Top 100 Poems About: SMILE

In this page, poems on / about “smile” are listed.
  • 1.
    Reason to Smile

    How can one smile such sweet smiles,
    When one is so saddened by sorrows for miles,
    How can I smile the same smiles,
    When life brings me nothing but tears, read more »

    Lendl Ian Servillon
  • 2.
    A Smile

    A smile
    is a frown turned upside down.
    A smile
    is painted on the face of a clown. read more »

    Kurt Hearth
  • 3.
    The meaning of my smile

    I smile
    When I am fascinated read more »

    scarlet red
  • 4.

    A smile is beautiful with all its charm
    Something to give but does no harm
    A smile is a frown only upside down
    It has a good feeling, just look around read more »

    Lealon R. Tate
  • 5.
    Reason To smile

    How can one smile such sweet smiles,
    When one is so saddened by sorrows for miles,
    How can I smile the same smiles,
    When life brings me nothing but tears, read more »

    Lost Butterfly
  • 6.
    Smile for me

    When you smile,
    You create a language of intimate interaction,

    When you smile, read more »

    Jay P Narain
  • 7.
    her smile

    her smile is like an angels wings
    flapping while the angel sings
    her smile will always show
    watching your love continue to grow read more »

    joshua reid
  • 8.
    Smile Woman Smile

    Smile woman smile, smile baby smile.
    You have been made with love and care.
    Smile woman smile,
    God smiled when he made you, read more »

    Elizabeth Jacqueline Mpanga
  • 9.

    Smile because it’s contagious
    Smile because it’s healing
    Smile because it makes people wonder
    What you’re thinking. read more »

    Kaity Larkin
  • 10.

    Remember there's a mile in every smile
    a well in every dwell

    Smile before you rise read more »

    Bud Taylor
  • 11.
    I Smile

    Smile :)
    I smile when you say hi,
    I smile when you come by,
    I smile to know your there, read more »

    sally strecker
  • 12.
    Smile At Me :)

    Smile at me
    that smile, that finds me in the crowd
    The one that lights up the room
    And makes the world not seem so loud read more »

    Modupeola Williams
  • 13.
    Your Smile

    Your smile makes me smile....
    How I long to see your smile,
    The smile that comes from your heart that is so contagious
    Your smile makes me smile.... read more »

    Destiny Belew
  • 14.
    your smile

    wow girl your smile
    the best smile
    the most wonderful smile
    when you smile read more »

    khaled meselhy
  • 15.

    brings joy to all of us
    brights up our day
    a smile is like a sunshine shining the universe read more »

    Frantz Dorsain
  • 16.
    Smile Once More

    Smile like the summer suns
    Smile like the solar fires
    Smile like the starlit nights
    Just smile once more read more »

    Rita Pal
  • 17.
    Smile, for YOU are pleasent

    Smile a smile that shows who you are
    Smile a smile that shows your inner beauty
    Smile a smile that shows your personality
    Smile a smile that shows love read more »

    Elizabeth Tews
  • 18.
    A Single Smile

    A single smile can slain,
    A single smile to lane,
    A single smile can hide the pain.
    A single smile can turn the tide, read more »

    kaytee Daniel
  • 19.

    Happy is when you smile.
    Happy is when you smile at everybody around you.
    Happy is about keeping a smile.
    Happy is about keeping a smile on your face. read more »

    Tyanna Willie
  • 20.
    smile please

    smile makes the life beautiful,
    expand your lips,
    it expand your happiness;
    life is a puzzle, read more »

    dhandayutha pani
  • 21.
    I miss you.. x

    Today I feel sad because I'm missing you
    I smile thinking about the things you do
    I smile when I hear your funny laughter
    I smile hearing it getting louder and louder read more »

    stacce grant
  • 22.
    Fall in love with your smile

    Your smile seemed like a bliss in solitude
    I never imagined a simple smile can be so beautiful
    When u smiled the world seemed a better place
    No wonder your smile transformed gloomy days read more »

    Tarique Siddiqui
  • 23.
    Smile For Me

    Can you smile a smile for me?
    Does my love touch you that deep?
    I love to see you smile, my dear.

    Are you happy with me, dearest one? read more »

    Robert Johnston
  • 24.

    A smile…
    Pleasure read more »

    Adrija Dey
  • 25.

    Smile! Whenever your eyes open to a new day
    Your smile gives me and brightens my day
    Smile to let sadness and bad thoughts leave.
    Your smile makes me and my worries relieve. read more »

    yousif alabed
  • 26.
    Reason to smile

    How can one smile such sweet smiles,
    When one is so saddened by sorrows for miles,
    How can I smile the same smiles,
    When life brings me nothing but tears, read more »

    brittney tillery
  • 27.
    Smile! :) ♥

    Smile...whenever you are free
    Just have a walk somewhere near sea..

    A smile for u to kip calm and in ease
    This smile, that makes u feel like a cool breeze.. read more »

    Darshil Sanghvi
  • 28.

    Smile a while - the Least thing you can do
    Take the burden out of the heart
    And smile again!
    The beauty man possess in heart read more »

    Bhuvana chandran
  • 29.
    Your smile

    Your smile

    The smile on your face
    Bloomed like a flower read more »

    anil jose
  • 30.
    Tarif jitni karu kam hai...

    Mere dil ki rani hai 'Heer'
    Ranjhe wali nhi... Ye Meri Heer hai read more »

    Thakur Jain
  • 31.

    It is in my smile..
    Right in my smile..
    Do you see it? read more »

    Witness Khosi Ntshangase
  • 32.

    Smile when you want to cry
    Smile when you're in pain
    Smile when there's no one around
    Smile and things will change read more »

    montreal walker
  • 33.
    O, How I Smile!

    O, how I smile!
    I smile at the morning sun,
    I smile when the day is done;
    I smile at a cup of tea, read more »

    Colin Breck Boardman
  • 34.
    Sonnet 4

    I love thy magnetic smile always to see
    Of your seraphic smile were you ever told?
    For of one thing all the angels can agree
    That many would be bankrupt if your smile you sold read more »

    Biwot Kevin
  • 35.
    Your Smile

    A facial expression
    flexing of muscles, on both ends of the mouth
    in your eyes, I can see
    a smile it is read more »

    Dorcas Jeptoo
  • 36.
    Teach Me How To Smile

    My son, teach me how to smile.
    So many years polluting my soul
    I've forgotten how to smile.
    I keep a catalogue now read more »

    David Blaine
  • 37.
    Just smile

    smile, just smile
    just to see that face
    for goodness grace
    turn in to a grin read more »

    Julieannne Palubiskie
  • 38.
    Smile – the light in your window

    Infant smiles reminding a rose
    A child smiles to become close
    Naughty boys smile and doze
    We smile for a photo’s pose. read more »

    Setaluri Padma
  • 39.
    Smile For Me

    'Smile for me!

    Is somebody waiting for me? read more »

    Antonio Lockridge
  • 40.

    I admire the feelings and intensity in your smile
    All of a sudden I feel amazed by your smile
    A borrowed smile can Bering back memories in blinks
    The African dream is vast! read more »

    Umar mohammed
  • 41.
    A smile like yours.

    A smile like yours brings up my spirit,
    A smile like yours is bright and pretty.
    A smile like yours can change my mood,
    I can go from sad to happy in a second or two. read more »

    Otto Azurdia Jr.
  • 42.
    Just One Smile

    Smile, smile and smile,
    Will make your life versatile,
    Like a linn in the isle. read more »

    M.A.K. Pathan
  • 43.

    smile smile smile
    have a cute smile
    give once and take tons
    smile is a huge treasure read more »

    rathina valli
  • 44.

    Baby keep smiling
    Smile is a gift
    Smile is the only gift everyone can own
    Smile makes the world beautiful heaven read more »

    Gen Siva
  • 45.
    Why Not Smile?

    Frowning makes you drown
    In a sea of forgetfulness,
    A vast, deep sea renowned
    For sucking in your happiness. read more »

    Billy Kang
  • 46.
    Still She Smiles

    she hides her eyes windows to the soul
    still she smiles

    she cries and cries behind closed doors read more »

    Shanice Monster
  • 47.
    Please Smile

    Please smile
    For it costs nothing but creates much
    Your smile is rest when I'm weary
    The daylight when discouraged read more »

    Manuel Odeny
  • 48.
    Give A Smile.

    When your down,
    Give a smile,
    No one wants you sad,
    When your in a bad mood, read more »

    Shylena Monroe
  • 49.

    The way you walk
    The way you stand
    The way you smile
    This is who you are read more »

    Akvile Macinskaite
  • 50.
    You make me smile!

    In the darkness of the night,
    Your smile is like a candle light,
    Makes me feel like am in a first class flight,
    And turns me from dark to bright. read more »

    Emmanuel Kaunda
  • 51.
    Smile You Please Oh My Sweet Heart

    smile you you please
    oh my sweet heart smile you please
    if you smile i think you don't lost anything
    if you smile i wana made a one new taj mahal read more »

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