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Top 100 Poems About: SICK

In this page, poems on / about “sick” are listed.
  • 1.
    Sick And Tired

    Im sick of pretending its all perfect
    Tired of living a lie
    Sick of loving you
    Tired of the tears I cry read more »

    ani hill
  • 2.

    The bridge is collapsing,
    im lossing my grip,
    I can't hold on anymore,
    I'm just getting sick, read more »

    Erica Buenrostro
  • 3.
    sick world

    now m well adapted to this sick world
    cruel world
    wild world read more »

    richa soni
  • 4.
    Im sick

    im sick of not knowing,
    im sick of not showing,
    im sick of all the starring
    im sick of not caring read more »

    malorie genoff
  • 5.
    Sick and Tired

    Im sick and tired of the lies you told me.
    Sick and tired of what you want me to be.
    Sick and tired of the way we live.
    Sick and tired Im in such a dread. read more »

    Ebony Tesfay
  • 6.
    im so sick

    ll break into your thoughts
    With what's written on my heart
    I will break, break read more »

    cherry Tucker
  • 7.

    i'm sick
    of being myself
    i'm sick
    of my own flesh read more »

    NoT American
  • 8.
    Im Sick Of Crying

    Im sick of crying,
    Im sick of lying,
    Im sick of trying for something that wouldnt even work.
    I hate thinking about you read more »

    jess buying
  • 9.
    love love love love

    look how unhappy you make me when you fall sick
    look how happy you make me when i nurse you back to health
    look how happy i am to love the sick for your sake
    how i sometimes cure the sick with my 'stick'. read more »

    marx morris twumasi
  • 10.
    Life Is Rough!

    Im just ready
    For everything to end
    I just need reassurance
    I just need a friend read more »

    ashley greiner
  • 11.
    I'm Sick

    I'm sick.
    Honest, I am.
    I'm sick.
    What? You don't believe me? read more »

    Cheryl CommodoreHarvey
  • 12.
    I'm Sick

    I’m sick of this day,
    I’m sick of this week
    I’m sick of the words, you chose to speak read more »

    Jake MacMillan
  • 13.
    im sick and tired

    im sick and tired of all the happy smiles
    im sick and tired of all the laughs
    im sick and tired of all the lies
    im sick and tired of all the cheaters read more »

    jdnancy avila
  • 14.
    life sucks

    i hate, i hate, i hate is all what i can say to life
    dead, dead, dead is what i wish to be
    judge, judge, judge all what people do
    am sick, sick, sick of every body around me read more »

    naz nen
  • 15.
    Would You Realy

    if i die would you care
    if i got sick would you care
    if i wouldn't wake-up would you care
    if things whent bad would you help read more »

    justin mills
  • 16.

    Hate is strong
    a strong force
    a force we all have
    have in our heart read more »

    Wishful Dreams
  • 17.
    when you're sick

    When your sick I swear you still look amazing.
    When your sick I know that noodles you r craving.
    Ur still happy when your sick and never degrading.
    So im gonna doctor you up and work on my painting. read more »

    David duckworth
  • 18.
    Sick of Being Second

    Sick of being second.
    Second place,
    Second rate,
    Second pick. read more »

    Enrico Orbita
  • 19.
    No Hope For The Hopeless...

    So why am I trying
    I don't want to be here
    I wish I was dying
    Because I'm so sick of crying read more »

    LoKei Serious
  • 20.

    I feel sick to my stomach,
    I'm sick of the lies.
    I'm sick of the deception,
    I'm sick of crying. read more »

    Shadow in the Night
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