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Top 100 Poems About: SLEEP

In this page, poems on / about “sleep” are listed.
  • 1.

    Sleep, sleep,
    Come my way.
    Let me sleep,
    So I can start a new day. read more »

    Leigh Ladd
  • 2.

    Sleep precious
    Sleep my love read more »

    Hopeless Heart
  • 3.
    My Baby Sleeps

    The wind is loud in the west to-night,
    But Baby sleeps;
    The wild wind blows with all its might,
    But Baby sleeps;
    My Baby sleeps, and he does not hear read more »

    George A. Mackenzie
  • 4.
    Dedicated to ppl who dont sleep

    Sleep, sleep, sleep
    It’s magnificent and nice,
    With dreams beyond wonder,
    Sleep! sleep! sleep! read more »

    Tejaswini Iyer
  • 5.
    Sleeping Angel

    sleeping angel where are you now
    i wanna see you but dont know how
    i know your with me in the day and night
    i can never see you in your dazzling light read more »

    jayne harris
  • 6.
    Every Morning's Mourning.

    Watch you sleep
    Dream and roll over
    avoid the monsters
    and the light read more »

    Q. R. Gibson
  • 7.
    Sleep oh Blessed Sleep

    Sleep oh blessed sleep,
    the place where I can dream,
    of all that I do need read more »

    Susan Alldred Lugton
  • 8.
    Sleep No Man Desires

    There is a sleep no man desires
    There is something about that sleep
    That sends fear down the hearts of men
    That world unknown yet revered by fear read more »

    Major Elazia
  • 9.
    Tsunami's passing

    The wave has come, now she has past, hush.
    Her power, her might, her silent extinguishing strength.
    Shhh, lie down, lie down, and sleep.
    No longer are you alone, hush. read more »

    William Flemming
  • 10.
    In Absence

    Sleep, dearest, sleep beside the murmuring sea;
    Sleep, dearest, sleep, and bright dreams compass thee. read more »

    Arthur Weir
  • 11.

    Sleep, stretched out fully on drying hay
    Nap away in the heat of day
    Sleep curled up warmly under the cover
    Slumber in the night so bitter read more »

    Mwende Mutiso
  • 12.
    Sweet Child Of Mine

    Sleep my sweet child
    Just close your eyes
    Rest your head
    And lay near mine read more »

    Rika Montiny
  • 13.
    9 Sleeping ducks

    Nine sleeping ducks snoring in a bed,
    One flies out and one wants bread,
    Seven sleeping ducks snoring in a bed,
    One woke up and one needs milk, read more »

    dotty ducks
  • 14.
    City sleeps

    I love the night
    Because when the city sleeps
    It's never more awake
    It's like a whole new world comes to life read more »

    Zack Dozier
  • 15.
    I Miss That Part

    I miss that part,
    The very same part
    That came every night before I sleep.
    It happened before you sleep. read more »

  • 16.
    Ah, the Pleasure

    Ah, the pleasure to sleep with your lover,
    to feel body warmth,
    soft gently breath of contented sleep,
    comfort in a space shared, read more »

    Linda Dyer
  • 17.
    As I lay

    As I lay here and try to sleep.
    My body is tired, my mind races
    As I lay here and try to sleep
    My mind races with thoughts of you. read more »

    Michelle McGath
  • 18.
    While You Were Sleeping

    While you were sleeping,
    i held you close,
    feeling your heart beating,
    i was as silent as a rose. read more »

    Esther Hadassah Sendeza
  • 19.
    'These Flowers'

    'These Flowers'

    on this hill the winds blow
    and the feild of flowers dance with the winds song, read more »

    jordan scown
  • 20.
    Sleeping Beauty

    The curse is binding,
    The curse is on you.
    Tell me, will you wait
    For your ever prince charming. read more »

    Nightshade Starlight
  • 21.

    Down I lie
    Sleeping all day
    Still asleep for years
    Surrounded by tears read more »

    Walani Ndhlovu
  • 22.
    Lullaby For The Hungry

    Sleep, You hungry people, sleep!
    The gods of food watch over you.
    Sleep, if you are not satiated
    By wakefulness, then sleep shall fill you. read more »

    Muhammad Mahdi Al-Jawahiri
  • 23.

    Sleep that half dead,
    sleep the body not the head.

    Sleep that bad said, read more »

    Abdallah Mpogole
  • 24.

    read more »

    Unic Cjonr
  • 25.
    Here I Sit

    Here I sit
    Fit to be split
    Can't go to sleep
    Can't stay awake read more »

    Austin Guerber
  • 26.

    Why am I the only person,
    Sleep cannot find,
    I want to sleep,
    I wish to sleep, read more »

    Listen Listen
  • 27.

    Let the night sleep,
    sleep for ever deep,
    with the night I sleep
    univers will also sleep.., read more »

    varsha santosh vyas
  • 28.

    In sleep, glory awaits!
    Conversations all through out the system read more »

    Emmanuel Brian Oule
  • 29.

    Sleep my love
    Sun is fading away
    It's nearly lighting out my dear
    When Black satin covers the sky read more »

    baharak barzin
  • 30.
    Sleep Well

    Sleep well,
    oh baron of industry
    do not worry, do sleep well
    nobody will hurt you, banker my friend read more »

    Boaz Zippor
  • 31.

    I call thee sleep,
    Heavy to the call of 40 winks,
    Sleep, read more »

    crazy sweep
  • 32.
    Song Of Nature

    the sky says,
    sleep, sleep
    i will protect you
    air says, read more »

    silent sound
  • 33.
    Down to Sleep

    As I lay me down to sleep
    I pray to anything left
    That I don’t fall so very deep
    Right into the arms of death read more »

    Timothy Murray
  • 34.
    The morning sun

    Sleep, sleep my dear you haven't
    got time to regret your fear now

    sleep until you awake read more »

    Vincent Attwood
  • 35.

    Chorus, do not ostentation of sleep
    wash and clean.
    sleep in mind
    sleep in heart read more »

    Ahmad Sajid Udash kobi
  • 36.

    I sit and stare
    Stare in fear
    Fear of falling into sleep
    Sleep leads to nightmares read more »

    Elannia Lake
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