Top 100 Poems About: SISTER

In this page, poems on / about “sister” are listed.
  • 1.
    My Sister

    My sister says i hate her,
    she does, she does!
    My sister says she hates me,
    she does, she does! read more »

    cma andrews
  • 2.
    The Woman I Call Sister

    The woman I call sister
    Is someone who is there
    The woman I call sister
    Is someone who always cares. read more »

    Marissa Gertmenian
  • 3.
    Sister, sister

    Sister, sister
    save my soul
    sister, sister
    don't leave me alone. read more »

    Rose Marie Cook
  • 4.

    My perfect sister holds me tight
    My perfect sister kisses me goodnight
    My perfect sister knows when I’m mad read more »

    megan sandifer
  • 5.
    Hold on to Your Sister! !

    Hold on to your sister
    She is a part of you.
    Hold on to your sister
    You can help each other through. read more »

    Mary Duhart
  • 6.
    We Were Four Sisters

    We were four sisters, four sisters were we,
    All four of us loved, but had different "becauses:"
    One loved because father and mother told her to,
    another loved because her lover was rich, read more »

    Mikhail Alekseevich Kuzmin
  • 7.
    A Sisters

    A sister is someone who leads you when you are having a problem.
    A sister makes you laugh and cry.
    A sister is someone who likes to fight with you.
    A sister is the one who stands with you in all your ups and downs. read more »

    Kayla Fraser
  • 8.
    Hush Little Sister

    Hush, little sister
    Please don't cry
    I wish I could be there
    To sing you a lullaby read more »

    octavia wilson
  • 9.
    A sister is.....

    A sister is your guardian angel if she's older,
    and your constant shadow if she's younger.
    She's your best friend in all your endevours.
    Your confidant, protector of your heart, read more »

    Tessa Eichhorst
  • 10.
    How you really mean to me, , 3

    Sister i know you've been sad,
    When i was mad
    Sister i know you've been happy
    When i knew you were faking a smile read more »

    angeline snowboy
  • 11.
    To France

    What is the gift we have given thee, Sister?
    What is the trust we have laid in thy hand?
    Hearts of our bravest, our best, and our dearest,
    Blood of our blood we have sown in thy land. read more »

    Frederick George Scott
  • 12.
    My Little Sister

    My little sister is
    always there when you need her.
    My little sister is the
    best little sister ever read more »

    jennifer hall
  • 13.
    Sister, Please Hold My Hand

    Sister, please hold my hand
    As we journey through this land
    Together we stand, together we will fall
    No matter what, God will keep us together read more »

    Ashley Jackson
  • 14.
    My Sister's, Sister

    She has a new sister who writes poetry
    A poet I will never be

    I am writing this poem as a plea read more »

    Wendys Works
  • 15.
    A Friend

    A friend can be a sister,
    A friend can be a foe.
    My friend is like my sister,
    I will never let her go. read more »

    Elizabeth Anne
  • 16.

    Sister Sister read more »

    Sierra Breeland
  • 17.
    My sister My sister

    My sister my sister,
    Is not the best.
    My sister my sister,
    Oh give it a rest. read more »

    McKenzie Bellen
  • 18.
    Sister can you know

    Touch life with the charm of soul
    Love as star shines
    As the rain falls read more »

    George Jerone (Brother DeBuff) Jefferson
  • 19.
    Thank You

    Ihave a little sister that shares my life.
    She saved my life you see.
    She made me well when I was dying.
    this little sister with me. read more »

    Joanne (LULU) Walker
  • 20.
    Thank You Sister...

    Thank you sister
    for being there for me
    you were there in my time in need read more »

    isabel robles
  • 21.
    The Best Of Friends

    I have a slew of sisters, we are the best of friends
    We laugh together, cry together, and tell a joke or two
    For we are the very best of friends and that's what sisters do
    We know when one is happy, we know when one is blue read more »

    Bonnie Dues
  • 22.
    Sister, Do I Dare Compre Your Love

    Do I dare to compare your love
    To the lighthouse engulfed in fog
    Shining it’s beacon of light read more »

    Lana Hensley
  • 23.
    Summer Time Love

    I’m sorry, you’re not the girl for me
    I know it might be wrong, but I’m in love with your sister

    Do you recall when we barbecued at the beach, read more »

    Aiden Florence
  • 24.
    Brothers, Sisters

    I don’t care what skin you’re in
    You’re my brother
    And I love you read more »

    Jessica Nobubele Frame
  • 25.
    My Sister my sister

    My sister holds me tight
    My sister kisses me goodnight
    My sister knows when I’m mad
    My sister helps me when I’m sad read more »

    emilie jackson
  • 26.
    my sister

    My sister

    She is my sister, not by blood
    But rather by love read more »

    Heartbeat Terrorist
  • 27.
    My Sister, My Dearest Friend

    You're the best sister I could have asked for
    I pray thanks to god, that he gave you to me
    We laugh together, and we cry together
    We play and we fight read more »

    Starrbox Munoz
  • 28.
    My Sister

    My sister is,
    someone i cannot replace,
    she will always be there for me,
    when i have no one else, read more »

    somebodynobody 1993
  • 29.

    As you came out from afar,

    Your radiant smile, reveals the true beauty of your heart.
    You maybe out of my reach, read more »

    Anna Mae Angana
  • 30.
    To an angry sister

    Sister, my sister
    Why is it that you speak so loud?
    Is it your way to be noticed?
    Or your way to make yourself count? read more »

    Sranang Bromki
  • 31.
    My Lovely Sister

    Is solace anywhere more comforting than in the arms of a sister
    I read somewhere and I think to myself how fate was so kind
    The experience I have had in the years of my life untold and unsaid
    But I would like her to know she is always on my mind read more »

    Kumar Parashar
  • 32.
    My Family

    My brother Lee Wagner and wife
    My sister Billies Rose and husband George Tmeple
    Me and my Husband Walter Hoffpavir
    My sister Jewel Dyan and husband Curtis Diyon read more »

    Artie T. Hoffpauir
  • 33.
    We Would All Be Brothers and Sisters

    We would all be Brothers and Sisters

    In my perfect world there would be no war read more »

    marie souline
  • 34.
    Hold on to Your Sister! !

    Hold on to your sister
    She is a part of you.
    Hold on to your sister
    You can help each other through. read more »

    Shaan Sidhu
  • 35.

    Sister my dear sister I wish that I could see you everyday,
    so you can tell me your not alone and heaven is okay,
    I need something to help me carry on,
    cause I cant except the fact that your gone, read more »

    michael jimenez
  • 36.
    Little Sister

    As I listen to that guitar scream
    Sounds ring out my destiny
    A stronger power grabs ahold of me
    Shocks me with a volt of electricity read more »

    Jamie Haddock
  • 37.
    Special Sister

    My special sister,
    I want you to know how much you mean to me.

    My special sister, read more »

    Emzee d'Va
  • 38.
    My sister

    while I was walking alone the path, you came along,
    Walked by my side holding my hand.

    What you mean to me, read more »

    Polisetti Rakesh
  • 39.

    A beautiful sister,
    How I truly miss you.
    Wish this was not true,
    How I could hug you. read more »

    Rowina M Mallick
  • 40.

    Sister, you need them,
    Sisters, I should know.
    My sister needs me,
    So I'm always there. read more »

    Brianna Wilshusen
  • 41.
    sister forever

    Sisters for life what does that mean

    We may not have the same mother and father
    But to me thats no bother read more »

    yolandey breedt
  • 42.
    My Dearest Sister

    My dearest sister,
    She is the home minister.
    She loves history,
    But she can't solve and Scooby-doo mystery. read more »

    Mridula Gupta
  • 43.
    sisters and brothers

    I wish I had a sister, who would be there all the time
    I wish I had a brother, who would be all mine
    I wish I wasnt alone anymore just as I am
    so mabey I need to take a stand read more »

    jamika Eichelberger
  • 44.

    My sister often,
    Held my hand,
    When we,
    Were very small, read more »

    Astra Derksen
  • 45.
    My Father Buried My Sister........Today

    My father buried my sister today
    My soul burns red with pain
    No longer will I touch her face
    Or caress her skin again read more »

    Pritisha Sardesai
  • 46.
    You're a Sister, My Sister

    To my sister Julia, who will do great things...

    We never had planned this
    We never tried. read more »

    Mary Cieslak
  • 47.
    My Sister, My Friend

    You came along in 75
    “A sister for you” Dad said on the drive
    Little did I know just what that would mean
    But to find out I was keen. read more »

    Jayne Jones
  • 48.
    my unborn first sister

    The anticipation grows each day
    To see my little sister appear and say read more »

    carolyn williams
  • 49.
    my sister cally

    my sister cally,
    she is a witch...
    my sister cally,
    people call her a beach. read more »

    Sissy Nixon
  • 50.
    Be Yourself by Fritzgerald Paul

    Brothers and sisters have you ever wondered why do we kill one another?
    Is it because each one of us want to be on top like oil on water?
    Or is it because we like to watch one another suffer
    Brothers and sisters please be yourself read more »

    Fritzgerald Paul
  • 51.
    Sister I Hate You

    Sister I hate you
    I dont know why but you let me down
    I used to love you and you were my hero
    But now I wish you wernt here read more »

    JeriLynn Pur
  • 52.
    Baby Sister.

    I have heard people grumble
    'I wish I had a sister so humble'
    with whom I can share everything
    My shoes, my clothes and my earing read more »

    Henal Jasani
  • 53.

    My Sister well she's a treasure
    with a heart as pure as gold
    a warm and loving person
    she has a golden glow read more »

    rachel carbis
  • 54.
    My Sister-and Me

    My Sister-and Me
    Walking down the beach
    Hear that train's
    Whistle read more »

    Maya RichardCraven
  • 55.

    A sister is like a close friend
    Who's support you and gives you advice
    They cheer you up when you're down
    Knowing you more than anybody else does read more »

    Melissa Stevens
  • 56.
    I love you sis!

    Waving at me,
    dressed in white with a hint of green,
    smiling at me,
    My sister showed up in my dream. read more »

    Omar Chaudhari
  • 57.
    Sister Sister

    Sister, sister
    save my soul
    sister, sister
    don't leave me alone. read more »

    Matthew Hunt
  • 58.

    we have been reduced to coal said the sisters sinking into sand
    cover us up now if you want we shall stop here you may go

    the sisters kept visiting us during day changing appearances
    we had fever in evenings read more »

    Asad Zaidi
  • 59.
    Once Sister I Had

    Once sister I had,
    Which I lost,
    Now feel bad. read more »

    Mansoor Mirani
  • 60.
    God's Gifts

    As God was looking at the souls of the babies about to be born
    His eyes rested on me
    He knew that this soul would need a lot of care & love
    He searched the world & found the perfect family read more »

    Barbara Culbertson
  • 61.
    Sometimes sisters

    sisters can SOMETIMES be a great thing
    but except when she tells me i can't sing read more »

    Nicole Skillings
  • 62.
    The Day She Was Born

    I remember so vividly the day you were born
    That day seemed like it would never end
    I prayed you would come to the world safe
    and I prayed my mother would come with you read more »

    Sinigdha Biswas
  • 63.
    sister to sister

    read more »

    sandy clark
  • 64.
    What do you say

    What do you say
    to your sister
    who just got raped
    Do you hug her read more »

    Adorn Keketso
  • 65.
    I Feel I'm losing you

    I feel I'm losing you Sister
    Losing you forever!
    Like I should be calling you Ma'am and him mister.
    It's like we're not in this sisterhood together. read more »

    Kimberly Christopher
  • 66.
    Ode' To My Sister

    Sister is, sister be. So much is my baby sister not like me.
    I've watched you grow and change so much, but I couldn't
    ever stand it when you touched my stuff. You'd alwaysglimmer,
    you'd always shine, I couldn't stand it when what's yours, read more »

    natasha LaTulip aka Gpsi MoonShine
  • 67.

    Sisters. The ones who stick together whenever and,
    for whatever reason.
    Sisters. The ones who takes care of your heart,
    when you can't. read more »

    Bria Darj'ai Abbott
  • 68.
    my little sister x

    my little sister, is the best sister you could ever wish for
    my little sister holds me tight at night
    my little sister kisses me goodnight
    my little sister knows when i'm getting mad read more »

    Dannielle Farrell
  • 69.

    we may fight
    we may argue i say i hate u
    but deep down i love you
    i said things i did not mean read more »

    ebony white
  • 70.

    Ring around the Rosie
    Daddy's all dozy
    Mama's in the bathroom
    Sticking needles in her toeses read more »

    Faithful Aggression
  • 71.
    My Sister

    What you mean to me,
    Is more than I can express.
    You see, I had no sister when I was little
    To call when I was in distress. read more »

    Namita D Kaushik(flora goddess of flowers)
  • 72.
    My Sister...

    My sister,
    I love you,
    And I don't know what I'd do without you,
    Through the years, read more »

    Adriana Picos
  • 73.
    Te Maunga and Te Moana

    My brother the mountain
    My brother the guardian
    My brother, watches over me read more »

    Helen Gaudin
  • 74.
    A Sisters Love

    Secrets to whisper
    moments to share
    a sisters love is forever there read more »

    Kelsey Korosko