Top 100 Poems About: SHOPPING

In this page, poems on / about “shopping” are listed.
  • 1.
    On The Shop

    He wrapped them carefully, neatly
    in costly green silk.

    Roses of ruby, lilies of pearl, read more »

    Constantine P. Cavafy
  • 2.
    Women Before A Shop

    The gew-gaws of false amber and false turquoise attract them.
    'Like to like nature': these agglutinous yellows! read more »

    Ezra Pound
  • 3.
    Window Shopper

    I stood before a candy shop
    Which with a Christmas radiance shone;
    I saw my parents pass and stop
    To grin at me and then go on. read more »

    Robert William Service
  • 4.
    Shopping In A Northern Town

    With money to part and a desire to buy, I drive into town
    I have no fixed quest to focus on procuring anything special,
    I’ll come to that when I see what gifts are hanging around.
    As each shop is seen as individual temples of solace, read more »

    Amy Gerrard
  • 5.
    To A New York Shop-Girl Dressed For Sunday

    To-day I saw the shop-girl go
    Down gay Broadway to meet her beau.

    Conspicuous, splendid, conscious, sweet, read more »

    Anna Hempstead Branch
  • 6.
    A Supermarket In California

    What thoughts I have of you tonight, Walt Whitman, for I walked down the
    streets under the trees with a headache self-conscious looking at the full moon.

    In my hungry fatigue, and shopping for images, I went into the neon fruit read more »

    Allen Ginsberg
  • 7.
    Smudge Of Blood

    Here, this smudge of blood,
    Of a tender boy of eleven,
    Soaked thru the tarmac,
    Yet to be dried, still wet and warm! read more »

    Nooruddeen Mathilakathveetil
  • 8.
    By A Swimming Pool Outside Syracusa

    read more »

    Billy Collins
  • 9.
    Crucifix In A Deathhand

    yes, they begin out in a willow, I think
    the starch mountains begin out in the willow
    and keep right on going without regard for read more »

    Charles Bukowski
  • 10.

    Snow, falling thick and white, along the village street,
    People struggling through the drifts, their shopping to complete,
    Kids dragging sledges, excitement fills their minds,
    Rolling a giant snowball, great, cos this is snow that binds. read more »

    Ernestine Northover
  • 11.
    ' Ay Naku Mahirap Umibig Sa Binibining Taga Albay ' (With English Translation)

    (This is a composition in Pilipino Language the first one I did, the only one, and hope some of the Filipinos will get this funny poem in this site. The poem is updated with English translation)

    Noong taong otsenta dekada read more »

    Ency Bearis
  • 12.
    Supermarket Shopping

    A pound in the slot and out comes the chain,
    It's Saturday supermarket shopping again,
    And so I've obtained my large wire trolley,
    And when shopping, you certainly need loads of lolly! read more »

    Ernestine Northover
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