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Top 100 Poems About: SCHOOL

In this page, poems on / about “school” are listed.
  • 1.
    school just school

    School we need it
    school, friends
    school you have teachers
    school is great read more »

    kerri king
  • 2.
    what is school like?

    School is like a prison
    We can’t leave,

    School is like an island read more »

    Jacob Gifford
  • 3.
    School Is Not So Cool

    School, School, School,
    A school is not so cool
    We're here 5 days a week
    8 hours a day. read more »

    Chantel Braatz
  • 4.
    school school school

    Every school has a name but
    school is so lame
    school what can I say
    school im there like every day read more »

    somebody u will never know
  • 5.
    Stay In School

    Stay in school, don't be a fool
    A dropout gets left out
    A dropout gets pushed out
    Show me your name, what does it mean read more »

    Leon Thomas Lee
  • 6.
    I Can't Go to School

    I can’t go to school because I am sick
    If I walk out my house I’ll get hit by a brick

    I can’t go to school because I’m afraid read more »

    jasmine shipp
  • 7.

    School, it is stressing at times.
    Many times I don't even have it on my mind.
    School is good, and it is bad, there are times I think that I'm
    going to mad. read more »

    Dwayne Earle Gordon
  • 8.
    Bubble gum

    Mary had some bubble gum, bubble gum, bubble gum
    Mary had some bubble gum read more »

    Lee Toballs
  • 9.

    School can be can be boring
    school can bring can bring enemies
    school can bring can bring Jake porter
    school can bring rules...but u can break them read more »

    Miss Smiley face
  • 10.

    Why do we go to school?
    We have to learn
    We have to strive harder
    We have to go to school read more »

    Jamie Parker
  • 11.
    Senryu - Back to School

    end of summer
    school bell rings-
    empty cereal bowls read more »

    Don Haney
  • 12.

    Some things you like, Some you hate.
    Wake up at six, But you're still always late. read more »

    Brian Aji
  • 13.
    ~Please Lord~

    Dear Lord, please let school be out!
    Then the whole wide world will say hurray in one big shout
    But even More please let school be Banned,
    So we can sit here being fanned. read more »

    Nyki Thomas
  • 14.

    School is fun,
    School is great,
    Even if your late. read more »

    Samantha Holstiene
  • 15.

    School what can i say
    School im there like all day
    School can be cool at some points
    School im really gifted when it comes down to it read more »

    david mitchell
  • 16.

    school is the best
    my english teacher rocks
    history is fun read more »

    logan dillie
  • 17.

    School Is Not So Cool

    School, School, School, read more »

    fahed sharaf
  • 18.
    The white man’s GRAVE

    This school is not our school
    We have our own.
    This culture is not our own,
    I know it well. read more »

    macaulay akinbami
  • 19.

    School can be fun,
    School can be boring,
    School bring friends,
    School bring enemies, read more »

    ZaKyr Davis
  • 20.

    in school,
    when i saw you
    i intuited i have found
    my lost world in you read more »

    Elorm Dogbo
  • 21.
    I Sent My Child To School Today

    I sent my child to school today
    With his little lunch box

    When he came home he said his friend read more »

    Doug Hollywood Davis
  • 22.
    The Perfect school


    A place where a student worships his teacher as a god,
    The heads of the children before their teacher nod. read more »

    gautam sharma
  • 23.
    school is not the life for me

    school is boring
    school cant get us anywhere
    school is a waste of time
    school is so rubbish read more »

    michelle louise commons
  • 24.
    That's my school

    Up at my school
    everyone is different
    yet we are treated
    like an equal read more »

    Shauna Stoltz
  • 25.
    I Don't Want To Go Into School

    I don't want to go into school today; Mum,
    I don't feel like school work today.
    Oh, don't make me go to school today, Mum
    Oh, please let me stay home and play. read more »

    colin mcnaughton
  • 26.
    My Sweet School

    School is where one learns,
    Kowledge is what one earns,
    Teachers, friends are a part of school,
    Without them, a school, isnt a school, read more »

    Sherbanu Molu
  • 27.

    read more »

    samantha macmillan
  • 28.
    My First Day At School(***A Real Experience***)

    Oh, it came so fast like a speedy train,
    in the month of heavy rain,
    when the birds of joy just flew away,
    and my heartbeat rose up each day. read more »

    anjana asok(12 yrs)
  • 29.
    Summer Vacation

    It's sumertime,
    School vacation has begun,
    Time for children to play,
    And have fun in the sun. read more »

    Christine L.Brown
  • 30.
    ansar ud deen

    school of knowledge
    school of polish
    school of poise
    school of virtue read more »

    umoh cyril
  • 31.

    be cool
    and forget about the school
    school is pressure
    i dont like its weather read more »

    little angel
  • 32.
    Welcome back To School!

    Welcome Back To School

    Welcome back to school
    Summer's over and once again school rules read more »

    Anthony Shurland Phillander
  • 33.
    School Is Cool

    School is cool when you want to get away for 8 hours,
    School is lame if you have to sit there and do work,
    When your parents hate you and you begin to cry, well go to school becuse they will never think to find you there,
    i love school now that i think about it, my parents hate me and my sisters dis own me so really who cares about going to school and being popular, read more »

    Amber Rainer
  • 34.
    School can be...

    School can be boring
    school can be fun
    school can bring friends
    and school can bring enemies read more »

    Sam Chivers
  • 35.

    torn apart by gossip
    destroyed by half truths
    the girls at school don't know me
    but they act as if they do read more »

    Laura Strom
  • 36.

    School is easy,
    School is hard,
    School can make me smart,
    School can be cool, read more »

    Nikki Auu
  • 37.

    waking up for school,
    getting to school going to school,
    I used to think school was
    Just for fools and friends... read more »

    mary simonson
  • 38.

    We go to school and we learn
    We go to school and we laugh
    We go to school and we make friends
    We go to school to know life read more »

    Custous Angelus
  • 39.
    going to school

    Bouncing to school you go every day,
    Listening to what the teacher’s have to say.
    There will be days when you think you feel sick,
    But going to school will make your mind as strong as a brick. read more »

    Timothy Honeycutt
  • 40.
    Boring School

    School teaches us that 2+2=4,
    And I feel that all bore
    School teaches us that an essay has an intro, body, and conclusion,
    But all this goes into my mind as a fusion read more »

    Prem Methuku
  • 41.
    first day of school

    early in the morning,
    school is calling,
    time to hop out of bed,
    jump on mum, read more »

    Holly Elizabeth
  • 42.

    School is a community which surrounds you most
    A place where teachers seem somewhat like ghosts
    Believing that it’s a chance for new friends
    But the community also introduces new ends read more »

    Silly Artist
  • 43.
    Annoying people

    You think you’re so cool,
    Just because you’re popular you think you rule the school.

    Well here’s some news for you, read more »

    Kelly Kramm
  • 44.
    First Day At High School

    First day at high school
    Cool but confusing, then I first saw you
    Was your eyes that I wanted to look into
    Was your desk that I wanted to pass through read more »

    Sboniso Siyanda Manqele
  • 45.

    I rely on memory regarding schools
    I attended long ago, weighing up
    The undoubted benefits they brought me
    With a certain downside at high school. read more »

    michael walker
  • 46.

    From the old color blue, UCC now turns green
    Why do you think our school has to do that kind of changing?
    Better services and facilities, are these what it means
    Or does the school just wanna change the color without any innovation to bring? read more »

    samhark samonte
  • 47.

    lovely is my school,
    because it makes me so cool;
    there are teachers to teach'
    to make our future to reach; read more »

    M.Laurel Vijitha ...
  • 48.
    The Reason

    The Reason I went to school
    Was it not to gain the grand certificate
    Or be counted among the family heir looms read more »

    Eunice Musiime
  • 49.

    School is fun,
    yet dull.
    School is old,
    yet too modern. read more »

    Hayley K...
  • 50.
    A Mere Freshman in High School

    As a mere freshman in high school
    I was cursed with the miracle of life
    Or an angel of death
    That was wrapped in a pink blanket. read more »

    The pain of a last kiss
  • 51.
    School Day Blues

    It's Monday morning,
    And I'm feeling low.
    Got to go to school,
    I don't feel like it though. read more »

    Charlotte Pinkney
  • 52.
    My school uniform....

    Every morning I have to wake up early than the cocks
     And get ready by wearing the school dress and  pulling up the socks 
    As I have to reach the school on time 
    By walking down the lane singing the school rhyme.  read more »

    Prakhar Sri
  • 53.
    School and teachers

    You go to school
    just to be told
    you can't do it that way read more »

    shelbie bozeman
  • 54.

    There is always drama
    Drama is the first problem in school
    School isnt that great to begin with but once theres drama its worst
    Worst day of my life read more »

    Chyna Washington
  • 55.
    Back To School.

    read more »

    Darlington Chukwunyere
  • 56.
    High School Through Haiku's

    My least favorite
    Time of day is when I have
    To get up from bed read more »

    Marla Cassenti
  • 57.
    We Are Cool! ! !

    School School School
    We are the fools
    follow the rules
    But we are cool! ! ! read more »

    Ritu Jain
  • 58.

    read more »

    ravi teja
  • 59.

    School is good
    School is Great.
    School has always been fun.
    School has, what the hay am I talking about! read more »

    Sabrina Oney
  • 60.

    School is a home of friends and foes,
    School is a home of ups and lows,
    School is a home of love and fun,
    School is a home of everyone. read more »

    Parth Parekh
  • 61.
    School Is Great

    School is great,
    And even though,
    I'm always really late,
    I love to go to school all day, read more »

    Milo Sena
  • 62.
    The Yellow School Bus

    The yellow school bus with the black wheels took sick children to school each day.
    The yellow school bus with the black wheels was driven whether or not the sky was gray.
    The yellow school bus with the black wheels went pass three streets and up a hill.
    The yellow school bus with the black wheels was driven whether sunny or chilled. read more »

    RaShawn Ince
  • 63.

    - School every morning
    And that’s so boring
    - I hate School
    There are only rules read more »

    loveliesbleeding maker
  • 64.
    School's out

    Well we got no choice
    All the girls and boys
    Makin all that noise
    'Cause they found new toys read more »

    killed killa
  • 65.
    On my way to school (ballad attempt)

    It was a pleasant day
    walking down the road
    too bad it's so early
    carrying a heavy load read more »

    Venus Fire
  • 66.

    School can be fun
    But school can be boring
    Teachers are active
    Or teachers are lazy read more »

    One Self
  • 67.
    the school magazine

    here comes the school magazine
    filled with fun and energy
    covering our rush in studies
    making our mind very busy read more »

    sarthak mishra
  • 68.
    The lesson left untaught

    School teaches us that 2+2=4
    School teaches us that an essay has an intro, body, and conclusion
    School teaches us that history is his story
    We learn alot in school but not enough read more »

    Dashon Coleman
  • 69.
    Highschool Friendships

    High school friendships rarely last
    Eventually school becomes a blurry past
    As we get caught up in our lives
    Forget to be good husbands and wives read more »

    Breanna Verkon
  • 70.
    i dont like school

    I don't like school
    They don't let me play
    I don't like school
    Not any day read more »

    Dalton Delong
  • 71.
    High School sweethearts

    started out as high school swwethearts
    i sit in front of class
    he sits in the back
    i pass him his worksheet read more »

    briangela jones
  • 72.

    As I sat down on that cold rainy spring morning
    To go or not to go I thought
    The cold from the weather left me wondering
    What could have been worse than yesterday's class I taught? read more »

    Victor Cruickshank
  • 73.
    Middle School Mayhem

    six grade, oh boy
    new places, new faces
    here I come middle school
    busy hallways and I’m already confused read more »

    Molly Breadcrumb
  • 74.

    Roses are red, Violets are blue. Do you know how much I love school? My favorites are math and reading to me school really is appealing. I love my school it is really fun, this school is a place for every one. I love teachers principal and staff they make me giggle smile and laugh.My name is Maliyah and I am 9 I like to sing and dance around the time. This is my name and this is my poem I have some friends I hope you know them. read more »

    maliyah antoine
  • 75.

    What's wrong with music in school?
    They teach us to play it every day
    And yet
    We can't even listen to it to concentrate read more »

    Josh Menard
  • 76.
    School is Fun!

    School is fun, it is a place were you listen, learn & play!
    School is a place for u to stay! study and make friends its always the same!
    School are for teachers to teach and janitors to clean! students must keep their class room clean!
    School are for students to learn new things, especially when it comes to tests, exams and other different things! read more »

    Iyakami Haroki
  • 77.
    School is Like

    School is like a prison
    you can never escape
    School is like having
    a detention everyday read more »

    Darren Arrogante
  • 78.

    June always came with
    A new school bag
    Brown paper and pencil boxes
    Hot bath water and raincoats read more »

    Dharinee Bapat
  • 79.
    Sports (An Acrostic)

    Sports are fun to
    Outside during
    Recess, or even read more »

    Pete D. Christensen
  • 80.

    Adults, Adults,

    How boring they are, read more »

    Arabella Underwood
  • 81.
    The Schools

    In the schools,
    There are a long typesetting from questions,
    A high rooms,
    I don't know, why do they high? read more »

    Basim Al Oda
  • 82.
    My Bestest Friend Rich

    I have a friend his name is Rich
    But sadly enough he is not rich
    The first day I met him
    I was in Middle School. read more »

    Norman Swisher, Jr.
  • 83.
    I Had To Skip School

    I had to skip school because I got sick
    If I walk out the house I'll get hit by a brick
    I had to skip school because I'm afraid
    That on my way I'll get run over by a big parade read more »

    Abegale Costilla
  • 84.
    If i was the principal of dps

    If i was the principal of dps
    on children there would be no burden and stress.
    Everyday there would be a period of games,
    in every class there would be my photo with nice frames. read more »

    shubham sharma
  • 85.
    African Woman

    A work of engineering is what describes an African woman
    Long before the sun wakes, she is preparing the children for school
    She runs a bath for the lazy lad who ruins her figure
    With the baby on her back, and the sun painting her black read more »

    Tumisang Ramarea
  • 86.
    Stay In School

    School is fun, when you play
    But school is hard when you do work all day
    School is a like prisoners cage
    Because it depends on your age read more »

    Lola Chole
  • 87.

    school can be bad,
    school can be sad,
    school can make you,
    feel really mad, read more »

    sophie mckensie
  • 88.
    Weirdo school

    Our school is so unfair
    They gave us a holiday which is rare
    Wait a minute.. Home schooling is right there
    We keep studying so we won't fail read more »

    emma justin
  • 89.
    My school

    read more »

    Jordan Ray
  • 90.
    School Or Summer

    School, work work work
    Thats what you do all day
    Sitting in a chair looking at the teacher
    Who just wrote down more work for you. read more »

    Dawn Gothic
  • 91.
    The Paperback Years

    A friendship has been formed
    Throughout these past three years
    We have come together
    To overcome our fears read more »

    Leslie Leach
  • 92.

    Emillee today is the day you end school for you,
    Yes your finally graduation
    Like the song School's Out
    School is out for you read more »

    Claire Kennedy
  • 93.
    No to school

    Nothing doing with school,
    producing only fool,
    always angry and not cool,
    teacher put them on stool, read more »

    kamlesh ambalal
  • 94.

    read more »

    trevor adams
  • 95.
    My School

    My school is home
    away from home
    You'll feel a great amount of elation
    if you step into that nation read more »

    Revelinho Rodrigeuz Katjire
  • 96.
    The Bromfords School

    The Bromfords School
    Has Many Rules
    The Bromfords School
    Has Many Tools read more »

    cameron weedon
  • 97.
    Cold War School

    Waves of steam heat buffered us in cold war school
    Hiss-ping, hiss-ping, sang the box of heat under the cold window panes

    Mittens, rubber boots, and coats lined up like warriors read more »

    Michael Kolb
  • 98.
    my school

    My School
    Oh when you stepped in
    I hope you were a toddler
    And learning to walk and talk with stuttering speech read more »

    Dr.Balnarayana Bandam
  • 99.

    School is a lollapalooza,
    It’s really pretty bad,
    And if school would be obliterated,
    Boy, would I be glad. read more »

    Anonymous McPoet
  • 100.
    High School

    4 years of high school
    2 different schools
    4 years of being alone
    4 years of feeling left out read more »

    LoKei Serious
  • 101.

    A man i may be of limited education,
    Education the so called strength of a nation,
    Instead of a pupil of schooling of boring days never enjoyed, read more »

    stephen day dolan
  • 102.
    Say Good Bye High School

    read more »

    Melissa Hamilton
  • 103.
    Summer time

    Summer time
    By: Shannon Olson

    Summer read more »

    Shannon Olson
  • 104.
    First Day of School

    Cheery kids everywhere
    With one kid screaming in the corner
    I cling to my mom's leg
    Like a suction cup. read more »

    Sam Heilenbach
  • 105.
    My Worlds

    In the world of school,
    I am quiet,
    Calm, cool,
    On the watch of everything and read more »

    PenelopeCrews Pitstock
  • 106.
    a super cool school

    school, school, school
    i love my school
    sometimes students get hot and cool
    they get hot when suprising test takes place read more »

    anushree srivastava
  • 107.
    school = rubbish

    school i hate
    now who dosen't
    today i got a date
    but he was a minger (ryan blann) read more »

    shaz 8j reynolds
  • 108.

    School is like one big mess
    There are clicks, crushes, drama
    Crushes cause pain
    Clicks can be bitches read more »

    Vizz cupcake
  • 109.
    School Days

    The busy hours at nine,
    running at the last minute.
    Those never ending classes
    now i miss them in every read more »

    AArya Roy
  • 110.
    Factories called Schools

    Before we went to school,
    We had so much fun,
    We did all we wanted,
    Basking in the sun. read more »

    Steve JaeIn Yoo
  • 111.
    saying good bye

    read more »

    lynsey kendrick
  • 112.

    school is a daily routine for us
    in the morning. we're sure to make a fuss
    Even when the sun is still not up,
    Here we are, awake at 6 am sharp read more »

    tasha mcgrapth
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