Top 100 Poems About: SMILE

In this page, poems on / about “smile” are listed.
  • 1.
    Reason to Smile

    How can one smile such sweet smiles,
    When one is so saddened by sorrows for miles,
    How can I smile the same smiles,
    When life brings me nothing but tears, read more »

    Lendl Ian Servillon
  • 2.
    A Smile

    A smile
    is a frown turned upside down.
    A smile
    is painted on the face of a clown. read more »

    Kurt Hearth
  • 3.

    A smile is beautiful with all its charm
    Something to give but does no harm
    A smile is a frown only upside down
    It has a good feeling, just look around read more »

    Lealon R. Tate
  • 4.
    The meaning of my smile

    I smile
    When I am fascinated read more »

    scarlet red
  • 5.
    Smile for me

    When you smile,
    You create a language of intimate interaction,

    When you smile, read more »

    Jay P Narain
  • 6.

    Remember there's a mile in every smile
    a well in every dwell

    Smile before you rise read more »

    Bud Taylor
  • 7.

    Smile because it’s contagious
    Smile because it’s healing
    Smile because it makes people wonder
    What you’re thinking. read more »

    Kaity Larkin
  • 8.
    Reason To smile

    How can one smile such sweet smiles,
    When one is so saddened by sorrows for miles,
    How can I smile the same smiles,
    When life brings me nothing but tears, read more »

    Lost Butterfly
  • 9.

    brings joy to all of us
    brights up our day
    a smile is like a sunshine shining the universe read more »

    Frantz Dorsain
  • 10.
    Smile Woman Smile

    Smile woman smile, smile baby smile.
    You have been made with love and care.
    Smile woman smile,
    God smiled when he made you, read more »

    Elizabeth Jacqueline Mpanga
  • 11.
    her smile

    her smile is like an angels wings
    flapping while the angel sings
    her smile will always show
    watching your love continue to grow read more »

    joshua reid
  • 12.
    Smile At Me :)

    Smile at me
    that smile, that finds me in the crowd
    The one that lights up the room
    And makes the world not seem so loud read more »

    Modupeola Williams
  • 13.
    Your Smile

    Your smile makes me smile....
    How I long to see your smile,
    The smile that comes from your heart that is so contagious
    Your smile makes me smile.... read more »

    Destiny Belew
  • 14.
    you make me smile

    You make me smile
    You make me smile whenever I see you
    You make me smile whenever I hear you voice
    You make me smile whenever you kiss me or cuddle me read more »

    Jon Marco Ibe
  • 15.
    I Smile

    Smile :)
    I smile when you say hi,
    I smile when you come by,
    I smile to know your there, read more »

    sally strecker
  • 16.
    Your Beautiful Smile

    Mum should have warned me
    Not all smiles are innocent
    Little I know about smiles
    Your smile was pure read more »

    Seinu Abdulgafar
  • 17.
    The Sunshine in a Smile

    Have you ever noticed
    The brilliance of a smile?
    A smile that’s meant for only you
    Can make your day worthwhile. read more »

    Gail Grierson
  • 18.
    smile please

    smile makes the life beautiful,
    expand your lips,
    it expand your happiness;
    life is a puzzle, read more »

    dhandayutha pani
  • 19.
    Smile Once More

    Smile like the summer suns
    Smile like the solar fires
    Smile like the starlit nights
    Just smile once more read more »

    Rita Pal
  • 20.
    Can I Smile?

    Can I smile? Just smile for life?
    If I smile for life
    The world might offer its warmly smile

    I can do is just smile read more »

    Ismael Mansoor
  • 21.
    A Single Smile

    A single smile can slain,
    A single smile to lane,
    A single smile can hide the pain.
    A single smile can turn the tide, read more »

    kaytee Daniel
  • 22.
    Fall in love with your smile

    Your smile seemed like a bliss in solitude
    I never imagined a simple smile can be so beautiful
    When u smiled the world seemed a better place
    No wonder your smile transformed gloomy days read more »

    Tarique Siddiqui
  • 23.
    I miss you.. x

    Today I feel sad because I'm missing you
    I smile thinking about the things you do
    I smile when I hear your funny laughter
    I smile hearing it getting louder and louder read more »

    stacce grant
  • 24.
    when you smile -new-

    I Saw you with a smile,
    It fills any room with joy,

    When I see you smile, read more »

    Rob Spiering
  • 25.

    Happy is when you smile.
    Happy is when you smile at everybody around you.
    Happy is about keeping a smile.
    Happy is about keeping a smile on your face. read more »

    Tyanna Willie
  • 26.

    Smile a while - the Least thing you can do
    Take the burden out of the heart
    And smile again!
    The beauty man possess in heart read more »

    Bhuvana chandran
  • 27.
    Smile! :) ♥

    Smile...whenever you are free
    Just have a walk somewhere near sea..

    A smile for u to kip calm and in ease
    This smile, that makes u feel like a cool breeze.. read more »

    Darshil Sanghvi
  • 28.
    Smile For Me

    Can you smile a smile for me?
    Does my love touch you that deep?
    I love to see you smile, my dear.

    Are you happy with me, dearest one? read more »

    Robert Johnston
  • 29.

    Smile, and the world smiles back at you,
    Smile, even if you don't have to,
    Smile, even if pain is devastating,
    Smile, even if grief is incapacitating, read more »

    Bayan Mirza
  • 30.
    your smile

    wow girl your smile
    the best smile
    the most wonderful smile
    when you smile read more »

    khaled meselhy
  • 31.

    A smile…
    Pleasure read more »

    Adrija Dey
  • 32.
    Just smile

    smile, just smile
    just to see that face
    for goodness grace
    turn in to a grin read more »

    Julieannne Palubiskie
  • 33.
    Teach Me How To Smile

    My son, teach me how to smile.
    So many years polluting my soul
    I've forgotten how to smile.
    I keep a catalogue now read more »

    David Blaine
  • 34.
    My Smile Hides A Hundred Stories

    My smile hides a hundred stories
    Behind one smile is a hidden fear
    Behind another, a pain so deep
    Behind my smile is a healing scar read more »

    Nosisa Mdladlamba
  • 35.
    Reason to smile

    How can one smile such sweet smiles,
    When one is so saddened by sorrows for miles,
    How can I smile the same smiles,
    When life brings me nothing but tears, read more »

    brittney tillery
  • 36.
    You make me smile!

    In the darkness of the night,
    Your smile is like a candle light,
    Makes me feel like am in a first class flight,
    And turns me from dark to bright. read more »

    Emmanuel Kaunda
  • 37.
    Why Not Smile?

    Frowning makes you drown
    In a sea of forgetfulness,
    A vast, deep sea renowned
    For sucking in your happiness. read more »

    Billy Kang
  • 38.
    Truth is

    Truth is I hide behind a fake smile.
    This smile isn't just for me but for others as well.
    This smile protect me.
    This smile brings joy to others. read more »

    Michael Anthony McDonald
  • 39.

    The way you walk
    The way you stand
    The way you smile
    This is who you are read more »

    Akvile Macinskaite
  • 40.

    Smile when you want to cry
    Smile when you're in pain
    Smile when there's no one around
    Smile and things will change read more »

    montreal walker
  • 41.
    A friendly smile

    A friendly smile

    Just your friendly smile
    When I think of, it makes read more »

    joseph de la sulh
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