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Top 100 Poems About: RUNNING

In this page, poems on / about “running” are listed.
  • 1.
    Running Away

    I considered running away today,
    To leave all my worries behind,
    I considered running away today,
    Then I changd my mind. read more »

    Hayley Oxborough
  • 2.
    The Sun, The Rain, The Hope, The Pain

    it started to rain
    when i was playing in the sun
    i left the game
    and i started to run read more »

    Analmani Tripathi
  • 3.
    Running running

    Running Running
    away from my tears
    away from my pain
    away from my fears read more »

    Brittany Ray
  • 4.
    Thinking Of What To Do

    Thinking of what to do
    Of what to say
    Hoping for the best
    Feeling hopelessness settling in- read more »

    J. Measel
  • 5.
    Life Cycle

    I see this man running,
    running from the start;
    it's a perfect start.
    He runs on his belly and he moves fast read more »

    Kenneth Brian Schreuder
  • 6.
    I run from me, you, love, hate, and the chance of us being together

    i run from me
    i run from you
    i run from love
    i run from hate read more »

    Desiree Burdick
  • 7.

    Running, Running,
    There is nothing left to do,
    Running, Running,
    It's so hot but I can't stop, read more »

    Alexandria Washington
  • 8.

    Run approximating your last run
    Run like you’ll never sprint
    Run in the vein of nobody’s business
    Run like you run in favor of you life read more »

    Stephen Raseona
  • 9.

    Running, running.
    Can't run fast enough
    Just need a way out
    Just need another escape read more »

    Charles Reed
  • 10.
    The Grandad

    I look over to my son laughing playing not a care,
    Comes running when hurt or scared
    running to me
    But as time goes by I start to notice read more »

    Donal Moran
  • 11.
    Beauty of The Moon

    Running along the mountains
    Feeling the air rush through me
    Feel the earth under my paws
    Running through the forest at night read more »

    Vianca Borrero
  • 12.

    Wanting wishing hoping praying
    Oh I felt like I was suffocating
    So seeking liberty smashed the moulding
    And hit the road of endless chasing. read more »

    Nlighten ...
  • 13.

    Run feel the wind on your face
    Run with your mind and let your spirit pull you along
    Move your feet and join the race
    For life can be summed in a song read more »

    Lesten WhitePigeon
  • 14.
    Summer senses

    The feel of summer
    Caressing my face
    As I run read more »

    I Am Rebel
  • 15.
    Run To The Light

    Follow the path
    Keep running
    Don’t look back read more »

    Maurice Rowlands
  • 16.


    Run run run run run
    oh the track is never-ending! read more »

    Kuldeep Rana
  • 17.
    Run bob

    run bob from the cops
    run bob and never stop
    run bob or you`ll get caught
    don`t stop bob or your dead meat read more »

    Anime Teen 4ever
  • 18.
    Running Dream

    Running, and running.
    Its like I cant stop,
    like Im running from something.
    Maybe my past. read more »

    Kenna Dake
  • 19.
    I Want To Run Away

    I want to run away
    Run away from the darkness that consumes me
    Run away from the pain it has caused me
    I want to run away read more »

    Mel Cooper
  • 20.
    On The Run

    On the run
    From society, culture, and beliefs
    Molded from our environment and the things we see
    On the run read more »

    Charmain Hughes
  • 21.
    You Best Run

    You best run.

    You best run
    run and never stop read more »

    bradley Caine0
  • 22.

    I want to run

    I want to run
    Barefoot read more »

    Tara Hills
  • 23.
    Running Down The Lane

    watching things going by in the rain
    wasted years full of pain
    Running down the lane read more »

    Marco Didden
  • 24.
    Run away

    Im running from the present

    im running from the past read more »

    ardella smithpowell
  • 25.

    Never stop running,
    Run until your heart asphyxiates
    Run until your lungs combusts,
    Run until your legs wont move, read more »

    Pezz McEwin
  • 26.
    run like the wind

    read more »

    dillion barbiedoll
  • 27.
    Run Away

    Fight or Flight
    Stay or Run Away

    Deal or Escape
    Skinned and Scraped
    Have courage
    Or Be Afraid read more »

    Coletha Albert
  • 28.

    I am running,
    I don't know where to.
    Just where from,
    I am running from... read more »

    Matthew Hampson
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