Top 100 Poems About: SKY

In this page, poems on / about “sky” are listed.
  • 1.
    To Touch The Sky

    I am a kite
    I can go everywhere site by site
    My work is to fly
    To touch the sky read more »

    Samra Haq
  • 2.
    Sky, Blue Sky

    Sky, blue sky
    so blue and shy
    u only appear
    when there are clouds to dissapear read more »

    Edgar Val
  • 3.
    The Sky

    Oh the sky, the sky
    There is no time for a goodbye
    Oh the sky, the sky
    Why are you so high read more »

    Marlena Scott
  • 4.
    Blue Sky

    Blue Sky, Blue Sky, please don't be obscured
    Your saphire beauty makes me assured
    That whatever misfortunes fate has procured
    I am against glumness and sadness inured read more »

    Mike Michaels
  • 5.
    The Sky

    The sky is
    The sky is blue.
    and black. read more »

    Travis Wayne
  • 6.
    In The Sky

    There are little dreams
    In the sky

    They soar
    And swoop read more »

    Anonymus Person
  • 7.
    I Sea The Moon And The Moon Sees Me

    The graveyard watch on a squid ink sea

    I see the moon and the moon sees me read more »

    Anthony Burge
  • 8.
    Like The Sky, Like The Sea

    When i met you i had my flaws
    Like the sky has its clouds
    Like the sea has it's rocks

    When we were close i was never sad read more »

    Elisa Debot
  • 9.
    Colors Of The Sky

    Blue is the sky
    in the afternoon

    Black is the sky
    when you see the moon read more »

    Mya King
  • 10.

    Skies filled with stars,
    Amazed, I gaze with awe,
    My life, just like stars,
    Scattered all around. read more »

    May Elise
  • 11.
    The Night Sky

    The night sky

    So beautiful-
    I look at the sky filled with read more »

    Christina Conseco
  • 12.
    Look Up

    You see the sky when you look for hope
    The hope that the cool breeze will hit your warm face
    On a hot sky lit by the afternoon light read more »

    Thomas Hurley
  • 13.
    Mother Sky Cries

    Mother sky cries when the leaves turn from green to gold
    Mother sky cries when the leaves die and the weather turns cold
    Mother sky cries when the earth turns warm and the body sweats
    Mother sky cries and leaves the heart scorned and the skin wet read more »

    Anthony Martello
  • 14.
    Grey, Grey Sky

    Someday I will ride the great bird
    Into the sky, into the grey
    And will take a bright secret of mine
    Into the grey, grey sky. read more »

    Grace Hutton
  • 15.
    Rain, rain, rain

    read more »

    Crushed Bone
  • 16.
    The Sky

    Look into the sky
    and you might find, that you're no longer trapped
    Inside. read more »

    Jack Athey
  • 17.
    God Is Not Like The Sky

    Sky is inert
    God isn't
    Sky is an object seen by all
    God isn't read more »

    Sumitra Das
  • 18.
    Flowers In The Dark

    Can you see flowers in the dark
    While walking in the park
    Accompanied by the sky lark read more »

    Jamie Collins
  • 19.
    Earth and Sky

    As the earth begins to die
    The sky watches
    As the earth dies
    The sky saddens read more »

    Nathanial Pagan
  • 20.
    Blue is the Color

    Blue is the sky
    late at night
    blue is the sky
    early in the morning read more »

    Dezire Diaz
  • 21.
    I want to fly

    I want to fly, I want to fly
    like a bird in the sky

    I wish I was a bird read more »

    R.j Saniya
  • 22.

    read more »

    Azzticka Denirhose
  • 23.

    Waxing, waning
    Always changing
    Glowing faintly
    In the sky read more »

    Michelle King
  • 24.
    Green Sky

    One time, I asked the shooting stars
    So that they swam in the green sky
    So that no one can contaminated them
    Like what just happened in the blue sky read more »

    Renaisan Esaeliem
  • 25.

    Night is a black, dark cloth
    Spreaded over the sky
    Tiny little diamonds
    Glitter in the sky read more »

    Hasini Pabasara Lelwala
  • 26.
    In The Sky

    When I look up I see God's eyes in everything above.
    The blue sky show his color and the cloud show his fun activities.
    The sky is up above my head read more »

    stacy gourdine
  • 27.
    Sonnet to the sky

    Oh how wonderful is the sky
    Like a cloth in light blue dye
    By day the clouds decorate it
    And by the great sun it is lit read more »

    Jaya Razo
  • 28.
    Songs Of Freedom

    Up the hill, down the stream
    Running away like in a dream.

    The sky appear bluer and read more »

    Art Lover
  • 29.
    Limitless Sky

    Staring up high, in the bright blue sky.
    Wondering when, I can reach that high.
    Seeing the birds soar through the sky,
    Higher, and closer- they reach the light. read more »

    Jose Santiago
  • 30.
    The Skies Healed Me

    Lost for words
    Lost in thoughts
    Lost beyond read more »

    LongJohn Abah
  • 31.
    The Mischievous Sky

    Look out at the window and you will see
    The sky as blue
    The sun as bright
    Not a single cloud in sight read more »

    Jacy To
  • 32.

    . some say the sky is blue
    me, i say the sky is gray
    it gives me the blues
    when i look up read more »

  • 33.
    From the sky

    From the sky
    Hope for rain from sky
    Cross boarders in the sky
    Wish for wings that we may fly read more »

  • 34.
    I flew through the sky

    read more »

    Zaraya Berry
  • 35.

    read more »

    Martyn Hannant
  • 36.
    The Darkest Sun

    This morning i spare, In my couch and with my pen my window was wide and my sight was clear! The wide blue sky like a clear stage it played a drama i believe with the actors of all sun, clouds, birds and the wide sky but the view was darkened why, i stood up glaring the sight where the sun turned black, dark and ash i had the greatest oppurtunity where no one ever guessed or knew, the sky has turned darkest blue with the read more »

    Anuvintha Rajeev
  • 37.
    To Touch The Sky

    To touch the sky
    Is it as impossible as it may seem?
    Some will say it's just a dream
    Why? read more »

    Jonathan Strahan
  • 38.
    Companion of The Night

    nightly sky, dream beneath the twilight sky
    the dreamline is run, but soon run dry
    we need another nightmare tonight read more »

    Rivaldi Prasetyo
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