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Top 100 Poems About: SILVER

In this page, poems on / about “silver” are listed.
  • 1.
    Silver Tear Drop, Crying

    Moonlight shatters
    The crystals disperse
    Flakes of winter
    Fright's curse read more »

    Oves Anwar
  • 2.
    The Dying Swan

    Struck, struck! A golden dart
    Clean through thy breast has gone
    Home to thy heart. read more »

    Thomas Sturge Moore
  • 3.

    The spilled silver of moon
    over a distanced lake,
    in the still of night.
    A boy mounted at the edge of boat read more »

    subodh pandey
  • 4.
    Silver Key

    I closed the door to my heart
    threw the silver little key
    into the great big rapied waves
    of the pacific ocean read more »

    Jessica Leonard
  • 5.
    Night Song

    There's a nightingale singing from a tree in the woods
    And his voice slices through the chilly air;
    The silver coated fox stops and listens to the song
    As she pokes her pretty nose out of her lair. read more »

    Janet Mary Zylstra
  • 6.
    Where's The Silver?

    Colors, colors everywhere
    Colors all around

    Reds and purples and blues are there read more »

    Tyler Mason
  • 7.
    Mother's Hair Has Turned To Silver

    Mother's hair has turned to silver
    Her skin is all wrinkled and cold
    But i'd never trade my mother
    For the world and all its gold. Yes her hair has turned to silver read more »

    Kenneth Rickard
  • 8.
    A Pearls Worth

    Silver pearls fall down her skin
    She knows she must do it for she can't stay strong
    For all she has to do is count to ten
    She knows he's always wrong read more »

    Bethany Maxwell
  • 9.

    Amber is the warm colour
    Of an evening sky,
    Silver the flecks of
    silver salmon read more »

    paddy d daly
  • 10.
    Tempo Finis

    Arise pale moon and be my guide
    I journey where Valkyries ride
    across the stars in silver streams
    into the valley of endless dreams read more »

    Richard Anders
  • 11.
    Experiments in Haiku

    Inhale sweet spring air
    And the morning rooster struts read more »

    Shirley Spycalla
  • 12.
    Not In Love

    It is hard to write a love poem
    When you’re not in love.
    I long to sing of flowers of fire
    And burning stars above. read more »

    Christine Natale
  • 13.
    One Silver Tear

    I Cry a shining silver tear,
    for you, the one I love,
    my dear.
    You broke me once, read more »

    Sara Ashley Clark
  • 14.
    Fragrant Garden

    Blooming Garden
    Moonlit Wind Blowing
    Silver Fragrance read more »

    Issa Haikai
  • 15.
    The Pale and Silver Moon's Blue Silk and Blossom

    They bade you softly,
    They bade you so -
    'Do not go, do not go, ' read more »

    Michael Reston
  • 16.

    In California we like to eat oranges
    The Mountains are stately and purple
    The broad ocean shines silver
    We enjoy the sun every day of the month read more »

    zamarra venus
  • 17.
    Silver Fox

    Silver fox, wise and knowing go,
    Walk your path through wind and snow,
    Silver coat gleaming along with the stars,
    You chose your way, life without bars. read more »

    Zack Schaefer
  • 18.
    Haiku -new-

    read more »

    Karen Lindholm
  • 19.
    The Silver Dollar

    You gave me something, grandpa
    A coin of silver - flat and round
    But it doesn't whirr or whistle
    It cannot make a sound read more »

    William Bayless
  • 20.
    In Time Of Silver Rain

    In time of silver rain
    The earth
    Puts forth new life again,
    Green grasses grow read more »

    Sean Finley
  • 21.

    You come to kill me, read more »

    Ivy Rayne
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