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Top 100 Poems About: SAD

In this page, poems on / about “sad” are listed.
  • 1.

    sad for all the time my embrace was empty of you
    sad for being stubborn to be sad

    sad for touching objects baring your presence read more »

    Cristina Geanta
  • 2.
    Sad In Blue (a lyric)

    Sad sad sad in blue
    For sad sad sad you
    The moon is all bluish tonight
    The night is all dark out side read more »

    Peter S. Quinn
  • 3.
    Suicide Sad but True

    The voices make you blue
    This is sad but true
    Now suicide is waiting for you
    This is sad but true read more »

    Jeremy Gibbs
  • 4.
    My sad eyes

    My sad eyes
    blurred by tears
    heart broken
    by the world they now see read more »

    vincent armone
  • 5.
    Close Those Sad Sad Eyes

    Close those sad sad eyes girl,
    and let your feelings wash away,
    Bring up nothing more than what you want to say,
    So close those sad sad eyes girl, read more »

    Beautiful Grim
  • 6.

    Depression is the looks that lie
    Depression is the tears I cry..

    Depression is the mistakes read more »

    Bianca Martinez
  • 7.
    Sad Sad Day

    It's a sad sad day
    When the lights go dim
    It's a sad sad day
    When the sun goes down read more »

    Laura Green
  • 8.
    Writer's Block

    It's a sad, sad story when I get writer's block
    One that may lead to tears
    Tears for my agonizing pain
    Tears because you know or have the feeling read more »

    Nicole Wobster
  • 9.
    Sad And Lonely

    As I started sipping
    my daily lovely coffee
    A race of memories just began in my mind
    of old days, the hard and the easy read more »

    Taher Shemaly
  • 10.
    Mad and Sad

    We all walk like everything is fine,
    But we all know we are all mad,
    Mad at the world,
    Mad at are friends, read more »

    Samantha Guinen
  • 11.
    Death seems fun!

    It's sad when death feels like a fun release,
    It's sad when people stop trying to talk you out of it,
    It's sad when you look around and all you see is misery, read more »

    Kill or Be killed
  • 12.

    When you geel sad, it is usual that everything in your life seem diffuclut and it is usual you feel lonely, too

    Don't forget that we are with you at any time, any where
    I know that it is scary and hard to say your feelings to friends, read more »

    Sofia Finn
  • 13.

    I am sad when your around you,
    I am sad with you,
    You always make me sad,
    will you ever make me feel more than sad? read more »

    Miranda Overton
  • 14.
    Simple, Seldom and Sad

    Simple, seldom and sad
    We are;
    Alone on the Halibut Hills
    Afar, read more »

    Mervyn Peake
  • 15.
    Sad people

    sad people

    with sad hearts read more »

    Morgan Bodden
  • 16.
    Dad you make me Sad

    I am so sad
    cause of my bad bad dad
    it makes me so mad
    i am never glad read more »

    Jessica Koch
  • 17.
    Wrongly, A Choice Made

    Two roads start in a green wood
    God and men long they stood
    Men were given a choice to make
    A choice of path for them to take read more »

  • 18.
    Your Choice

    How sad it is that we're apart, to live a life estranged,
    You will only find me broken, my heart is truly pained.
    How sad you cannot do it, instead owned by what you fear,
    Forever you'll be searching, for something that was here. read more »

    Annie Copper
  • 19.
    When we are sad....

    When we are sad....
    every thing turn bad.
    When we are sad....
    we may heavily cry read more »

    Reem Ehab
  • 20.
    After Love

    After love
    we lie apart
    separately sad
    thinking our separate thoughts read more »

    Gillian Commerford
  • 21.
    In This Moment

    See the sunlight shining bright
    Over my sad day-dream world
    Standing so close to oblivion
    I can feel your heart beating. read more »

    Prince ....
  • 22.
    I Am...

    I am sad and confused.
    wonder if he will come back
    hear my name when no one is calling
    see him laughing and running read more »

    Laura Mucciolo
  • 23.

    read more »

    joey cooksey
  • 24.

    Every package of life comes with the happpy and the sad,
    Jus like flower garden blooms with thorns hidden between.
    We must take the happy and the sad,
    And try to balance our behaviour around them, read more »

    Nirupa Narine
  • 25.
    That Orange Cat

    That orange cat, which sit on top of the desk,

    Looking sad as like someone dead, read more »

    fara alfiee
  • 26.
    Sad Rose

    I'm a sad rose,
    Beaten by the wind,
    was once beautiful and bright as the sun,
    but, the one we fear winter, came and snapped us like a twig read more »

    Liliana Fleming
  • 27.
    Your smile

    Your smile

    The smile on your face
    Bloomed like a flower read more »

    anil jose
  • 28.

    death is a rath,
    it is sad a path,
    it is sad,
    it is bad. read more »

    hassan fattal
  • 29.
    For Christina

    On this piece of paper
    she who is I tried a poem
    About the pretty girl
    About the girl with the stunning smile read more »

    Charlie Moland
  • 30.

    oh! alas, the word starts my poetry,
    i feel sad and sad and triply,
    it's my habit read more »

    prashant hooda
  • 31.

    How sad it is, to be a loser
    How sad it is, to be lonely
    How sad it is, to find out that your parents
    doesn't believe in you, read more »

    Nabil Nazmi
  • 32.

    now that i'm feeling sad over here
    u're somewhere happy with somebody there
    life is now in depression with full of tension
    relief u're feeling 2 be out of our relation read more »

    SeRgIoN (Hate Me)
  • 33.
    My Eyes

    My sad eyes
    blurred by tears
    heart broken
    by the world they now see read more »

    Nichole Gilmore
  • 34.
    Psychotic Melody for Emo Girl

    Sad emo girl, oh cant you see
    Sad emo girl wont let it be

    Dangerously obsessed with your fantasy dream read more »

    jenny yeats
  • 35.

    teardrops teardrops on my face,
    who is the saddest of them all?
    the teardrops reply and say why nai you are.
    but why are you sad? read more »

    Jenee Poindexter
  • 36.

    On a warm summer night in june
    through the air I heard a tearful tune
    the sweet sound of a guitar crying
    shedding tears for the dead and the dying read more »

    B.B. Lee
  • 37.

    Sorry is a five letter word,
    it is said when you feel sad and hope you are heard.
    I feel sad because I’m not with you,
    I know my feeling sad won’t make it come true. read more »

    Suzanna C Chevalier
  • 38.
    The Title Should Be Sad Sad Sad

    sad for all the time my embrace was empty of you
    sad for being stubborn to be sad
    sad for touching objects baring your presence
    sad for not touching you... read more »

    Paul De Chavez
  • 39.
    The Cutter's Violin

    There once was a violinist
    He wasn’t your usual violinist read more »

    Kierstyn Ouellette
  • 40.
    Hard Times -new-

    The times are hard,
    Man is bad
    The rhymes are sad, read more »

    Orifah Samson
  • 41.
    so sad

    it's so sad when you try and fail
    it's so sad when you miss and no one care
    it's so sad when you talk and no one understand
    it's so sad when you love and can't till read more »

    chris jam
  • 42.

    I feel sad because of loneliness
    I feel sad because of the ignoreness of my life
    I feel sad because of the idiotness of people read more »

    Max Chui
  • 43.

    Sad isn't it?
    Sad how he stands alone waiting outside.
    Well, he's not actually standing alone,
    he stands there in a group of a dozen people, read more »

    Andrew Lam
  • 44.
    Left Alone

    Again i am left alone
    The sad moments have overflown,
    The happy moments have fadded away
    For the sad moments they got away, read more »

    Aman Saini
  • 45.
    I am sad and hurt

    I am sad and hurt,
    I wonder why am i always treated like dirt,
    I hear screaming,
    I see weeping, read more »

    Janet Diaz
  • 46.

    I went to them
    they smiled
    I smiled
    I was happy read more »

    Remesh Kesavan
  • 47.
    The Sad Frog

    There was once a sad frog
    He was very sad
    Chlöe hit him
    The frog looked at his is frog hands read more »

    Liam Zarebski
  • 48.
    The Saddest Story

    I know of a story
    that would take all smiles away

    I Could Tell The Saddest Story read more »

    seventeen thirtyfour
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