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Top 100 Poems About: SEPTEMBER

In this page, poems on / about “september” are listed.
  • 1.
    September Changes

    September is like no other
    It's days change color and weather
    No other month can say quite the same
    For every day, I can feel the change read more »

    Jessica Millsaps
  • 2.
    Silent September

    In silent september i slept
    in a desperate hibernation
    in a cove where poets die read more »

    Poetheart (back)
  • 3.
    The Sun and the Moon

    By: Poet Keri
    September 29,2008
    Age 11 read more »

    The Poet Keri
  • 4.
    3rd of September

    3rd of September
    I wanna go home
    Bring a bouquet of rose
    Put on your gravestone read more »

    George Sicillia
  • 5.
    Come September

    Come now, September, faithful friend,
    On whose pure, light air do I depend. read more »

    Daniel Thomas Moran
  • 6.
    Viva L'Amour

    There's a clock on the wall and it's measuring down
    The time you have left til you're dust on the ground
    The people you love with the time that you've got
    Determine if you are rememebered or not read more »

    Christine Anderson
  • 7.

    September is
    Peanut butter
    In my read more »

    Chester Maynes
  • 8.

    The strangest thing ever
    When you remember
    That first September
    When it really didn't matter read more »

    Aleks Hunter
  • 9.

    How lovely the world is
    In September

    Warm air read more »

    Nina Dringo
  • 10.

    Its the middle of September
    I still play out in the rain
    as the world glides by
    and my end is here again read more »

    cassiel kaini
  • 11.
    POW/MIA poems

    POW/MIA Recognition Day
    (The third Friday of September)

    As time goes on remains are found read more »

    Del a.k.a. Abe Jones
  • 12.
    Free write/assignment

    september 9 2009

    Turning, changes are making,
    Life relining hardly ever stop, read more »

    sifa lombahe
  • 13.
    Love Me Now

    Yesterday came back my solitude
    Which through the night to brings me our days
    Where the warm sea and he smiles,
    Happy evening with blue stars, read more »

    elena shlaferman elena shlaferman
  • 14.
    See You In September

    Months turn'd years with faded memories
    Reading its memories in past histories
    It never occured months came and pass
    I only live to think of a lass read more »

    emmanuel akinnagbe
  • 15.
    Ode to the USS New York

    September morn
    Oh how we wailed
    We felt protected
    but ultimately failed read more »

    Scott Koen
  • 16.
    Once Upon a Cold September

    Once upon a cold September
    lay ashes of last December
    came stories of old friends
    never to be lost read more »

    Kayla Koch
  • 17.

    by: Artistic Perspective
    September 11,2009
    Age 12 read more »

    Artistic Perspective
  • 18.
    Holy September

    A kiss on the lips of today
    For stepping into tommorow.
    The blinds are closed for now.
    Don't sell yourself for sorrow. read more »

    Attia Taylor
  • 19.
    September: Fading Light

    The dead beloved flashes the inward eye—
    Though Scripture saith once to die…
    Still, this eve—the crackling fade in summer,
    She visits my inward self— one to not remember… read more »

    Stephen Spurrier Jr.
  • 20.
    Remembering 9/11

    September 11,2001
    Starting the day
    With the rising sun
    We rushed around read more »

    R. L. Kerst
  • 21.
    The Twin Towers

    September 11,2001

    The Twin Towers© read more »

    Everett Lautin
  • 22.
    A Time Management Plan....What really happens

    September 3,2008, just 6 weeks left to wait
    Mind was becoming queerer, as exams were approaching nearer
    So books were taken out and chapters were listed
    Notes were made, revised and gisted read more »

    Geetika Nehra
  • 23.
    A Year Later

    Freshman year, cool September morn',
    A day which brings despair.
    Two warriors standing proud and tall,
    Struck down by eagles of the enemy. read more »

    Christine Elm
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