Top 100 Poems About: RUNNING

In this page, poems on / about “running” are listed.
  • 1.
    Running Away

    I considered running away today,
    To leave all my worries behind,
    I considered running away today,
    Then I changd my mind. read more »

    Hayley Oxborough
  • 2.
    The Sun, The Rain, The Hope, The Pain

    it started to rain
    when i was playing in the sun
    i left the game
    and i started to run read more »

    Analmani Tripathi
  • 3.
    Running running

    Running Running
    away from my tears
    away from my pain
    away from my fears read more »

    Brittany Ray
  • 4.
    Thinking Of What To Do

    Thinking of what to do
    Of what to say
    Hoping for the best
    Feeling hopelessness settling in- read more »

    J. Measel
  • 5.
    Life Cycle

    I see this man running,
    running from the start;
    it's a perfect start.
    He runs on his belly and he moves fast read more »

    Kenneth Brian Schreuder
  • 6.
    I run from me, you, love, hate, and the chance of us being together

    i run from me
    i run from you
    i run from love
    i run from hate read more »

    Desiree Burdick
  • 7.
    The Grandad

    I look over to my son laughing playing not a care,
    Comes running when hurt or scared
    running to me
    But as time goes by I start to notice read more »

    Donal Moran
  • 8.
    Run My Spirit Run

    Run my spirit run, run while you can my inner man
    You ran and associated yourself with conscience and instincts
    but the scandalized you
    You ran and hid yourself in the depths of my well structured body, read more »

    Mandla Prince KedamileKoti
  • 9.

    Im running into blackness
    Im running into light
    Running, Running, Running
    My legs ache read more »

    Emma Litchfield
  • 10.

    Never stop running,
    Run until your heart asphyxiates
    Run until your lungs combusts,
    Run until your legs wont move, read more »

    Pezz McEwin
  • 11.

    Running, Running,
    There is nothing left to do,
    Running, Running,
    It's so hot but I can't stop, read more »

    Alexandria Washington
  • 12.

    Wanting wishing hoping praying
    Oh I felt like I was suffocating
    So seeking liberty smashed the moulding
    And hit the road of endless chasing. read more »

    Nlighten ...
  • 13.
    Running Song

    i will die before my mother,
    i will die before my sons

    i will die before my lover; read more »

  • 14.
    When it wars

    read more »

    lucky brown
  • 15.

    I ran I ran I ran as a child ran. I run now in adulthood no paths no dusty roads no hills to climb, no avenue of smells ‘the foggy shores of my mind, great ship no sail no hope. Jiggered rocks swirl my maidens wail, distant drum calls me no wilderness to read more »

    dophine boy
  • 16.

    I ran out of you
    before I was ready to let you go

    I ran out of your hugs read more »

    Silke Kaiser
  • 17.
    I Want To Run Away

    I want to run away
    Run away from the darkness that consumes me
    Run away from the pain it has caused me
    I want to run away read more »

    Mel Cooper
  • 18.
    Beauty of The Moon

    Running along the mountains
    Feeling the air rush through me
    Feel the earth under my paws
    Running through the forest at night read more »

    Vianca Borrero
  • 19.
    The Man With No Face

    Run, run, run away, from the man with no face. A business suit of black, sword-sharp tendrils on his back, and leaves without a trace.
    Run, run, run and hide, somewhere you think he cannot find. No matter where you hide, he'll be standing right by your side, glaring with his non-existent eyes.
    He says, 'don't you fret my dear, it will all be over soon. I'll be waiting here for you.'
    Run fast as you can, far away from the Slenderman. Fly high across the sky from here to kingdom come. Keep on running until you're done. read more »

    Victoria Cooper
  • 20.


    Run run run run run
    oh the track is never-ending! read more »

    Kuldeep Rana
  • 21.
    On The Run

    On the run
    From society, culture, and beliefs
    Molded from our environment and the things we see
    On the run read more »

    Charmain Hughes
  • 22.
    Running Away

    running away
    from the place I'm held captive
    I don't want to see this island ever again
    running away read more »

    AnnaKae Roberts
  • 23.

    I am running,
    I don't know where to.
    Just where from,
    I am running from... read more »

    Matthew Hampson
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