tucked a rose in my restless trembling tresses read more »

    Reza parhizgar
  • 34.
    Roses are Red, Violets are Blue

    Rose are red, violets are blue
    Love never crossed my mind until the day that I met you

    Roses are red, violets are blue read more »

    Matthew Marti
  • 35.
    Rose An Inspiration

    Rose, the sign of love
    Beauty is picturesque
    Speaks for itself
    An inspiration read more »

    Elizabeth Grant Price
  • 36.
    White Rose

    Pure, vulnerable as it used to be,
    Where sweet fragrance rushing to meet by a bee

    White rose covered with insects and grin, read more »

    mendeez ellen
  • 37.
    shes my rose

    i love her alot and i wanna marry her

    - -

    Rose oh rose, where have you gone read more »

    jimmy john
  • 38.

    read more »

    james hallmark
  • 39.
    The Red Rose Of Love

    A young man was walking
    In a beautiful garden one day
    Looking around at the many flowers
    He saw a beautiful red rose read more »

    Terry Charles
  • 40.
    Dark Rose

    A single dark rose
    is a broken hearted love
    that can never be fixed read more »

    Gert Paul
  • 41.
    Green Rose

    I am a green rose

    No one can see me read more »

    November Nelson
  • 42.
    Roses of Love

    In my heart there is a Vase
    With 5 roses
    5 roses all for you
    With five different colors read more »

    Ernie Longhi Jr.
  • 43.
    i found a rose

    I found a rose

    between a rose bud read more »

    martel alexis
  • 44.
    A Rose

    A rose is a rose that shine in me, a rose

    That fit that anybody can be a rose without read more »

    Tysan Parker
  • 45.
    Love is Like a Rose

    Love Is Like a roses
    To grow they need a little heat
    They are just so sweet
    Roses are a gift from above read more »

    cynthia fino
  • 46.
    little rose bud

    read more »

    Britton Thompson
  • 47.
    My rose

    The shinning rose of mine,
    Comforting when wind brow to it,
    Fan me when it is hot,
    Is wonderful rose ever seen, read more »

    Alex Katowo
  • 48.

    The roses has many hidden soul felt, depths to her beauty
    As many a romantic soul realizes, love and gratitude are all rose's duty
    A single rose expresses feelings in their uncomplicated, simplicity.
    While a single rose in full bloom pronounces 'I love you' for eternity. read more »

  • 49.
    My Special Red Rose

    My Special Red Rose

    My special red rose so full of life just blossoming with
    lovely red petals read more »

    Joseph Skelley
  • 50.
    Die and Be loved

    There was this butterfly
    Who had loved a white rose
    But the rose doesn't love him
    ' When will you learn to love me? ', the butterfly asked read more »

    Rosemary (ruth) Daguio
  • 51.
    Red Roses

    Rose Petals rain down,
    angel blood falls far,
    rose petals rain down,
    and soak the world with war. read more »

    Amouta Stardancer
  • 52.

    Red roses
    Pink roses
    i wished you had when you walked in
    But all you had is a knife to stick in my heart read more »

    undiscovered star
  • 53.
    The Rose And The Bull

    At night the rose is dark
    At night a black bull
    flies from the rose read more »

    Zakaria Mohammed
  • 54.
    roses are red violets are blue

    roses are red
    violets are blue
    im here to say this too u
    roses are red read more »

    ashley pearson
  • 55.
    A dozen Roses

    A dozen Roses I give you my friend A gift that seems smal but its represents so much Our friendship most of all read more »

    Taylor owens
  • 56.
    A Dozen Roses

    A dozen roses I give to you my friend

    A gift that seems so small read more »

    Joyce Regna
  • 57.
    The Rose With Thorns

    The rose with thorns
    Beautiful passion red rose
    But dangerous with thorns
    Picked off the garden read more »

    Jose Antonio Torres Galeana
  • 58.

    Roses for the blond girl who went a little red.
    Roses for the lunatic, mind left cold and dead.
    Roses for the college girl, with whom I shared the bread.
    Roses for the flower girl, and roses for the dead. Roses for all the ones still trapped by jealousy. read more »

    Robert Kumpf
  • 59.
    Sun Rise The Mood Fall

    sun rise each morring your a wake each moring
    the moon fall dialy but when it become mide night
    the moon rise and the sun fall
    when moon rise it set a upon your face read more »

    julisw kelley
  • 60.
    Unforgiving Love

    read more »

    Ariff Khan
  • 61.
    Beauty Rises

    Beauty rises
    Stars set black
    As dawn awakens
    The unyielding skies read more »

    Chuck Cowan
  • 62.
    Closed Rose

    The simplicity of thy rose
    Is shown
    When thy rose is closed
    But when thy rose opens up to those read more »

    Paige Down
  • 63.
    An Easter Greeting

    The lark at sunrise trills it high-
    The greeting Christ is risen!
    And through the wood the black-bird pipes
    The greeting Christ is risen! read more »

    Apollon Nikolayevich Maykov
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