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Top 100 Poems About: SIMILE

In this page, poems on / about “simile” are listed.
  • 1.
    A Simile

    Dear Thomas, didst thou never pop
    Thy head into a tin-man's shop?
    There, Thomas, didst thou never see
    ('Tis but by way of simile) read more »

    Matthew Prior
  • 2.
    A Message To My New-found Friend, Continued...

    , , , and I love you
    for what I don’t see of you
    your voice through written word
    though not a syllable spoken, heard read more »

    Lorenzo Costigliolo
  • 3.
    Every Moment I Live With You

    Every moment i live with an eternal flame that adorns my soul with ineffable bliss, The apex enchantment for a mortal man.

    Every moment I hear rhapsodic undulations of her omnipotent voice. infallible arrows of her emphatic prattle pierce my soul millions of time. Her subtle voice still dwells deep down I swear. read more »

    Ojaswi Kaushal
  • 4.
    The Worst Poem Ever Written

    The worst poem ever written.
    Well, what did you expect?
    Strikes no chords, hits no buttons,
    Just leaves you all perplexed. read more »

    Denys E. W. Jones
  • 5.
    Joan of Arc

    She and the fire
    fight adjectives. Their concreteness

    deflects reification read more »

    Ali Alizadeh
  • 6.
    A Poetic Prayer

    I know, you don’t
    enjoy reading me
    I know , it lacks
    metaphor and simile! read more »

    Ashish Dimri
  • 7.
    Never let the 'Hope' die...!

    Hopes are feathers, a wish is a bird
    One may find this simile a little absurd

    Hold on, do not lose patience read more »

    Ravi Singh
  • 8.
    Sun-Blanched Blood

    It is mid-afternoon now,
    the sun streaks slant wards
    through the attic's double-glazing
    melting the scorched ink read more »

    Sudeep Sen
  • 9.
    Her Morning Beauty

    Up the sun goes
    His rays beg for acceptance
    Her breath welcomes you
    Her eyes the sun reaches not the toes read more »

    Didier Sixte Kahungu
  • 10.
    Harry Styles

    Harry Styles Simile Poem
    By: Kayla Thomas read more »

    Kayla Thomas
  • 11.
    Golden hair

    I'm not lettin' you go there is a shine in your eyes

    When you sang the hourglasses pedicure-set
    A naked front, somethin' where you're at read more »

    Pierre Rausch
  • 12.
    Reading Anne Sexton

    Amid the dull whine of leafblowers
    by which this block sets its ordinary clock
    a drama occurs. My neighbor Leon
    is felled by a stroke. His Avon lady read more »

    Diane Gage
  • 13.

    [Translation] Poetry

    This is how poetry seeps onto paper.
    Slowly and stealthily, read more »

    udayabhanu paremmal
  • 14.
    Write Me a Metaphor

    These words are just pressed thoughts
    upon a page, fragile like crumbling leaves,
    golden on the ground and vulnerable;
    stepped on so easily and disregarded, read more »

    Laala Kashef Alghata
  • 15.
    My Life as a mom

    i'm only 17 and already a mother
    it is hard out here expectly seen seen i'm a single mom
    the best day of my life is 1.26.09 is when my lil girl was born
    her lil simile is what keep my life together read more »

    Karina Rosa
  • 16.
    My Poem

    She flows and she rhymes
    She sizzles, perplexes and captures my mind
    No simile for smiles
    No metaphor for eyes read more »

    Mandeep Singh 13
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