Top 100 Poems About: SEA

In this page, poems on / about “sea” are listed.
  • 1.
    A Little Boy's Dream

    To and fro, to and fro
    In my little boat I go
    Sailing far across the sea
    All alone, just little me. read more »

    Katherine Mansfield
  • 2.
    Beyond the Sea

    Beyond the sea, beyond the sea,
    My heart is gone, far, far from me;
    And ever on its track will flee
    My thoughts, my dreams, beyond the sea. read more »

    Thomas Love Peacock
  • 3.
    A Fishy Tale

    I saw you twice the other day
    Stirring passion anew
    It's easy saying just move on
    Less easier to do read more »

    vanessa hughes
  • 4.
    Song from the Ship

    To sea, to sea! The calm is o'er;
    The wanton water leaps in sport,
    And rattles down the pebbly shore;
    The dolphin wheels, the sea-cows snort, read more »

    Thomas Lovell Beddoes
  • 5.
    The Silent Sea

    Shades of green and aqua blue
    The sea painted a thousand hues
    Beneath thundering ocean wave
    Out of the reach of mariners graves read more »

    Debi Fields
  • 6.
    Sea Breeze

    White caped waves
    In the curl of the sea
    Smell of the ocean air
    On the white sandy beach. read more »

    Sherry Little
  • 7.
    Behold The Sea

    Behold the sea, the mighty restless sea!
    Behold the strand of battered rock and sand!
    The endless fight between the sea and man!
    Behold the sea! read more »

    Jerry Caldwell
  • 8.
    The Sea(1994-1995)

    The sea, the sea: calling out to you and me
    Waves rush in to caress the sand
    Only to roll out again read more »

    Lillian B. Rose
  • 9.
    Sea or under the Sea

    Sea is to see,
    Under the Sea is also to see,
    when we see the sea, or under the sea,
    when we dive into the sea, or swim in the sea, read more »

    Esmaeil Esbati
  • 10.
    The sea and the solitary soul

    Quiet, near the sea
    But miles away from the crowd
    Stands the solitary figure
    Whose gaze pierces the depth read more »

    Bindu Borle
  • 11.
    Loved The Sea.

    Once ago I loved the sea
    And as I did, it loved me
    But I found another love for me
    And she became my bride to be read more »

    leo conway
  • 12.
    The Almighty Sea

    The almighty sea reigns higher than them all.
    The almighty sea will always stand tall.
    The almighty sea will be your fall.
    The almighty sea reigns higher than them all. read more »

    Tim Shao
  • 13.
    Travelers Of The Sea

    The farther west we travel
    The farther west we'll be read more »

    Roland Ruiz
  • 14.
    I Sea The Moon And The Moon Sees Me

    The graveyard watch on a squid ink sea

    I see the moon and the moon sees me read more »

    Anthony Burge
  • 15.
    Beautiful Wish

    I wake up, hearing my name in someone's voice.
    Floating above the blue waves of the sea's cradle,
    I dreamt. read more »

    Casey Jarrell
  • 16.
    Sussex By The Sea

    Now is the time for marching
    Now let your hearts be gay
    Hark to the merry bugles read more »

    William Ward Higgs
  • 17.
    I Am A Fish!

    I dream of sea
    deep beautiful blue sea
    I am a fish, a colorful fish
    that's what I wish read more »

    Arta Krasniqi
  • 18.
    Cruel Grasp

    The sea! the sea! I hate the sea,
    It roared and rose, ranted and raved,
    Swept to its depths my family
    Leaving only me to be saved. read more »

    Joanna Ratnam
  • 19.
    The Sea

    The sea, the sea, the sea I see! It's swirling
    and twirling and calling to me! Oh yes, oh yes,
    the sea I see, plundering and thundering, read more »

    Aaron Welch
  • 20.
    The Sea

    Under the sea where the mysteries are,
    The sunken ships with pirate’s treasures and bodies never to be seen again.

    Under the sea where the predators wait, read more »

    Ann Louisa
  • 21.
    The Beauti Of Sorrow

    Beauti of sorrow
    vast as the sea
    eve of the morrow
    inner expanse of me read more »

    Tim caffery
  • 22.
    Blue Sea

    The clouds roll in on me so heavily
    I feel the rains presence as I listen to the roaring sea.
    That blue sea that takes you in and washes you away
    To somewhere you may or may not want to stay. read more »

    Kenya GreEN eYeS Mallett
  • 23.
    The Sea, The Gull, The Rising Sun

    Greeting the new day dawning
    Gazing at the sea
    So calm, so blue
    The tranquility floats in the air read more »

    Madgery V. Gardner
  • 24.
    The Open Sea

    How swiftly flows the river,
    As it hastens to be free,
    Away from land's binding fetters,
    En route to the open sea. read more »

    William Otto
  • 25.
    The Boat and The Sea

    I will tell you, my Dear
    Story of the Boat and the Sea

    'Since the unknown time read more »

    Hanh My Nguyen
  • 26.

    So let us be off to the depths of the sea
    to hurry through saltworks
    fetch shells and make love
    backs to dunes read more »

    Luiza De Mesquita
  • 27.
    Like The Sky, Like The Sea

    When i met you i had my flaws
    Like the sky has its clouds
    Like the sea has it's rocks

    When we were close i was never sad read more »

    Elisa Debot
  • 28.
    A Sea No Longer Clean

    When I was twelve I first watched
    The waves roll in the bay
    Now forty years on and much wiser
    Waves still roll on their way read more »

    Phil Marks
  • 29.
    Night Of the Sea Shore

    My above is a vast dark blue sky
    It is full of diamond like shining twinkling stars.
    The light of the moonlit the whole sea shore
    And in front of me read more »

    Anisha Laskar
  • 30.
    The Acropolis

    She reigns, red pale mimic
    of the sun;
    The sea siege citadel
    of her flowing hair read more »

    Richard Shultz
  • 31.
    you and me

    i walk with you,
    you walk with me,
    together we walk to the edge of the sea,
    we are there together, read more »

    hayley granger
  • 32.

    I am looking for my childhood's sea
    Its water surging, surrounding me
    My peace I smelled thru its salty rain
    Across gray cliffs that I climbed in vain. The North Sea opened the way for me read more »

    Karin Dovring
  • 33.
    The Island Beyond The Sea

    A land in which time is lost,
    A land which the people forgot,
    A land with trees and supple fruits,
    The island beyond the sea. read more »

    Sean Cunningham
  • 34.
    All The Rivers

    'All the rivers run into the sea.'
    Like the pulsing of a river,
    The motion of a song,
    Wind the olden words along read more »

    Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward
  • 35.
    white and black

    As the sun descends under the planet
    the moon rises as the sea crys
    bursting into tears
    not heard read more »

    Koi piano
  • 36.
    The Sea is a Salty Road

    Come with me to Calico Beach
    Where Peppy Creek runs down to the sea,
    Where squawking flocking seagulls screech
    And powerful pompous pelicans preach: read more »

    Norm Milstein
  • 37.
    Floating On The Dead Sea

    Oh what sight to see the Dead Sea
    So clear and glimmering in the Sun
    You will float on this dense space of water
    On your tummy or your back read more »

    Laiakini Waqanisau
  • 38.
    the beautiful sea

    The sea is such a beautiful place
    The water brings life to the human race
    The water is so blue and white
    The waves come and splash like dynamite read more »

    Shawn Swanson
  • 39.
    The Sea

    The Sea, The Sea, it calls to me.
    The waves roll out and crash onto the beach. read more »

    Eivey Farraday
  • 40.
    The sea of Love

    The Sea Of Love

    Oue love is like a sea so vast
    that we cannt see the shore. read more »

    mary tabor
  • 41.

    Misty Cloud called to blue Misty Sea,
    Rise up to gather rain drops with me
    Misty Sea called to driftin' Misty Cloud
    To drift with you high up I'd be proud. read more »

    Marion Gentry
  • 42.
    My Fisher Lass

    I stood beside the Summer sea
    And watched far out my Fisher Lass
    Row swiftly in her boat to me,
    And the sea shone like a glass. read more »

    James Edwin Campbell
  • 43.

    The sea is
    a blank face
    that hides its personalities read more »

    Jaway Woo
  • 44.
    Sea Of Ruins

    trapped in a sea of confusion, surrounded by question marks
    hitting the brakes on somethings, and on others tryna get fireworks to spark
    trapped in a sea of remorse surrounded by memories
    backtracking through past events, tryna progress to future stories read more »

    jadie torres
  • 45.
    Mist Upon The Sea

    read more »

    Tammy Logan
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