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Top 100 Poems About: SILENCE

In this page, poems on / about “silence” are listed.
  • 1.
    Silence Is...

    Silence is an absence read more »

    Kyle.J Carruthers
  • 2.

    I have known the silence of the stars and of the sea,
    And the silence of the city when it pauses,
    And the silence of a man and a maid,
    And the silence of the sick read more »

    Edgar Lee Masters
  • 3.

    At first, there was absolute silence.
    And at least, there was absolute silence.

    In between, it's a(n) read more »

    Venkata Majeti
  • 4.

    Silence speaks
    Silence screams
    Silence talks louder then any word
    that cuts true the heart like a sword. read more »

    Milica Franchi De Luri
  • 5.
    Eternal Silence

    Silence when we are walking,
    Silence when we think,
    Silence is what fills us all, read more »

    Okami Kamikaze
  • 6.
    Life's Garden

    We all grow up in this Garden called Life,
    There are many inner and outer strifes,
    In the silence, in the silence,
    In this beautiful Garden called Life! read more »

    Anna B. Kurzweil
  • 7.
    silence no more

    Silence means you never hate me
    silence means you will again date me
    silence means you need some time
    silence means you are fine read more »

  • 8.
    Nothing But a Shadow

    Here we are walking
    yet not talking
    silence silence read more »

    C.M. Benny
  • 9.
    Language of Silence

    a brief pause in a raging fury
    a calmness of steel in euphoric glory read more »

    Nitin Suresh
  • 10.

    How people stand the silence
    i will never know
    cause to me the silence scares me
    for i know im not alone read more »

    Courtney Loren
  • 11.
    Silenced Silence

    Sitting in a corner, she remembers the days.
    When seeing her face, he read her emotions.
    When he understood what a blink of her eye said to him.
    When silence dominated their conversations. read more »

    Amann Aroraa
  • 12.

    This word has millions of meanings to me
    The way I find peace, the way I see life with joy read more »

    Brendan M. Rumney
  • 13.


    Silence…..force that drives the world;
    Silence….love that goes untold; read more »

    Macklin MacKenzie
  • 14.

    Sometimes it says everything,
    Sometimes it doesn’t make any sense.
    Sometimes what speaks more than words?
    Is just a silence. read more »

    proneta roy
  • 15.

    In the middle of my room
    I sat to let my soul speak
    As my ears listened keenly
    Silence, do not speak read more »

    Moostef Vosti
  • 16.
    The Unspoken..

    A lull before the storm,
    The aftermath of cries..
    Fear of loosing your beloved..
    The pain of good byes.. read more »

    Shades of Life..
  • 17.
    for my dream (song)

    A sea of grass I haven't seen
    is swaying and rustling in silver
    The scenery at the boundary near dreams and consciousness read more »

    annie tuck
  • 18.

    Silence, to allow silence in the gap between
    One word and the next, the shamed
    Silence of a hunched up back drinking
    Coffee over there, so aware of her mutations read more »

    lucas shakespere
  • 19.
    Over The Windows

    Drifting shadows
    over the windows
    my ethereal form
    in their hands read more »

    Alireza Behnam
  • 20.

    Silence holds more voice than any shouting or screaming,
    Silence can be heard for miles,
    Silence is the key to everything and the doorway to nothing.
    Silently you choose to be and silence is your eternity read more »

    Karla Bell
  • 21.
    Then and then

    Then, silence became my world
    Laughter strangled in silence
    Love stumbled in silence
    Hope sank in silence read more »

    Priyadarsini G Menon
  • 22.
    The Silence That Lives On

    I'm sitting in the corner nowhere to run
    Here comes the silence, there goes the fun

    Trying to put the pieces back together read more »

    Susan Robertson
  • 23.

    i can not stand the silence,
    its eating me in side, read more »

    koocoo songbird
  • 24.

    The greatest power
    Says more than any word
    Without saying a single one read more »

    Ina Helen Herland
  • 25.
    Silence Perceiving

    If silence were a canvass,
    the emptiness it holds is the impression,
    The voices on the universe,
    is the artist's hands removing it's innocence. read more »

    Krispian Vilipi
  • 26.
    Alone with Silence

    I walk alone away from the crowd
    Often lost in my thoughts
    Often lost in my silence
    I want to curl up, curl up again, read more »

    Long John Silver
  • 27.

    In silence we observe
    In silence we learn
    In silence we judge
    In silence we are made whole read more »

    Kipp Joz
  • 28.
    Silenced Ears

    Silenced ears amid screeching noise
    The desire not to hear
    But no fulfillment to be found
    If a choice could be had read more »

    Noell Staton
  • 29.

    Silence please......
    I repeat....shhh
    Can you hear that? read more »

    Cess Njuki
  • 30.
    for silence

    I wish to be an amaranth
    amidst a place
    of enveloped silence, of awkwardness.
    How can silence sound read more »

    Candice Bacolod
  • 31.
    Sip Sip

    Turn the page
    Silence read more »

    Tj Rains
  • 32.
    The Rape of Tara

    Time hinged on indifference
    myths patterned time
    myths circling land
    myths kernels of read more »

    Michele Vassal
  • 33.
    The Jailer of truth

    Silence lurks, behind eyes wide in a smile
    Silence lurks behind the corners of turned up lips
    forced read more »

    Evelina Stewartss
  • 34.
    It ended in silence

    It ended in silence

    No words, no replies
    No goodbyes, just total silence read more »

    Tawona Ranganawa
  • 35.

    when there is nothing to be said,
    when read more »

    Ivan Petryshyn
  • 36.
    Silence And Blackness

    Silence and Blackness, tied together by death
    Silence and Blackness, you see when you take your very last breath
    Silence and Blackness, what is bound to be found when you die
    Silence, Is not there when you’re gone and you’ve left your family there to cry read more »

    basil brewer
  • 37.

    I've always been scared of...
    Silence is a deep thing.
    Silence is Violence, read more »

    Shay Chester
  • 38.

    There is a lot about silence..
    Sometimes its like an intangible license!

    Silence because of your fear.. read more »

    Krutikaa Jawanjal
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