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Top 100 Poems About: SMART

In this page, poems on / about “smart” are listed.
  • 1.
    A Girl Like You

    How did I get a girl like you?
    A girl that's smart, pretty, and true.
    A girl that I can hold tight.
    A girl that is ''just right''. read more »

    Claude Davis III
  • 2.
    Another Sarah

    for Christopher Smart

    When winter was half over
    God sent three angels to the read more »

    Katherine Anne Porter
  • 3.

    WHEN from the craggy mountain's pathless steep,
    Whose flinty brow hangs o'er the raging sea,
    My wand'ring eye beholds the foamy deep,
    I mark the restless surge­and think of THEE. read more »

    Mary Darby Robinson
  • 4.
    You Are An Angel

    You are an Angel
    Strong and smart
    loving and sweet,
    you are one of the read more »

    Correina MacRae
  • 5.
    I Am

    I am funny and smart
    I wonder when i'll die
    I hear tiny voices
    I see wierd purple people read more »

    Astacia Glover
  • 6.
    ***A Million Kisses For One Lips***

    I may not be a millionaire for the
    rest of the world
    but in my lover's eyes I am
    worth more than that read more »

    Vishal Sharma
  • 7.
    A Million Kisses For One Lips

    I may not be a millionaire for the rest of the world
    but in my lover's eyes I am worth more than that
    I may not be the wisest for the scholars present here
    but in my lover's eyes I have more wisdom than the rest read more »

    Vizard Dhawan
  • 8.
    My hero

    My hero is the best,
    He is better than all the rest,
    My hero doesn’t like to admit,
    That he is my hero when he dose his little bit read more »

    Paul Prescott
  • 9.

    I love you because you are loyal

    I love you because you are smart read more »

    Ralph Alexander
  • 10.
    The Smart Ass

    Tis' hidden from the great and wise
    Just what a smart ass knows
    And I was ass-tounded when I learned
    The truthful tail his record shows read more »

    Mark Walters
  • 11.

    It's half an hour
    i listen to you
    taxi driver
    talking about your life read more »

    Paola Degli Esposti
  • 12.

    the smartest someone can ever be
    is how smart they want to be
    you have to believe in your self
    with all your heart read more »

    danielle bennett
  • 13.
    My Heart

    My heart is stupid but smart
    Thats the truth and he truth
    It doesn't reflex but can flex
    that's the initial reflex read more »

    Emmy Akinyi
  • 14.
    You are beautiful

    You are a very beautiful person.

    You are very smart and kind. read more »

    rag dominus
  • 15.
    No Way

    You think you are tough
    So you think you can be rough
    You think you are so smart
    Honey, you are no smarter than blondes at Wal-Mart read more »

    kamilla davila
  • 16.

    read more »

    Alexander McCray
  • 17.
    Smart Girls

    boys don't like
    smart girls

    they like read more »

    Casey Renee Kiser
  • 18.
    Lies and Pain

    i used to think that i wasnt good enough,
    i used to think that i wasnt smart enough,
    i used to think that i wasnt good enough read more »

    lauren rehberg
  • 19.
    Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

    The oftener seen, the more I lust,
    The more I lust, the more I smart,
    The more I smart, the more I trust,
    The more I trust, the heavier heart; read more »

    Barnabe Googe
  • 20.

    I hate cats
    They are boring
    often fat read more »

    Petunia Wrobenberrieswithawartontheside
  • 21.
    Confused Lover

    O how i hated you
    your smart remarks
    and ugly facial expressions
    but your seductive eyes read more »

    lakiaya thompson
  • 22.
    Crazy Letter

    When I back Home

    After my long traveling in north read more »

    bourjil yousfi
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